OT Any deerhunter wives here?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by littlebrownwren, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    My hubby is driving me nuts.

    He and my son enjoy hunting together.It's a special time for them. Trouble is my DH gets in such a tizzy when getting ready to go.

    I get all his clothes ready. I wash them , per instructions, in special detergents, so they won't smell of a human. I put them outside to air after that.

    This year my son found a dryer sheet for hunting clothes.

    It's called, earth scent. It really smells like dead wood dirt. UGH!

    So now I drag out all the pots, pans, groceries and etc.

    Now he is home from work and walking around in circles playing with his new bullits. his brand new hunting license won't fit in the new waterproof holder. He spends 20 min trying to solve this problem ,with me finally cuting one end off the plastic.

    He can't find anything.If he does he loses it 5 min later.

    If he finds it he can't figure out what to do with it.

    Now he wants me to pack his bag while he finds his list. If I pack it he will come back in 5 min and want to know what is "IN THERE". He's now ill because the dogs are following him around tying to figure out why their owner has suddenly lost his mind.

    He has yet to put the first thing in his truck, yet he has to be up at 4.

    This is only the beginning of my night. By 11 we will have exchanged a few choice words or I will have bit my tongue off.

    By the time he goes to bed I will be exhausted.

    Most of the time he is a pretty nice , sensible, hardworking man, but I'd swear the hunting bug does something to a hunters hormones.

    This time tomorrow night they will be ensconced at their favorite hunting spot, several hours away. Hopefully I will have regained my senses and he will have to. Especially since he has the bullits.

    PS: I've already told "BARNEY " to put his bullits away.

    That didn't set well. LOL

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  2. TKE

    TKE New Member

    LOL won't you be glad when they finally leave :).

    Make him a list, tell him to cross each thing off as it's packed & placed in the truck. That way he won't forget a single thing.

    My Huz is a hunter too, but not serious like so many are. He's good at organizing his own stuff tho so I don't have to deal with any of it. All I do is help wrap the meat...if he gets any ;).
  3. Vegan_Zoey

    Vegan_Zoey New Member

    Well seeing as I'm vegan, its against my beliefs to hunt ^_^;; but wish the rest of you luck in dealing with spouses who do.
  4. JLH

    JLH New Member

    My son is an avid deer hunter, so I know what you're going through!

    Thanks for the info about the special dryer sheets--I'll pass this on to him!


    P.S. Where do you buy the Earth Scent dryer sheets? and ... who makes them?
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  5. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I know exactly what you're going through. I get to go through that in a few days. Unfortunately my kids aren't old enough to go yet. We have four little ones running around unpacking during the process, which makes it VERY difficult. My nerves are usually shot by the time he goes, and I'm glad he's out of my hair for the week! I do love him! He's just not the most organized person in the world. Tell them good luck and to hunt safe!!! Laura
  6. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member


    I'm afraid organization is not one of my husbands skills.
    He's triple bad at hunting season. HE has a special list my dau made for him and he still can't get his act together.


    My guys are serious hunters and go strickly for the hunt.
    No alcohol or parties. They want to be able to bring the "BIG ONE" home, and then talk about it to anyone who wil listen for the next 6 mos.


    I am a meat eater but not much on venison. Although venison is almost pure protien. No fat.

    I have found a good way to make venison disapear. Have a BBQ and invite all the families. Enough BBQ sauce on anything and you can't tell what it started out as. LOL

    The sheets work and are not suppose to leave a residue in your dryer.

  7. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    Uhhhhh Wren.... do you think he may have caught some brain fog Fibro??? It's goin around you know,, LOL

  8. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member


    I don't know the cost. My son ordered them from Hunter's Specialities. www.hunterspec.com

    Are you bald yet? LOL

    I've dubbed my sweet hubby , Barney. He only needs one bullit.
    My son and I have acused him of sleeping up in his tree stand as last year when my son shot a deer and called on the walkie talkie for his dad to come help drag it out, not a sound was heard. Son had to bring a big one out from a mile out. He still hasn't heard the last of it.

    Ouch have you smell of the special scents they use on their boots. Theres doe in "season", coon p. and etc. The last one will peel the paint of the house. LOL

    His brain is foggy right now but it will clear up when my son hauls him out of bed at 4 and pours coffee down him.

    The eye doc says he has better than 20/20 vision.

    So when the fog clears he can see to shoot, that is if he don't fall asleep.LOL

    He's in there walking the floor. Something tells me he won't sleep much tonight.

  9. abcanada

    abcanada New Member

    I hope you take the next few days to enjoy every ounce of peace and quiet you can get! It's so special that your hubby and your son have such a great relationship. My husband has had our 6 yr daughter & 4 1/2 yr old son out for pheasants with our old German shorthaired Pointer-Ryker, and geese a couple of weeks before that. My health has not allowed me to go lately. I always enjoy going out to the forest and getting away from everything. Take Care! Laura
    PS Not bald yet!
  10. netnut

    netnut New Member

    I am another hunting widow. My hubby goes every saturday.

