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    Hey hon,
    Just took my Ambien so I can only write for a few seconds!

    Thank you for telling me! I haven't been around much so I didn't know what had happened to her. Sorry to hear though!

    I wanted to reply in your post about your kitten picture but man I get on here and by the time I read down the first page and then decided who I am going to reply to Landon needs me. LOL

    Your kitten is just so precious!!!! She really is a beauty! My baby Ramses looked a lot like her and she has found a WONDERFUL new home and is really a very happy cat!

    We found out that the other cat that I gave up for adoption who also found a WONDERFUL new home was a very possive cat. We never realized how he dominated the girls but as soon as he was out of there their personalities just bloomed.

    We found that out at the shelter he was at because of course when he left here the two we kept bloomed but at the shelter Ramses was very timid and when Grayson (the boy) got adopted first she just really was a talker and very personable with him gone.

    Okay I know I am just rambling here. I am trying to get everything out before the Ambien hits.

    My husband takes the overnight shift so I can get some good rest so I can be on during the day for Landon.

    I hate to say it but I am really getting sick again and it is breaking my heart. I am even having a hard time lifting him on some days.

    Listen I wanted to reply to you before in one of the posts I made but again it is hard to get on here. You are such a sweet friend and I appreciate all your encouragement and sweet words and prayers!

    You mean a lot to me and you mean a lot to the board and I am glad to have gotten to know you!

    How are you doing? So what is the latest news about moving or the house? Sorry that I am not up to date on that!!!

    Oh and how is your dating life going? Finding any guys?

    Okay well I need to get going! I hope you have a wonderful night and talk to you later!

    If I don't respond right away or for a few days, I haven't forgotten about you!!!!



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