OT - Before you Send $$ for **Katrina** PLEASE Read

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    My last job before disability was an Office Manager for the American Red Cross. I was responsible for the donations sent in after 9/11, so I know how the system works. ARC is a great organization, but if you remember the publicity after 9/11 it's not a perfect system. And they don't tell you the "secrets". I will.

    If you want to send a donation and make sure it gets to the ppl effected by the hurricane you MUST put that ON your check!! If you don't designate exactly where you want the donation to go it will be put into the general disaster fund, which can be used anywhere..including overseas.

    In the memo section of the check write hurricane Katrina Disaster Refief Fund. You can even request the $$ be used in a specific state...Lousiana, Mississippi, etc.


    Also, these ppl will need clean & useable clothes, underwear, shoes, coats for winter, etc. Go thru your and your kids closets. Either the American Red Cross or Salvation Army will distribute these items. Just call your local office.

    And VOLUNTEERS...THOUSANDS are needed. Even answering a phone at the local offices to give out info. is a great help. This lets the regular staff take care of other business.

    Just wanted to share.....

    I'm in Pensacola, hubby is on Incident Mgt. Team for St. of Fla. and left for Biloxi yesterday. We just got power back.
    This area is maxed out...Just imagine if every person just sent $1. God Bless.
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    I also posted about contributing to charities. I forgot to mention about designation of your contribution.

    Other helpful advice is to be sure you are giving to a reputable charity. There are many that will try to take advantage and create charities or create sites that look like those of Red Cross or the Salvation Army.

    I am from St. Tammany Parish, not far from Slidell and I am certain I will have to utilize the services of various charities, as will many others, once the parish is opened up again.

    Even knowing people are concerned means a lot. Not all can contribute noney but your thoughts and prayers do more good than you can concieve.


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    Thank you.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was a disaster Spec for 7 yrs. with ARC. Thanks for clarify that for people. Having worked hurricans, I know just how truly terrible this situation really is. I know that the relief workers will be emotionally impacted very quickly. We may be looking at refugee camps with the thousands of displaced people that have nothing to go back to. I know this disaster will have a huge impact on the country as a whole.
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    Thanks for your replies. I remember after 9/11 some ppl were very upset their $$ went for "other things" than it was intended.

    I was just at the grocery store. I was VERY lucky to get one of $5 gallons of milk. The shelves were half empty, thanks to a leaking roof. The freezers were empty, contents had to be thrown away. The replacement supplies can't get in. The is no gas here and little in Pensacola.

    But I have a home, food to eat, and a dry bed. And, I know hubby will be home....eventually.

    God Bless

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    Unfortunately, I'm not sure they are showing the worst of it. I heard earlier this evening that rescue workers had not been able to get into some of the hardest hit areas.

    If I recall correctly, the reason the IRC was putting any undesignated donations into their general fund was that they received so much money designated for 9/11 relief that they were having trouble finding things to do with it. Then in the months that followed, donations to other charitable organizations fell off and some very beneficial programs were shut down.

    Before you send money off for Katrina Relief, stop to think what you will now not be spending that money on. If you will be reducing or eliminating other charitable contributions that you normally make, maybe it isn’t such a good idea.

    I read recently that the local emergency assistance organization in a town near me was so short on funds that they were limiting the amount of food that they would give to people and had stopped all other forms of assistance such as for rent, electricity, medication, etc.
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    I wanted to find out about donating clothes that we had left over from our church yard sale to the relief effort and went on the Red Cross website to find that they are not accepting these types of things because of the difficulty of disbursing them.

    They recommend just donating to your local charity. The only items they mentioned accepting was cases of canned goods, I assume from companies.

    I would love to be able to get these things to these people. You think I should call the Red Cross?

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    I just sent an email to my other groups, my relatives and friends... a message regarding fund raising for the Hurricane survivors. Your comment regarding designating in the memo area that it was to be used for the Hurricane survivors was great and I included it in my emails. I am asking everyone to send a check or $5.00 and to send a copy of what they wrote to their other groups and to friend and family. You mentioned sending $1.00 and that gave me the idea to bump it to $5.00. WOW, what a difference that would make and what a good feeling everyone would have to know they at least helped!

    Thanks for the information!
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    A few good points have been made here...several heads are better than one!!

    PLEASE don't forget your local charities, Salvation Army, United Way, etc. IMHO Red Cross gets MORE than enough $$$.
    Those commercials aren't free ya know, and everybody at Red Cross are NOT volunteers.

    As far as clothing - they have not set up a central distribution site...YET. When they do they will be requesting clothing, etc. Local Goodwill Stores, Missions, etc. will be collecting clothes for sure, call them first.

    If you can collect money Fantastic! BUT...you better keep a paper trail a mile long...make 3 copies of everything and every penny.

    Keep this post going. My hubby is usually in charge of the distribution site for the team he's on. If there is a need for something he'll let me know and I'll pass that info along. That is, when he can contact me. I've tried his cell but I just get voice mail box.

    If nothing else, pray.
  11. LittleBluestem

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    Below is a link to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s list of legitimate agencies accepting donations to assist victims of Hurricane Katrina. The contact information is for the national offices, but many have local offices as well. There are the relief organizations of several major religions as well as many secular organizations.


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