OT Anyone Reading Doreen Virtue?

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    HIYA all!

    I have been away from the board due to the fact
    I have had lots going on in my life in august.
    I feel like I have lived a lifetime in this month!

    I have just been intorduced to the terms earlier
    this month of indigo and crystal. SO I had to
    research them and from there, spirit guides and
    angels and all kinds of topics.

    Learning about lemurian crystals and crystals
    in general.

    ahhaha gotta go because listening to a cd from
    sylvia browne and too distracted she is funnier
    then all get out and I just can't finish this post !
    omg too funny ROFLAMO

    Blessings all HAGD!! Brenda
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  3. Jane_Canuck

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