OT: Anyone have info on insect or spider bites?

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    A couple of days ago I was out watering my front garden area when I felt something on my leg. At some point and time I do remember slapping at something on my leg.

    I did feel a bite of some sorts and just ran water over it. It didn't feel very well so every few minutes I would let the water hit it for a few seconds.

    That night when I was putting my foot lotion on I noticed dried blood on my leg. I tried to wash it off but it wouldn't come off and was too tired to deal with it so I decided to wait until the morning.

    The "dried blood" wouldn't come off in the shower because it wasn't dried blood.

    My skin was smooth but it looked scabby. There was a white halo around the wound and at this time I still didn't know what it was.

    Then the next day the white halo faded into a pinkish red halo and the center of the smooth "scab" is turning a dark red almost black color. Quite gross actually.

    Anyway, I know this is completely disgusting but I put a picture of the wound in my profile because I really don't know what it could be.

    I think I should go to the doctor but I don't know if I should just wait until Monday or if this needs to be seen in the morning.

    The thing is that the bite has the oddest shape! I have never seen anything like this and although in the picture it looks scabby and stuff it is completely smooth and under the skin. The wound is painful! The actual size of the wound is the size of an eraser on a pencil.

    I am not trying to sound like an idiot but I really would just like some advice as I have never been in this situation before.

    Thanks and sorry for the gross picture!


  2. rosemarie

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    You need to get checked out as It looks nasty and if it is painfull I really would go to the ER. You said that it looked like you had dried blood on it when you looked at it? That does not sound so good to me. There are so many spiders that are not good for us. I know taht I have been bitten by spiders .

    I was bitten by something and I don't know what but it left some marks on my leg and it looked like a ingrown hair with a bubble that was white on the top and around the base it was dark purple almost black. And it stayed this black color for weeks. But never got red hot or swelled, and I didn't have any red straaks going up my leg.

    But I have seen some nasty bites and from what I have read it is best if you can see what it was that bit you and save it, to take to the doctor with you but sicnse you don't have it or know what it was I really would get it checked out to make sure that it is not going to get infected. It does look really painfull to me.

  3. suzetal

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    If you can go to the ER or an urgent care center.I would not wait you do not know what kind of bug and it could be venom from that bug under your skin.

    Please have it checked now.You never know.

    PS the picture was not gross.
  4. Lulu28

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    Two years ago I got bit by a spider. It was a real wound--and grew in size. It took several months to heal and I periodically used something called "ioxide" (I think!) which drew out the toxic stuff.

    Anyway--my husband is an EMT and I just showed him your picture. He says you should definetly seek medical attention--ER is good--your bite looks necropic/infected. Don't wait like I did!

    Good luck

  5. kjfms

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    ASAP you run the risk of infection.

    I am not trying to alarm you but the Brown Recluse spider is popular in the south and it can do nasty things to you skin.

    You should really be checked out just to make sure you are all right. It is always better to be safe now than sorry later.

    Please let's know how you are.

    Take care of you,

    Karen :)
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    I swear things happen for a reason!

    We have Cigna Health insurance and I am not clear why but I was assigned a case worker/nurse. I think because of my depression and other medical issues.

    Anyway, she called tonight to "check up" (they call about every two months or so) on me so at the end of the conversation I asked her about the bite.

    She said that from what I was describing I need to have it looked at. She said if I wanted to wait until the morning it would be okay since it had already been a couple of days but that I needed to have it looked at.

    She did bring up the Brown Recluse thing and said that it is better to catch an infection early if that is what the bite is.

    So thank you guys for your help! I appreciate it! Sorry for the gross picture!!!!

    I will let you know what the doctor says!


  7. kjfms

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    thank you so much for the update. I am so glad you will be getting it checked. Do let us know I am curious if the physician will suspect an Brown Recluse as well. I am sure everything will be fine.

    Your picture was not gross at all you should see some of the stuff I look up...LOL

    Here is a good resource on Brown Recluse spider if you want to do some reading:


    Take care,

  8. rockgor

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    spider...funnel web?....that can cause serious problems.

    I got bit by something 3 months ago. My leg still itches off and on.
  9. kjfms

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    I was just wondering how you are? Did you get you bite checked out? I hope you are feeling OK.


    Karen :)

    Hi LittleBlueStem,

    How are you? You are right Kate could have been bitten or stung by any number of insects/spiders. I'll have to disagree with you physician though Brown Recluse Spiders live outside as well they just like to hide as they do when they are indoors.

    They like to hang out under thick groundcovers (ivy, pachysandra, etc.), dog houses, and under rocks, logs, woodpiles, landscape timbers and debris.

    I have a fear of spiders so I like to know the "enemy"...LOL

    I hope you are doing well,

    Karen :)
  10. mary124

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    I didn't see the picture either. But a spider bite isn't anything to play with. Just recently I was bitten by a brown recluse spider. I didn't feel it or anything, but a few days later, I was really sick, I was put on antibotics by one of my doctors and a few days later I went to the E/R, due to my leg and ankle swelling. The doctor there, didn't know what bite me, but switch my antibotic to something else. It was just recently, that my family doctor said what it actually was that bite me. Anyway, it has been about a month now, and after 3 weeks of antibotics they decided that I didn't need anymore medicines, that my leg looks a little bit better. It still has a big red spot on it, but the doctor said it will take at least 8 weeks to get better.
  11. kjfms

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    I am so glad you are OK.

    Spiders just give me the creeps...oh I get chills just thinking about them. I am such a baby about them and bees...LOL

    Take care of you,

    Karen :)
  12. Cromwell

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    Just read this. Years ago I got some sort of spider bite on my ankle that sounds similar and the shape and blueness is still there!!!

    Please get this seen to, as I do think these things are iffy.

    I think mine was a recluse but doctor was not sure.

    Love Anne Cromwell