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  1. Cromwell

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    MY FRIEND'S DAUGHTER HAS DEVELOPED really severe Tourettes. She is pulling at her clothes and body movements almost look as if she has some worse disease. She can control it when we have her think about it. She wobbles all over like a drunk really and head is swinging away too. Gyrating.

    She takes alot of neuroleptic meds despite her tender age of 13. I think the meds are causing it but the shrink denies this. It looks like Parkinsons.

    Can anyone advise what may work with movement disorders?

    Love Anne Cromwell
  2. kgangel

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    My husband has touretes, a very mild case though. He has had it since he was about 8 yrs old, just started with uncontrollable blinking and some moving. He also makes a grunting sound, seems as though it is only bad when he feels pressured.

    He has never needed medicine, I think I would see about getting another opinion for this girl, sounds like they are not controlling her symptoms much at all

    My son also had a friend with Tourettes, he was 13 and was very depressed, my son just loved him and he was always comfortable around my son and his symptoms seemed to be fairly under control, but he was on mulitiple meds to control it.

    My best to your friend, that is a hard one for someone to deal with

    God Bless
  3. Cromwell

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    I think it is tardive dys. too, but presenting in a non grimacing way. I know Dan has been pacing and shaking so much just lately he has developed this osteophyte in his leg. It drives me mad too at times as I always think it means I have to hurry up even though he cannot help it.

    My DH has it somewhat, the shaking, from meds. With this girl it is really more like Michael Fox but not the constant movement, this will just "come on", plus she is up on her toes all the time(fairly common with Aspergers) but far worse than she ever had this.

    I know there are a number here who have this and wonder if they take cogentin or if MMe Curie may know? Or if Storms has any natural helpers?

    Love Anne Cromwell
  4. Cromwell

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    I really agree with you. In fact I think the use of soy in baby formula is largely responsible for ADD and ADHD

    This kid, because she also has autism is an odd eater BUT she has been fed a lot of soy which the mom has her off now. She is also reducing the meds. It is so hard to get advice from the doctor re the safety of how to reduce these meds in children(who should never have had them in the first place as most of them are just kids who do need a better diet I agree, and maybe different style of parenting.

    I was actually think P'au darco. What about frankincense?

    I have been alarmed at the amount of meds that docs are pouring into very young children just because their behavior is odd or not traditional. I mean, this kid was on three heavy doses or three neuroleptics and all I can read in notes is that she was very hyper and spoke before aged 6 months. For this, she was put on Risperday at age 3..... when she developed anger, she was given more plus another additional neuroleptic, and dxd bi polar at 7.

    My god there has to be a hell for these doctors playing god with these kids. The result of all these meds is no change in behaviors except more anger and the tourettes.

    It really is medical abuse.

    Love Anne Cromwell

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