ot dally beach pics

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  1. smiffy79

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    its not a great piccy but it was a lovely day :) my son got soaked, my daughter dug a big hole (she was very proud of it lol) and the dogs had a whale of a time :)

    see the rocks to the back of the pic? i will post another pic soon - twig my little dal climbed to the top. she went up like a mountain goat and was super waggy when she saw what she had done :) she didnt want to come back down again.
  2. neen85

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    I love the beach but it is a far distance from Kansas USA! Great pic....dogs also!! Daneen
  3. smiffy79

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    this is the rock one as promised, that little dog was so happy when she realised what she had done :) my husband tried to climb up so she could spend longer exploring but he couldnt get up the first boulder as they were still to slippery for him.
    we both wear proper hiking boots too and he just couldnt get up there but like i said that dog must be crossed with a mountain goat lol.
  4. smiffy79

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    for dogaholics