OT: Anyone in or around Apex, N.C. (Chemical Fire Explosion)

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  1. Lendy5

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    North Carolina is under a declared state of emergency and I am worried because I am about 1 hour away from this.

    A North Carolina plant leaked and has sent several large plumes of chlorine gas into the air around 9 p.m. last night. A large fire broke out at the plant afterward, sending flames more than 100 feet into the night sky and setting off multiple explosions.

    We have already had 17,000 evacuated and due to the weather more is expected.

    It has even spread to a nearby petroleum farm which ignited over 200,000 gallons of fuel.

    They say this is the worst hazardous material incident you could have.

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  2. netnut

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    I live in the Fayetteville area myself and kinda worried about it considering we are supposed to be getting that cold front in with all the weather. I wondered if the wind and rain would blow the stuff down.

    I really worry about those people close to the area too. I wonder how it started? I havent heard much more on my news today.
  3. Lendy5

    Lendy5 New Member

    Hi, I am not sure what caused it other than a leak.

    The News said a few minutes ago where are all of these chemicals going to go? It has to go somewhere and more than likely it will go into the water streams.

    No one is allowed back home yet and aren't for sure when they will be able to return.

    I hope everyone is o.k.