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    You know how your cell phone company tells you calls to customer care are free? Wrong. I use T-Mobile and I just noticed on my bill that they charged me for 42 minutes to customer care yesterday. When I called them (on my home phone), they said I was roaming so I was charged. I was at home calling them. They gave me 50 extra minutes and went back three months to check on this but told me they wouldn't go back any further. She told me that her phone says different companies all the time. She roams everywhere. (I had a reply for that but being a nice Christian woman, I wasn't about to comment on her roaming).

    When I told the rep that this was illegal and certainly a class action suit waiting to happen, she told me she would transfer me to legal. Oh, no, you will have to write to legal, I don't have their phone number. Oh no, you weren't charged - the free code doesn't show up on line but all the other codes do. And by the way, I have a bridge to sell you. (okay, I made that last sentence up)

    Oh brother. If my health was perfect and I never drove a car, I would get rid of that stupid phone. Like I need more stress.

    Bottom line, read over every page of your bill. It's good exercise for your eyes, right?

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