OT - Anyone been to Natchez, Mississippi ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjr2003, Nov 1, 2005.

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    Hi everyone, my husband and I and my mother-in-law are headed to Natchez,Mississippi this Friday for the weekend. My mother-in-law has some vacation time available and wants to go sightseeing! I am still not sleeping exactly normal, but figure that a trip out of town sounds nice; I can always sleep on the way. I would rather get to go on an outing and see some new things while not sleeping, vs. just sitting at home, waiting to fall asleep etc. Just wondered if anyone has been there, and how they liked it?! I think we are going to see the Plantation houses mostly, but there is no telling what else we will get into. I told my husband, if he takes his mom, and I stay home, I will just think of all the things that could happen to them while they are gone, like a car accident etc. and that will drive me nuts. I have never been there, and it looks like a nice historical town from what I have found on the net. We made reservations last night and I am so glad we did; every hotel was booked except one, and they had limited rooms. If anyone has been to Natchez, how did u like it? Can't wait to go! This should get my mind off of the sleep I haven't been getting, although I am happy to announce that I actually slept last night pretty decent! :>) LOL Carla
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    I grew up in Louisiana. Almost got a job in Natchez! Haven't been back in about 10 years, but at that time, it was a cute little sleepy southern town.

    Yes, definitely do the plantation houses. DO NOT MISS Longwood. It is the coolest thing -- a house started and intererrupted by the Civil War. The exterior is done (it's a brick octagonal -- rather rare), but the interior is down to the framing (the family lived in the ground floor level which is finished and furnished). The crates for construction materials are still on site. Very, VERY Cool. Truly awesome! It's my favorite.

    Natchez is a good place to visit for a weekend. The town's 'downtown' is quite small, so you shouldn't have to do tons of walking. The plantations are a short drive, generally. I'm sure you will find some good food there as well.

    Enjoy it for me -- I'm so jealous!
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    Love, Mikie
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    Hi, Carla.

    My H and I have visited Natchez a couple of times.

    Longwood is worth seeing, as are the antebellum homes. I'm not sure if the Fall Pilgrimage is going right now... that's a popular tour of the notable historic homes.

    We love the Kings Tavern restaurant. It's in a really old building in the middle of the historic downtown area; it's supposed to be haunted. A cool place to visit.

    You'll probably want to take a little trip over the Mississippi River bridge, won't ya? It just goes from Natchez into Vidalia, LA (I think), so it's just a "go over the bridge and turn around and come back" kind'a thing for us.

    I hope you have a good time!


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