OT: Atention all "Green Thumbs" ? about coconut liners

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    hanging basket's. How do you keep your flower's watered in those things?

    The water run's right through them, and a few hour's later, especially in the hot southern weather, they are dry again.

    i have a hard time watering and can't do it more than once a day, most times can't do that.

    Is there a way to keep the moisture in, like lining them with plastic ( poking holes in it so water can run through),or flower's that can survive neglect?:) I tried petunias, they are goner's.

    I don't like cactus, but I'm getting closer to that evryday.;)

    looking at my flower's from my recliner ( where I live)bring's me a bit of joy, and I hate to lose that.

    Any suggestion's would be appreciated, thanks.
  2. claudiaw

    claudiaw New Member

    Thanks, I was looking at those and wondered if they would work.

    I'll give them a try, I really only like cactus in the desert!:)