OT: Can't walk well? DO NOT call ScooterStore!

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    I imagine a lot of us here get around, at least in part, by using a powerchair or scooter... possibly funded by MedicAid.

    Please read the following:
    About two years ago the batteries in my powerchair died. Wouldn't hold a charge if they were paid to.
    I contacted a local agency that supposedly helps people with such problems and told someone there about the dead batteries.
    Said I'd done the homework and found a business here in the county that would replace the batteries for $321.00.

    Agency bumped my call on up the line to the original supplier of the chair, a place I wouldn't ever recommend to anyone, called ScooterStore.
    SS rep phoned me and I again began talking about the business that would replace batteries.

    "Oh no," burbled the SS rep. "We're going to give you a new chair."
    Me: "I don't need a new chair; all I need is batteries for this one."
    SS: "You will be getting a new chair."

    Result: the new chair is not as good as the old one. SS tried to rip me off by NOT offering me a high-back, head-rested seat which I have to have. Instead I got what's called a "Captain's Chair."
    Any self-respecting Captain who'd been given that seat would have tossed it overboard... there was no support to the thing, it hurt me in places I'd forgotten I had places.

    I called SS, told them of my reading the paperwork accompanying the chair, also that I saw I was supposed to have been offered the other seat.
    Finally got SS to send me the seat and have a representative install it.

    Then the bills started coming. $250 for a chair seat that should have been billed to/through MedicAid but were sent to me instead!
    I finally had to write them they were wasting their time, if they wanted to be paid I suggested firmly that they contact MedicAid, etc.
    It took a lot of repeat-sendings of that note to get the bills to stop landing in my mailbox.

    Oh, and the new chair itself? Instead of a simple repair bill of $321, the US taxpayers who support MedicAid got socked for $7,200.00.

    Please don't use ScooterStore! Go anywhere else but there if you need mobility products or anything else such places sell.


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