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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by louiesgirl2, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. louiesgirl2

    louiesgirl2 New Member

    I have been wearing and undwire since I don't know when. I also have a history of breast cancer in my family... I however, have not yet at 55 developed it. So, I think that theory is blown out of the water.

    This so called relationship between cancer and bras, hair color, cell phones comes from where I have no idea. If I listened to all I hear, I would stop eating and drinking all together and live in a bubble.
  2. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    the Internet can be a great resource but one has to check where the information is coming from.

    Just because it pops up when one does a search on a certain subject does not guarantee that the information is from a good source.

    I choose not to live in a bubble either...LOL but hey whatever floats your boat or each to their own...

    Thanks for sharing,

    Karen :)
  3. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    Just wanted you to know you did not offend me at all. I just happen to think think if a bra is properly fitted the should be no discomfort with it.

    I am a D cup and can not go without support it is painful for me.

    If you can go without out one more power to you.

    Have a great day,

    Karen :)
  4. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    I don't mean that in a flippant way, it just seems to be true if you listen to everyone.
    I am an underwire girl. I want what I have to look as "perky" as possible, since everything seems to be going "south" the older I get!!

  5. littlebrownwren

    littlebrownwren New Member

    Well I am into a D cup and need all the support I can get. I have ridges in my shoulders.

    However, I think God has a sense of humor. I find that what I wished for At 16 just dosen't have the same effect at 60.

    What am I suppose to do with them now?

    One way are another I can't see how wire in my bra to support my girls is going to cause me to develope cancer.

    My diet is another thing all together.LOL

  6. PianoGirl

    PianoGirl New Member

    or you would drive yourself crazy thinking you were going to get cancer or whatever else disease they are talking about at the moment.

    We recently bought the blue collar tour dvd and jeff foxworthy has an extremely funny bit on it about his wife hearing something on tv and always saying, OMG, that is what i have, i HAVE that disease, until it came down to the one time they were describing a disease and all the symptoms and she said once again, OMG, that is the disease I have, and jeff lovingly said to his wife, honey, you can't have that disease, it is testicular cancer and you don't have testiculars.

    Hope you get a chuckle out of that.

  7. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    but aren't most underwires plastic these days? I haven't researched it just thinking of my own bra...


  8. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    As I commented previously I think wearing clothing next to ones skin that is seeped in dry cleaning chems, using antiperspirants and shaving body hair probably make more difference than bra or none.

    I actually hate bras, find them contricting. I know men would never wear them if they had to!

    I decided to try and buy a new bra today as my stretch cotton ones are shrinking, and I came away as they were all about $20 which I did not have.

    That is funny about wishing for bigger boobs when 16 now what when 60!!!

    I do however, think there is a lot of hype about and you are right to not get in a flap about it. I have a friend who sells oils and everything the owner of that outfit says is based on hype.

    Love Anne Cromwell

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