OT: Did You Know Supermarket Meats Are Treated w/Carbon Monoxide?

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  1. JLH

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    Is Your Meat Fresh? You Can't Judge the Meat by Its Color!

    You may have seen the news stories that some packaged supermarket meat is treated with carbon monoxide to help retain its red color.

    Opponents say the carbon monoxide, though not harmful, could mask spoiled goods.

    So how do you know which grocery meat is fresh? "You can't judge by the color," says Delia Hammock, R.D., the Good Housekeeping Institute's Nutrition Director. "Look for the sell-by date.

    And when you open the package, check the meat's texture and smell. If the meat is slimy or smells bad, throw it away."

  2. kbak

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  3. suzetal

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    When I get my ground beef home .I open it and break it apart the meat in the middle is brown.I hate that and have my DH return it when I get the packages like that.

    I am so afraid that it has spoiled from the inside out.I refuse to eat it.The store tells me theres nothing wrong with it that the blood has just run out to the edges.

    I have noticed this in stew meat also when I cut them into smaller pieces and will not eat that either.

    I have enough heath problems and do not need anymore.

    Thank you for posting this.

    My DH told me yesterday that he also heard that artificial sweeteners turned into formaldehyde in your system after you've consumed them.Now I have stopped that also.He heard it on the news.

  4. pemaw54

    pemaw54 New Member

    punching a hole in the plastic if I doubt the freshness while Im standing at the meat. I hate that when I break it open at home and there are parts that are dark in the middle. I brought some back that was ruined and the lady at the meats tried to tell me that the gas they use makes it smell that way. Can you believe that. And with us, its so hard to make 2 trips to the store in one or two days. So I punch a hole in the plastic and smell before I will buy ground beef. On our budget now,(no Money) we eat alot of ground beef. They also have told me they put red dye in it.

  5. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    yesterday they showed a picture of two packages of meat, both five months old, one treated and one not.
    One was bright red and "looked" fine.
    They said a person could get everything from EColi to Salmonella from that meat and die.

    Today they are voting on the bill to stop making grocers and manufacturers
    label their products with important
    info like if it has peanuts in it, if it has MSG, that it's being treated,
    irradiated or all sorts of things. It
    will lower our quality of food and be
    a possible homeland security problem if it passes. I couldn't find who put the bill up but I think it's HR4126 maybe, close to that though. It's all
    on CSpan to watch every day they are
    in session as is the Senate.
  6. JLH

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    This info was obtained by the Good Housekeeping Institute's Nutrition Director, so I doubt that it would be published and not be factual.

    Perhaps what you are saying is true in England, and not the U.S.

  7. Mikie

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    On one of the news shows, can't remember which one, there was an expose about repackaging meat and changing the expiration date. Some stores in all the national chains were doing it. You can't trust the date on meat. I've brought it home and by the next day, days before the expiration date, it is spoiled. I take it back.

    Ground meat carries a higher risk of E-Coli than meat which is not ground. If I want a hamburger, I usually eat out. They sell so many that they don't have a chance to spoil. Of course, restaurant hygeine is another matter. It's amazing we all aren't dead.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Cromwell

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    Is bleacahed. Meat is repackaged with new sell by dates, and you would never eat a supermart chicken if you saw how they are raised(nor eat the eggs) YUK a doodle doo. Organic Organic Organic. Only safe way to go. Then be careful.

    Love Anne
  9. JLH

    JLH New Member

    In my DH's early days in public health, he was a health inspector who inspected all food establishments--restaurants, grocery store deli's and meat processing areas, etc.

    You are right about the fish. When it is getting old, they soak it in a bleach water. Yuck! And as Mikie said, they repackage the meat putting a later expiration date on it. They take old bologna, etc. and grind it up for the deli's ham salad. They just do all kinds of things.

    After my DH had been the health inspector for quite a while, he refused to eat out after inspecting all of the kitchens and food/salad bars. He really doesn't like to buy any meat for deli stuff from the grocery store, either, but does buy a little bit.

    When all the kids were home, we used to butcher our own beef, pork, and lamb. Now that they are gone, we don't eat enough to butcher, so we have started buying all our meat.

    He always said that when everyone says that they had a touch of the flu bug (because of vomiting and diahhrea) that they actually probably had a case of food poisoning from something that they ate! All members in the family that ate the same thing might not get it--it's according to how tough someone's stomach and immune system is.
  10. sues1

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    Sometimes it states on packages of meat that water has been added. WHY?

    I had noticed, before I saw this on packages, that sometimes meat released a lot of water as I cooked it. Not fat drippings but water....
  11. Shannonsparkles

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    Yikes! Thanks for the reminder. I' don't want to be like the pickled toad from science class. ;)
  12. ilovecats94

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    If the meat should smell bad or be slimy, I think one should take it back to the store and get your money back. Don't throw it out. Keep it in a Ziploc bag in your refrigerator and take it back.

    This goes for any food you have that has a good date and something is wrong with it. You need to take it back to the store and I think it is only fair you should get your money back.

    We haven't found that to be the case in dealing with Food Lion, Kroger, or Ukrop's (a big local chain here). We haven't had any problems at Walmart either.

    Suzetal, if artificial sweeteners turn into formaldehyde in one's body, then I am a walking formaldehyde human. lol I have diabetes and I continue to use Equal, Splenda, and saccharin. I'm not staying away from it. I know about Stevia, but haven't tried it yet. I heard Stevia is bitter--can be.

    True, Mikie, it is amazing we aren't all dead by now. lol I just luv my Wendy's burgers. I like that I can get a large spring salad with it too instead of the fries.

    Most of our lunch meat we buy pre-packaged from brand names like Oscar Mayer, etc.

    Shannonsparkles, I AM the pickled toad. lol When I was in science class I refused to do the toads. I got into a lot of trouble about that too. That's why I just got a D in science class.


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