OT Bear in my Neighbor's Yard

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  1. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    My neighbor came to see us today and said his Grandson's were looking out the window and he said What are you looking at,They said a bear in the yard. He thought it was after the Birdfeeders. It was broad daylight too. The bear seen them looking out the window and didn't even run away.
    They live across the road from my Husband and I!!That is the 1st time one has been so close to us--that we knew about!!!! About a mile down the road a car in front of us hit a bear and it jumped up and kept right on going.
    Of course we just have Black Bears here! No Grizzly Bears.
    Thank the Lord for that. We also have Coyote's here. We see them once in a while. My step son,shot one in his yard.
    Just thought I'd share this with you all.
    Hugs Shirley
  2. Denamay

    Denamay New Member

    This is true: a few months ago, a young black bear entered a major grocery store in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

    He simply walked through the front sliding doors on the main street.

    The little bear went for the bakery section and had good feast, for about a half hour.

    They mannaged to ease the bear out the same way he came in.

    No one was hurt and the bear was trapped and taken away to a wilderness area. Love Denamay
  3. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Since have been living here, I have had three bear in my yard, I am on five acres, mostly wooded.

    What I always do, is simply stay indoors and away from the windows! They will pass through and then go about their business. These are the black bear too, no grizzlies in this area.

    I also had a Bobcat in the bushes around my front planter, well he was there off and on for three days, and I just though he was one of the neighbors kitties :), anyway what I had done wrong was put seed and corn out near the planter for the birds and squirrels, and he was getting an 'easy meal', so I change where I put the food and he left. I must say, he was one beauty though!

    I did have the thick bushes removed around the planter, I really would not want to tangle with a Bobcat.

    I have numberous Coyote here as well, but they cause no problems. I keep all garbage cans well covered, but I can go outside right now and hear them howling to one another. I would never kill them unless it was me or them............

    I am a real animal lover, all kinds, except for snakes, they get the shotgun...........

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    Hi all, We have lots of wildlife in our area.Lots of Deer,Mountain Lion,Bob Cats,Snakes,Coyotes,Fox and Bear.We live in a Rural area also.Until recently we didn't see Bear or Coyote's.The number of animals are increasing and the farmers are having trouble with the Bear and Coyotes,killing their animals.

    In Frostburg a woman came down stairs,( right in town) in the middle of the night and as she rounded the bottom of the stairs----she met a Bear in the hall. She screamed and ran back upstairs and the Bear high tailed it,back out the window,that he came in though. :-}

    One family said that there were 5 Bears in the yard at one time. Paw prints all over the sliding glass door.

    A friend that works for the Local News Paper,said that a Bear came on the deck,(Looked in the sliding glass door)at her house and wrecked the Gas Grill!Just ripped it apart.
    Needless to say,she had her glass door replaced with something much stronger.

    A 100 lb. Black Bear can over come a 200 Lbs man, very easily,as they are nearly twice as strong. They can carry off a child and kill them too. They also kill pet dogs and cats.

    I for one,am very afraid of Bears b/c who knows when I may be coming out of the garage ( detached garage)or just working in the yard and meet one. I am almost totally deaf and would not hear any huffs or grunts like a normal person would. My neighbor fears for the life of his two young Grandsons,who live in his house.
    Hugs Shirley
  5. kimfibro

    kimfibro New Member

    i've never been approached by one, no reason for the great fear other than what i already know about them.

    a few years back i was putting makeup on in the bathroom (this was in hatfield, mass) and heard hammering sounds, and wood boards is what it sounded like to me.

    heard it 2-3 times and couldn't view anything from where the sound came from cuz i was in the bathroom which didn't look out over the sound.

    when i came downstairs and took a look out the kitchen window: a bear had torn down a bird feeder which was on a metal pole. not a flimsy pole: a heavy, thick metal pole. well the pole was greatly bent in a few places and of course the birdfeeder was in splinters. no sign of the bear.

    i know that story is not an unusual one but it truly spooked me to the core. it happened a few years after my neighbor told me she saw a large black bear limping down the street throughout the yards etc while she was walking her infant daughter by stroller. i was shocked to hear that she didn't call authorities!!!! this bear could have been in serious pain for all we know and UNHAPPY.

    they say to empty and clean any grease collecting devices that are underneath your gas grills...yes, WE live in their territory not the other way around. i love all animals as well. and am SO SADDENED to hear of the 'roos unhappy fate. that is UNFORGIVEABLE....
  6. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    Bears will eat bird seed from the feeders. My husband's uncle in PA has one visit his feeder on a regular basis. He lives in a heavily wooded area.

    I've never seen one here, but I have seen copperhead snakes, raccoons, opossoms, box turtles, all different kind of birds. My husband swears he saw a fox one night, but I still think that was a strange looking dog. It was so fast and it was in the shadows.

    Main thing is not to actually feed the bear. They don't need the bear to actually be coming up on their deck/patio looking for food on a regular basis.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    I love wildlife :)
  7. fairydust39

    fairydust39 New Member

    I have 2 hearing aids and still just barely hear sound! My husband and I were in the Hearing health business for 30 years and my hubby is still working there. I can't use the phone or hear in church without an FM system. Still I miss most of what is being said. So stay home alone most of the time. Of course when my hubby is home in the evening I'm not alone.

    The reason my stepson shot the coyote is b/c it came into the yard and they have 2 small children! Everyone does not put animals above the life of their children. I for one would shoot any animal that came into my house,or yard to attack me. If it's him or me guess who's going to get shot.

    I have a great love of animals too but I'm not going to stand there and let them kill me or my Grandchildren,if I can help it.

    I know that we have to live with wild animals and I certainly agree with that,but when they lose their fear of people for what ever reason,we can't just stand there and be killed and ate by a bear or anything else. The bear that was in the yard didn't show any fear of people at all and according to statistics the DNR says that they have to be destroyed.

    Now this bear went away on it own and maybe never will come back,hopefully!

    No I don't think that you're attacking me,just stating your opinion!

    And yes in the animal kingdom the strong kill the weak,but I have been sick for many years with a multitude of illnesses but I don't want to lose my life to another person b/c they are stronger than me(like a man with a gun or knife,they are put in prison for killing people), ( an aniimal should also be punished if it kills someone).

    We have to put everything in prospective and that means protecting our life and our childrens lives.

    When it comes my time to die,then I am ready to go and be with my Lord. God gave us life and he also gave animals life,so we need to make room in out hearts and our lives for wild or tame animals,but not to the point that I want to be consumed and ate by one!

    Now I am not attacking any one, just stating what I believe!
    We are all intitled to our opinion regardless of what that may be!
    Hugs Shirley

    PS I never meant to get into this discussion about animal welfare b/c I was only sharing the story with you all.

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