OT....any Days fans out there?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dleaning, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. dleaning

    dleaning New Member

    Just curious if any of you are a days of our lives fans?
  2. UnicornK

    UnicornK New Member

    Haven't seen it in a while, but I understand that some of the "babies" are all grown up now. LOL

    I met several of the men. Steven Nicols, Drake Hogesten (sp), Billy (can't think of his name...fibrofog), Bo Brady (name?). I have a script with their autographs on it....somewhere around here! LOL

    I also had a penpal relationship with Arlene Sorkin (Calliope Jones) as she was born very near me. Her father has been a dentist in Washington, DC, but I think he's retired now.

    And of course I remember John de Lancie before he was Star Trek's Q.

    Hope you find others who share your passion....oops, that's another soap! LOL

    God Bless.
  3. kalina

    kalina New Member

    Ummm... OK, I confess! I watch Days of Our Lives. Daily.

    I started watching it in the '80 while I ate lunch when I first worked from home. Later I even taped it when I couldn't be there (that's when you know you're hooked!) I eventually stopped cold turkey, and hadn't watched it for a long time.

    But since I was so bored having to rest in bed all the time and then I lost the ability to read, DH suggested that I start watching it again. I've been watching regularly for the last year or two. (DH watches with me occasionally)

    I'm glad they have added a few new characters lately, including the return of Steve and Kayla last week.

  4. dleaning

    dleaning New Member

    were gone before I started watching. What do you think will happen with Bo and Hope? I am hoping they get back together, as I will Shawn and Belle! And what do you make of this "new guy" EJ? Is he DeMira related? Interesting!

    FInally John and Marlena are a thing again finally!! But, is Alex really dead? They all seem to come back!!!

    Yes, this show gets me through the day.

  5. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Yes, I'm a fan! I watch every day!!!

    Did you know ....

    * that John and Marlena will be off the show for 6 weeks? This is in an effort for DOOL to save money for NBC. It was a part of the new contract with NBC to find ways like this to save money -- both are the big time money makers, so this will save them big bucks.

    * that Shawn will be quitting in August or Sept., I think. I can't think of his real name right now!

    * that Tek has been taken off-contract and placed on recurring basis. Even after he was made a contract player, they never used him--until just a few shows recently! So they lost money there!

    I get Soap Opera Weekly and Soap Opera Digest magazines and the new ones came in today but that is all that I learned by just flipping through the pages a little bit. I have got to find time to sit down and read them cover-to-cover!!!!

    I also watch Passions and General Hospital.

    General Hospital is my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    I forgot ...

    * Jack comes back and sees Jennifer just AFTER her and Frankie are pronouned married.

    * Jennifer is leaving the show in August ... and the writers did not know that and have written heavy story for her up through October ... now they don't know what they are going to do about her storyline!!!

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  6. mrsjethro

    mrsjethro New Member

    Okay, since we're all being honest about it..... I can remember watching it with my mom when I was much younger. I think I have watched this soap for just about as long as it has been on. I've got a "Days" addiction, and I think I may even need some type of recovery meeting to help me get over this.

    Since I've been sick, and at home, if I don't see it at 12:00 noon, it comes on again on another channel at 2:00pm. If I miss that one, it's on the soap network at 10:00pm and if for some reason I miss all of those, it's on again on soap network at about 9:00am (I think) the next morning.

    Sad but true.....
  7. dleaning

    dleaning New Member

    Shawn (Jason Cook) is leaving??? OMG nooooo!!! LOL.

    Yes, I keep hearing rumors about Days ending. Please, nooo. I got hooked on another soap, Sunset Beach a few years ago and that show ended!!!! Man, I give up!!!

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