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  1. mommy22

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    I am a little nervous about this post and have struggled all morning about doing it. I have not been on the board for a while and spending less time when I am. I do not know what events have taken place here, but assume it is related to the hurricane. That is one of the reasons I have been so preoccupied...that, and kids starting school. The stories and pictures coming from the Gulf Coast area are horrific! Some states have applied to "adopt a family". In doing so, they are declared to be in a state of emergency and granted the funds that go w/it. The evacuees are led by volunteers into a new life. The volunteers can help prepare rental homes, gather community info, etc. I know this is so off topic, but i was hoping I could encourage at least a few of you to write the Gov. and ask that we become part of that effort. I am not sure if being a Commonwealth stalls the process, but hope a few loud voices can get the ball rolling. I know there are so many wonderful people here and hope I haven't overstepped in anyway. I would never forgive myself if I didn't try. Thank you and have a blessed day, Sonya
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    I heard on our local news last night that Virginia has been declared a disaster area (?) and that we would be taking 3,000 of the displaced people.
    They are going to Fort Pickett (most).

    I'm not physically able to actually do any volunteering to help these people. That will have to come from others who don't have these DDs.

    Faye (in Chester, VA)

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    Heard on the news they would be coming soon...

    Also heard would have 500 coming to Greenboro Collisum(sp) which is in NC but it is only a hour away from me.

    Many here have trucks set up to fill with bottle water and any thing you can think of they may need. Im going to try and gather clothes, water etc.. to either place in one of these trucks are take to the nearest place some may be staying which for me may be the Greenboro Collisum.

    They were showing on the news in Greenboro they have the cots etc...set up for them...just waiting on them to arrive.

  4. ilovecats94

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    Our local news did not give many details at all about when they would be coming or anything like that. I believe the info I got was from CBS WTVR.

    I haven't heard anything about this on the national FOX News though. Virginia isn't listed as one of the states that would be taking displaced people as of me watching it yesterday. Of course, our local news would have more info on that.

    I don't even know exactly where Fort Pickett is. I may be spelling that incorrectly too.

    It makes me feel good to know that Virginia will be helping in this. I felt really badly that Virginia wasn't on the list of states helping.

    I assumed they would be coming to Richmond, but apparently they will be spread out over the state.

    If I find out any additional info, I'll post it under this thread. Thanks Sonya for bringing this up in the first place.

    Big hugs to you both,
    Fort Pickett, VA, is near Blackstone... Don't know where that is either...Southwestern Virginia Google said. [This Message was Edited on 09/07/2005]

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    Faye I will be listening and looking for more info as well.

    Thanks..let us know what you find out.

    I was hearing some on our local newstation here as well...I had caught the tail end of it but I know they had said altogether they were sending 2,500 to and around the Virgina area.

    I heard about the 500 going to Greenboro NC on the local news which like I was saying right now would be the closest to me....

    Hugs & Thanks

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    the one thread she had started..I agree probably best to keep it all under one post eaiser to find and as Patti said those who wish not to read can bypass it. Maybe this post can be moved under that one.

    You know Patti you really opened my eyes to something I wasnt thinking about....I have been so heart broken over all this as well and feel the need to do something...More then making a money donation. I thought just maybe if some of the refugees were close enough to me with the help of some of my family maybe I could Try to deliver some things myself...But again you have made me think as well

    About all the toxins and infections they have been exposed to....I have a very low almost non-exisiting immune system as it is...Maybe it would be best for me to just send through the red cross or either put it on one of the several trucks around here waiting to be loaded with stuff.

    I just dont know what to do...I just feel the need to help so bad as well even though im really not able to physically go help out...I had thought of going to one of the places that will be near by me to deliver some things...Somthing to really think about that I hadent thought about...Thank YOu Pattie!!!


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    Forgive me for starting a new thread. I went back and tried to find what was going on here and what we were to do...i didn't catch the part about keeping it under one thread. I am so glad to hear VA is adopting state. I heard it here first!! I was so busy yesterday and could only watch news while my kids were in the room. I feel they are too young for the FULL story right now. I understand what you all mean about getting sick. I have tossed around all the "what- ifs" myself. "What if some (or any)of them are here just to take advantage of good people helping". I have wondered if any might be sick unrelated to the waters. I agree, if you are in a dangerous point in your life, don't do anything that could make it worse. I am glad the state pulled together and reached out for the evacuees, but hope NOONE risks thier own health (if they are already sick for any reason)...that would be a bit counter-productive. THanks again. Sonya
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    Carlene wants all the hurricane related posts put under the thread "Hurricane Posts" by Carlene. Can we start doing that? I'll use a thread with Virginia in it when I post about Virginia, okay?

    Love you guys,
    Carlene's post is bold and easy to find. ;-) Although with all the posts on there it may be very difficult to single out anything about Virginia. I'm sure that will go to 4 pages before long.
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