    Luckily I dont have to do anything for him. He goes with his boss out to a hunt club not too far from where we live. I love the venison and it really helps with the cost of meat for feeding the family. Last year he got about 4 or 5 deer and we just finished the last pack of stew meat last week and its time to start back soon.

    I cant complain...lol. He hunts and fishes to help feed us and I get my computer time.
  11. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member


    I've done it for hin for so many years he barely knows how to begin so I guess it's partly my fault he's that way.

    But having a day or 2 to myself will be nice.

    Laura I love the woods and thats where I live surrounded by trees but the last 2 weekends my dau and I went to the mts to the Apple Festival there and had a great time and the fall colors were beautiful .


    I'll tell my guys about the blueberry leaf. I doubt they'll be able to find one where they are going.

    But he is packed and ready to load and we haven't had too many sharp words. He did give me a hug while ago.

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  12. TKE

    TKE New Member

    My Huz doesn't go to camp. He's been hunting alone for the last several years. His father passed in the late 90's, sons moved away. This year he might go with my brother tho. I hate him going alone.

    He leaves at dawn & retuns home just after dark. No drinking. The last few years he took the camera & came home with pics of wild animals, even got a pic of a Bob Cat. Course ya can't eat pics, LOL.

    Our season starts just after Thanksgiving. I prefer doe, as it's not as strong. We can use the meat, so I hope he gets one this year.



    My hubby is a hunter also but thank goodness he's pretty good at packing! How about those dryer sheets! Wow do they stink, I used to just put them in the bag with the clothes and not use them in the dryer.

    Good luck!
  14. kriket

    kriket New Member

    My boyfriend is a hunter. I know all too well what the earth dirt smell is!!! LOL Dryer sheets and all. He gets so stirred up right when the season opens. I hate for him to leave, but when he leaves, it's not so bad.

    I also hunt. Sorry if I am offending anyone here. I was born and bread a country girl. It's nice to know that I am actually able to put food on the table for my family.

    My boyfriend uses a special detergent, and the earth scent dryer sheets also and the little waifers that you put on your clothes. He also has a special body soap and deodrant that he uses during hunting. A lot of people don't think that this stuff matters, but it really does. If a deer gets one whiff of you-he/she blows and that's it.

  15. Vegan_Zoey

    Vegan_Zoey New Member

    heh heh thanks for the tip, though I'm not vegan for the wonderful health benefits, thats just a perk. I'm vegan because I care so much about the animals and find their death unnessesary, since we CAN live healthy happy lives abstaining from animal products. That being said... animals that are shot (by someone who doesnt miss and kills them instantly) are better off than factory farmed animals.

    They go through so much torture in those factory farms, it makes anyone with fibro look like a wimp. They give me the inspiration to go on, and in return I raise awareness for their plight :)
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  16. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    I admit mine used to drive me nuts right before hunting too but that changed when I stopped helping him! I didn't stop everything all at once..but over a couple years I did less and less to help him get ready..just like a child..I put more and more of the responsibility on him....and it worked! Now I stay relaxed..and he takes care of everything one his own. Our youngest son, 23yo also hunts...and he also takes care of all his own things.
    I am not a game fan..but they both love venison..and this year are also trying turkey hunting. I always hope for success for them as it is healthy meat to eat...and saves on our food dollar. For me it is not any different than buying packaged meat at a store in terms of "killing animals" at least!

    My boys enjoy the time together...being outdoors...and providing food...what could be wrong with that?

  17. Seeseaisme

    Seeseaisme New Member

    I laughed at your description, because that's my husband and son also. I don't help them though, I just sit back and smile while they make fools of themselves.

    There are perks to this, as a deer hunter's widow, I get either breakfast or lunch brought back to me. And no, I don't mean venison. They bring me back a McDonald's breakfast sandwich or KFC, etc. That's when I tell them that Daniel Boone didn't have fast food, he had to stay til he actually brought home meat (ha, ha).
  18. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    Their finally in camp,in bed and waiting for morning.

    I'm using the time to began getting my act together for Thanksgiving. Theres no way I can do it all at once so I do curtains, what-nots and things that don't have to be redone that week when I have to concentrate on cooking. Right now I ache all over.

    Since he woke me up at 4, I 'm planning on sleeping late in the morn.

    Enjoyed all the replies.

  19. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    Your post made me laugh, thank you for that!

    While my DH isn't a hunter, my ex (notice I said my "ex?") and my father was! Since my bday is today, Oct 25th, every year the men in my life were not with me on my bday! I really resented that one growing up. No Dad to take my pictures when I blew out the candle, etc. ;<(

    Oh well ...

    I cannot even imagine having dryer sheets that are called "earth scent!"

    Now ... my daughter, yes daughter and not sons, is in to hunting big time! I think if she has a baby she will be sure to arrange the timing to not hit any seasons for hunting. Question: Are there any seasons that aren't hunting? Hmmmmm!

    BILLCAMO New Member

    At least they are healthy and feel good enough to pursue & do the things they love to...... Be thankful for that :>).

    Blessings ,


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