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  1. JLH

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    Fluoride Treatments for Babies

    Dental researchers say a first of its kind U.S. study reveals treating the teeth of infants and toddlers with a fluoride varnish can reduce cavities.

    Children who received fluoride varnish applications over two years were seven-times less likely to develop cavities compared to children who did not use the fluoride varnish, according to Francisco Ramos-Gomez, DDS, MS, MPH, of the School of Dentistry at the University of California, San Francisco.

    The children between 0 and 3 were divided into three groups: those who received no fluoride varnish, those who received a fluoride varnish once a year and those who received a fluoride varnish twice a year. "We proved that fluoride varnishes are a very efficacious technology to apply in these children's mouths early on with counseling," said Ramos-Gomez.

    He also said encouraging good oral health in the teeth of infants and toddlers can prevent a trip to the orthodontist during the teen years. "There's this myth that baby teeth are not important. We really need to emphasize the opposite," Ramos-Gomez said. "Children in pain, especially with cavities in their baby teeth, will be less likely to be school ready, to be focused and to learn," he added.

    Ramos-Gomez calls the first five years the most important years in a child's oral development. He says parents need to help their children develop good eating and oral hygiene habits to avoid cavities. "You need to start changing the bacteria since they're in the primary teeth so that the permanent teeth when they come in have a better chance to succeed," he advised.

    SOURCE: Lisa Smith at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Annual Session, Cincinnati, May 24-28, 2006

  2. mrpain

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    I wish I new the truth about fluoride. I saw a program that had professionals talking about how harmful flouride is, especially for adults. After watching and hearing all that I did, I made a concious dicision never to let the dentist give it to me again. That was a few years ago..

    But my dentist office, especially the cleaners, tells me something different.. So what is the truth?
  3. butterfly8

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    I have heard some stories too re. the disadvantages of flouride. Especially for adults. I think a lot of the info. is driven by parties with vested interests.

    If flouride is so great how come we see all these photos of 'primitive' tribes people with excellent teeth who have never used flouride? Flouride is a poison and is banned in parts of Europe.

    I personally think prevention is better than cure and what we eat and oral hygiene are more influencial in preventing teeth decay. i.e., prevent the cavities naturally.
  4. rosemarie

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    My boss recomemend it to all his patiens under the age of 12. HE gave it to his own kids starting them before they were born. His wife took floride pills for the last trimsster and the kids all came out just fine and dandy and they had fewer caries { CAvites} That other kids who didn't take floride. It helped my girls to stop getting so many cavities too. I also had them have the six month check up with a flouide treatments , It does some good when you have really sensitve teeth, you can brush floride on them and it will help if you do it daily and some doctors put their patiennts who have diebeties on it as well.

    I know that it is a posion but the amount that a kid will really swollow is not much they will do every ting from spitting it out and wiping in from their teeth. To sneeking drink of wather adn brush their teeth. They don't like the tasete of it. But it is sitll up to you as the parent to give it to your child or not and if you chosse not to do that it is ok. don't worry about it.

  5. 69mach1

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    i gave flouride in his baby bottles w/h20...no problems...

    i limited his fruit juice intake...only natural fruits for him....no soda....no sugar cereals, no raisins, or chips....

    daycare told me i packed the best lunches...i said what are talking about...? thye said you wouldn't believe what some parents are throwing in there lunches...then i looked around...cans of pepsi and soda...

    i rarely drink soda myslef...my son is different..i try to limit it to at least no more that 1 can a day...lately he hasn't been drinking as much...

    well i have seen the kids w/no flouride in their water or fl tablets...cavities...galore...

    sealants are great for the kids as well..i didn't know they were doing it on babies now..that must be tough..i bet they knock them out...you need the to not move so long...etc..

    wow good news...

    but mother's do not put your baby to bed w/ milk or juices at night or naps..put some nice cold water int here...

    nursing bottle syndrome...seen it time again...so said..

  6. JLH

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    I think all of the 'primitive' tribes people have excellent teeth and have never used flouride because they don't eat tons of sugary foods and drink soda pop all day!!

    My children always took fluoride treatments in grade school and had sealants put on their molars by their pediatric dentist.

    I definitely think it pays to take your toddlers and young children to a pediatric dentist -- they can do wonders with children!!!

  7. libra55

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    I brush it on last thing at night and then spit, no rinse. I am starting to get cavities from my dry mouth so dentist gave it to me.

    my kids always took the little fluoride pills and had the sealants, their teeth are excellent, not one cavity. I also never gave them a lot of sugary treats; now I can't control what they eat.

    I have heard it is used as a rat poison in some places.

    I don't know what to believe any more. personally we never had a problem with it.

  8. Mikie

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    Because it's difficult to find a toothpaste with no sals AND no fluoride, I choose to use a cinnamon sal-free toothpaste with fluoride. There isn't enough in it to make me sick. I brush, spit, brush with water a lot, and rinse out my mouth and spit it out. My doc prescribed Kam-Gel once for a sensitive tooth and it made me really sick. The older I get, the more sensitive I am to it, probably from continued exposure.

    The eye drops they use which contain fluorescene make me extremely sick and I experience labored breathing. My eye doc has to use other drops. I never get any fluoride rinses at the dentist. The last time I was exposed to a large dose of fluoride, I thought I was going to have to go to the ER.

    About four percent of the population is allergic to fluoride. If you feel sick after being exposed to it, you may want to limit exposure.

    Love, Mikie

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