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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjr2003, May 14, 2006.

  1. cjr2003

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    Hi Anne :>) How are you dear? I hope this finds you doing pretty good. I have had a good fibro day today - I have recently started taking extra vitamins and supplements and I think they are helping to give me energy and some relief from anxiety I have been having. ( have had chronic anxiety for years now)
    This past Friday, I gave Tabby her dose of grass

    that she gets a few times a day. The vet had told me it

    couldn't hurt her and if it stimulated her appetite then by

    all means, let her have some. Well, after she ate her dose

    of grass, about 5 minutes later she went to yeowling, and I

    knew what that meant. She always bellows out before she

    throws up. So, I ran and got an old towel and she threw up

    the grass and then a big blob of what looked like blood and

    mucus to me. This really scared me. So, I packed the kitty

    in her hut and off we went to the vet. My regular vet who

    treats Tabby was gone for the day, so the younger vet saw

    her. Since Tabby hasn't been throwing up regularly, he

    said for right now to keep an eye on it, and if she

    continues to throw up blood, she probably has a stomach

    ulcer. He says, it is quite possible that the grass

    irritated her esophagus and when she threw it up it caused

    her to bleed a little. He checked her teeth and gums and

    said they all looked good. She hasn't thrown up anymore

    this weekend and actually acted like she felt better after

    she did throw up, but tonight, she is not feeling well at

    all. She is in the mode where she hisses at anyone who

    tries to pet her or move her or get within a few feet of

    her, she even hisses and moans at me, so I know she is not

    feeling very well. Have any of your kitties ever thrown up

    blood? The vet said if she keeps throwing up, they could

    give her some kitty pepto like medicine. I hope it is not

    a stomach ulcer. I just hate it when she gets like this;

    she is so not herself. Any ideas,suggestions, anything?

    She must be in pain, she is so so grouchy and anti-social

    and just seems miserable. I don't know if that has

    anything to do with the throwing up from Friday. Just

    don't know. :>( Looking forward to your thoughts!! Lots

    of love, Carla
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  2. Cromwell

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    Carla: All my cats(even the toothles one) eat grass in theeir outdoor catio and then they all throw up. They get rid of their hairballs that way. It can also have a bit of bloody mucus in if it irritated the esophagus. I am glad you are doing better yourself though.

    You can buy non-grass gel that also gets rid of the hairballs but they will still upchuck!!!

    Thanks Fight for asking about me. I have a really bad neck, not the FM thing, but it feels like a broken neck (LOL). I think the bulging discs maybe bulged more. My PT managed to get it feeling better last week then does not have another appt. till Wednesday. Meanwhile I cannot sleep with the pain, so I am tetchy all the time, plus we have had a lot of meetings re school.

    Love Anne C
  3. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    Hi Anne :>) Was just wondering about the "cat thing". She still hasn't had another episode of throwing up so I am relieved. Whew!!!!!!! :>) Your neck pain truly sounds awful and I will be thinking of you. Best wishes that your pain level comes down to bring you relief. Thanks for getting back w/ me! The blood in her throw up really made me nervous. She hasn't ever had any bloody mucus before. I am just loving on her to death when she will let me. She is sore underneath where her kidneys/stomach are more lately. I miss playing with her and tickling her belly, but, she is so sensitive to pain now, that, I have to be real careful with her. Picking her up is something I only do if I HAVE to. I miss holding her. :>( Oh dear. . . I go back to work in July. July 10th, and I should be working 4 - 4 hour shifts per week. I don't know if I will increase my hours or not. It depends on so many things. My cyst/pelvic pain has been flaring again so I am off to the gastroenterologist FOR SURE on June 21st. New patients cannot get in very quickly. I am going to see my gyn next week. I have so many questions. Anywhooooo, I better get .. . gotta get a card off to my grandparents! Their 60th wedding anniversary is coming up! :>))))))) Love and hugs, Carla
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  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    My cat wiht the kidney thing also hates to be picked up nowadays. When I checked with the vet she said the kidney pain is not underneath, plus they relaly have no kidney pain. It is more likely a touch of arthritis that affects their underneath hip area.

    Just to pass that on. Thanks for your thoughts. Let us know how yopu go on at gyne.

