OT Cannot believe I forgot to pick up my Granddaughter

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bozey, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. bozey

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    For a few months now, I have been picking up my 7 yr.old GD from school on Weds. and then my son swings by here and picks her up on his way home from work. Then on Thurs. mornings, I go to his house and pick her up and take her to school. He's divorced and gets her every Weds. and every other weekend. His fiancee(they are getting married tomorrow)has a 6 yr old that goes to a different school so this helps them out.

    Well, Weds., my daughter and I went shopping and the fiancee picked up my GD from school.

    I called my son Weds. night and told him I would pick GD up in the morn and take her to school as usual.

    I don't get to see her as much since my son and fiancee have been together since Dec. So I love the few hours I have her all to myself.

    Well, here I was Thurs. morn messing on the computer and was thinking that I didn't have anything pressing that I had to do until at least 9.

    I usually leave here at 7:30 and get at my sons at 7:45. At 8 the fiancee calls me and says "Are you running late?". She said no problem and they jumped in the car and she got her to school on time and then took her son to school.

    I sat here and cried for a half hour. Oh my gosh, how could I have forgotten that? One of the most important things in my life that I love to do? I was so bummed out all day. I know that it is because of all the wedding things going on. But still, that is just not an excuse to me. I still feel horrible that I forgot something that important.

    The good part is at least she was at home and not at school waiting for me.

    I do know that I won't forget again!! I will learn from my mistake. I think because I didn't pick her up from school Weds., it broke my schedule, maybe that is why I forgot?

    I know I sure feel miserable about it. I will see her tonight after school, she is in the wedding. And I will do some apologizing and do some hugs and smoochies.

    Thanks for listening

  2. chp1298

    chp1298 New Member

    The memory thing is tough. Sometimes I just draw a blank. I do online banking and know all the acct #'s and such. Last week I could not remember my acct # to access the site. Now,remember I do this daily for years. I entered everything I could imagine and no luck. I finally had to call the bank and have it mailed to me. Very frustrating and scary to think of things to come.
  3. DLsGroovyMoM

    DLsGroovyMoM New Member

    I agree don't beat yourslef up...yes I know easier said tahn done. I have forgotten if I fed my son lucnh b4 and I know I felt awful. I'm srue it was the break in your schejule that did it...had NOTHING to do with intention! Just give the xtra hugs and kisses! will make you feel better too!
  4. sassykat

    sassykat New Member

    I also have a grandaughter who is six, and my son gets her every Tues. and every other week end. I think what happened is you are so used to your routine, that not having her Wed. just threw you off schedule. Don't feel badly, you are just human. It was just a mistake in scheduling, you didn't abandon her. I'm sure she isn't even aware of it. Do something kind for yourself today, and give her an extra hug tonight.
  5. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    With a wedding and all, you probably would have forgotten which end is up, even if you weren't sick!

    I think maybe this was a gift to your daughter-in-law to be. She was able to do something for you and I'm sure that made her feel good.

    And seven is a very forgiving age. Your granddaughter might not even know you forgot!

    Today is Be Nice to Bozey Day!

    Take care!

  6. bozey

    bozey New Member

    are just so sweet. Thank you for all the support. I hope it is just the wedding and the out of routine thing. I think I have done 2 other major forgetful things.(but, how would I know as I am forgetful LOL) I will TRY to let it go and not dwell on it. It turned out fine. Like I said, at least I didn't leave her at school or on her own somewhere. That, I wouldn't forgive myself for! But, she will get lots of hugs and kisses tonight.

    Thanks again, you guys did make me feel better.

  7. Grandma6

    Grandma6 New Member


    I'm sorry about you feeling so bad about yourself and if we were neighbors I'd come over and we could share a box of klenexes.
    I shed a lot of tears because of my memory loss. I think one of the worse thing that happens to me is when I'll be having supper with my husband and I go to ask him to pass the salt/pepper/sugar/etc. and I find I can't remember the word for it. I end up with tears steaking down my face and pointing to the item I want. It makes me feel so stupid.
    I lost my Daddy to Alzheimer's and I even asks my Dr. if there was a chance I had it. He told me that there was no way this was Alzheimer's and it was just the FMS & then he asks me to take note if my memory was worse when I was tired or in a flare-up. So I started trying to remember, (that's a scarey word any more), and I found out that it is worse when one of these things are happening. Not that it helps any but unfortunately I have to just face the fact that it going to happen and I don't know what to do about it.
    My dr. did say that he wanted me to keep my brain active by reading because sometimes this will help. The only problem is I forget what I just read. LOL
    All jokes aside, I do get very depressed & feel really stupid when this happens. If you were to walk in my house you will see post-it notes every where because I write everything down that is important that I need to remember. Otherwise I would never make it to my grand kids school functions, doctor appointments, or anything else. And my husband and grand kids are so important to me but he understands but the kids are too young to understand and so it can hurt them which breaks my heart.
    Hang in there and remember, you are not alone and if we started a club, I would be the president of our "Forgetful Club".

  8. libra55

    libra55 New Member

    I once left my daughter at band practice and forgot to go back and get her. It just left my mind. She waited an hour for me and was crying hysterically. On top of it she is autistic and learning disabled and was so freaked out she couldn't figure out how to use the public phone at school (this was before we gave the kids cellphones). Talk about a guilt trip.

    Relax, I'll bet you are a wonderful grandparent and I'm sure your granddaughter loves you very much and will forget about it.

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    LEFTYGG Member

    BOY CAN I RELATE I pick up my grandson all the time at his house ive missed the bus and they wont let him off if no one is there so he is taken back to bus garage i bet my blood pressure shoots up we arent perfect gail
  10. rigby

    rigby New Member

    I'm the worst I kept forgetting to pick my son up for band pratice. It got to the point the band directer would tell him she forgot again. I'm glad he would stay with my son until I would get there. I almost took my son to work one day but when he asked where we were going I knew what I had done. He is so patience with me he is now 22 and check on me all the time and tells me to keep a pad by the bed so I can remember to tell him things going on. One day it took me 4 tries before I could get to my bank I was in tears. Then during Rita I lost my way to my dad's house been going their for over 30 years. Called my daughter to get directions. My husband does not let me out of the house without some one if he can help it.

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