OT BUT..20/20 last night? PLEASE READ!

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    There is a new study of a blood replacement going on in various areas across the country. Almost noone knows about this. Go to ABC.com to get the facts and info. Study was started once before but shut down due to some deaths, mostly heart attacks but they won't say it came from this product.

    Anyway EVERYone who lives in the area of the study MUST wear a bracelet saying the
    decline the study, a large gray and black lettered bracelet 24/7 if they don't want it.

    If you don't the govt has agreed to let them put ANYone in the study. If you are picked up after an accident or anything needing blood or admitted to hospital they have little brown envelopes. They don't know if it says yes or no in them. They pick one and if it's a yes you get it instead of blood or blood fillers even if you are AWAKE and say NO. Sounds like an Urban Legend but it is NOT, we watched it in shock on 20/20 last night.

    IF it is started by IV, as it is, it CANNOT be stopped for 12 hours by ANYone.
    They say they have a list on the ABC site telling where the study is in force. They showed one place in I think Colorado and the doctor there looked and sounded like a zombie in his DEFINITE assuredness that this product is GOOD, SAFE and that it's ETHICAL to do it this way! Freaky!

    IF it passes the CDC the pharmacutical co. will stand to make multi million dollars from it. So check it out. As bad as many of us react to some medications and therapies I wouldn't want it personally.

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    Couldn't believe how blatently the FDA and the company doing the trials were using an unknowing public with no informed consent. I wonder whether lawsuits will be out of the question since the FDA has given approval for this abuse.

    Many of us believe the govt. has, for decades, experimented on civilians and military personnel without their knowledge. Thank God for the free press which has brought this into the open. Who knows what else goes on.

    Our freedoms are slipping away, one by one, supposedly for the greater good. I question that it is for my greater good.

    Love, Mikie
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    ...claims that 20/20 was unbalanced. Here is their response:

    "ABC’s 20/20 report on Northfield’s pivotal Phase III study with PolyHeme® lacked balance. It failed to note the following key points:

    • It is critical to conduct rigorous scientific research to improve patient care and outcomes in emergencies. The PolyHeme study is designed to address the critical, unmet need for an alternative to blood when blood may not be immediately available. In the case of a man-made or natural disaster, PolyHeme represents a potential life-saving resource to sustain lives that otherwise might be lost.

    • This study is being conducted under a federal regulation passed in 1996. The regulation allows a waiver of informed consent when patients are in a life-threatening situation, when obtaining individual informed consent is impossible, and when current therapy is unproven or unsatisfactory. The most critical stipulation is that there is the potential for direct benefit to the patients enrolled: a survival benefit. Northfield’s trauma study meets these criteria.

    • The study protocol was approved by FDA and by 32 institutional review boards at
    Level I trauma centers across the country.

    • Extensive community consultation was conducted by participating centers, using print and electronic media, as well as community meetings. Over 60 million media impressions were created by these efforts.

    • An Independent Data Monitoring Committee is charged with overseeing patient safety in this study. After reviewing the data on the first 60, 120, 250, and 500 of the planned 720 patients to be enrolled in the study, the IDMC four times recommended that the study continue without modification. Following the 500 patient review, the IDMC recommended that the study go to completion.

    • Northfield recently announced that the study has passed the 700 patient mark."

    I sent an email asking for the blue "opt out" bracelet since I live near Virginia. I'll let you know what happens.

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  4. Was shocked that they would make us guinea pigs without our knowledge!
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    local newscasts and in the front pages on newspapers and offer an "opt in" rather than having to wear a bracelet 24/7 to "opt out". The show said few attended the meetings and people asked on the street never heard of it.

    Let the pharmacutical companies and their backers try things like this on their own families and themselves and leave the rest of us, many like us with FM who have bad reactions to many things, alone. Then any who wish to "opt in" could make up the balance.
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    Thanks for posting this...

    Since I get military tv, ours is shown a day late so we haven't seen it yet. Also, we have to choose between Dateline and 20/20 and I usually choose Dateline.

    I'll be sure to watch today, thanks!!

    Nancy B.
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    I would like to point out that the media only reports half of the story on any given subject. We absorb what they want us too.

    The media doesn't like people who actually think for themselves because that means they actually have to do their job and get the facts right.

    But as a whole people just assume that because it is on tv, in a newspaper or on the internet that it is true.

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  9. UnicornK

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    It looks like a hospital band...I was even asked if I had been in the hospital! It says "I Decline The Northfield PolyHeme Study". At least I got one!

    I don't mind being a lab rat, but I would like to know it first!

    God Bless.

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