    Love Anne C
  5. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    I don't think I can add anything to what the other girls have said. Biscuit gets organic catnip, but on Saturday, she vomited near her litter box a big hair ball with little food.

    She has vomited up mucus and liquid before, but never any blood. She didn't like the grass we had growing in the house and I hate to take her outside because of fleas, so sometimes she gets to sit at an open window and she gets to go into the attached garage.

    Good luck and glad you are feeling better.

    Biscuit doesn't like to be picked up either. She will be 12 on 5/23.

  6. Musica

    Musica New Member

    I hope you don't mind me cutting in here! How old is Tabby? My furbaby threw up grass and mucus tinged a little red. This happened a couple of times some months ago. I had him checked out, including a geriatric panel. (Rather pricey, about $100, but pretty comprehensive, including kidney and liver functions.) The vet didn't seem worried and he could weigh a tad more, but acts healthy. It is when he gets grumpy and doesn't want me nearby or petting him that I really worry. I'm glad I read this thread, I haven't heard of it happening before.

    I sure wish MY cat yowled before he threw up grass and furballs! lol

    I hope your kitties and yourselves are doing well and do even better.
  7. cjr2003

    cjr2003 New Member

    Hi! I will definetly let everyone know how the gyn appt.

    goes. I have so many questions re: how cysts affect

    fertility, and how long do I have to be in bad pain before

    they consider me for cyst removal. I really want to have

    the laparascopy that they had been talking about doing, but

    then didn't. I want to know for sure if I have

    endometriosis and definetly want this cyst removed as much

    pain as it is causing, being punched by my bowels everyday

    from the IBS. I ovulate this week and I have been in bad

    cyst pain all day. It goes all the way down into my legs (

    the pain). And up my left side. My bowels hurt terribly.

    I started eating Activa yogurt; the yogurt that is supposed

    to return your bowels to normal activity in 2 weeks.

    Wonder if it will work? It's weird because I hurt more when

    I ovulate than when I have a period. My period has stopped

    having the bad cramping that I did have, so I thought the

    cyst must be shrinking! But, then the pain came back a

    month later and is prevalent more now when I ovulate than

    ever. And I don't have a clue what that means. I think it

    is a good sign that I may not have endo, but just cyst

    trouble. How much pain do I have to endure before they

    decide to help me? I was considered "non-surgical"

    according to the head surgeon at the hospital. He said

    that back in February. Because the cyst was so small. But,

    I had another one to burst in late January, and eversince,

    nothing has been the same. There are times when I cannot

    button my pants because it hurts the cyst area badly. I

    figure they will schedule me for another ultrasound to see

    what has changed since January. All I know is that the

    only thing keeping me from being on serious painkillers for

    this is the Lyrica and the Muscle relaxers. Without them,

    I am in serious misery. I am pretty stressed about it at

    times. I go back to work in July and I want my body to be

    in better shape than it is by then. I can't lose my job.


    FAILURE. We want to try for a baby again in the fall. But,

    if this cyst is still hanging around causing this much pain

    and trouble, that can't happen. I would think pregnancy

    would complicate the cyst thing even worse. I would have

    to go off the Lyrica and muscle relaxer and I would be in

    so much pain from the cyst. I don't want to have a cyst

    and be pregnant at the same time if I can help it. BUT, we

    may have some fertility issues going on here anyhow. WE are

    going to have my husbands sperm tested soon and start from

    there. I just wish my life wasn't so complicated by my

    illness. I have had to say "goodbye" to who I used to be,

    and I struggle with that sometimes, I really do. But, I

    try and aim to look to the future and not the past. WE all

    change, and this is life, and looking back just isn't

    always healthy, you know. I just need to work on accepting

    me for how I am now since the fibro has changed so much

    about me and my life. Anyhow. . . I better

    get to bed!!! Nice chatting with you! Take care you! LOL

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  8. cjr2003

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    Hi :>) RE: Tabby's age - we believe she is around 13 years old, but she could possibly be up to a few years older since we got her as a stray and were not sure of her age at that time.:>) She is doing pretty good. She seems to sleep alot hear lately. She has her good days and her days where she obviously feels under the weather from her CRF. It's good that you had your kitties Renal functions checked :>) Tabby's first signs of CRF were losing weight and her fur started looking real dingy, and she started drinking water more frequently. Thanks for your post! LOL Carla

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