OT.Do not call list..telemarketers etc.. who has been successfull

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  1. saphire27

    saphire27 New Member

    I was wondering, isn't their a website i can go to to make these companies quit calling to get me to buy or give money.

    I mean i also heard even if you put your name on list, it takes a monthn to go through, even then, it mostly doesn't work..

    does anyone have experience with this, hopefully succesful.

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  2. and it has been 100% effective here in Indiana, the only people who were allowed to call was the State Police each year asking for money. (STILL ANNOYING).

    NOW* somehow, after 4 or 5 years of being on that list....telemarketers are becoming more sneaky, and finding ways to get around it, using the automatic dialers, computer things, ALL KINDS of GADGETS to get through, and driving me mad, but still, we get very few calls....I moreso get them on my doggone CELL PHONE! I'm wishing I hadn't gotten one of those now! LOL!!!

    I don't know what I can do about them now, getting through the no-call list, I do know it's illegal...and they can get HEFTY fines...I just don't know HOW to turn them in!

    So, yes, it IS worth it! definitely has been effective here in Indiana since we were put on it around 4-5 years ago or whenever..


  3. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    and eventually they stop calling. I never put my phone number on the Do Not Call list. I have a non-published phone number, but I still get calls even with that. I think some of the companies I do business with sell my phone number.

    Better they call my land line than my cell phone. lol

    I have Talking Caller ID on some phones in the house. Used to have it on the phone in my bedroom, but that phone broke last week and I put an older phone in there. Still has Caller ID, but not Talking Caller ID. lol


  4. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    we went on the do not call list and it has worked for us with no problem
  5. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    I registered on several lists on the "National Do Not Call Registry". If you do a web search on "Google" you will find their site.

    You can register several phone numbers. I also registered with the Direct Mail Association to stop the enormous amount of junk mail we receive.

    Lastly, do a web search for "DMA Consumers Opt Out" - this is to stop email solicitations.
  6. ckzim

    ckzim New Member

    that if you still get solcitation, after signing up for the dnc list..and it takes about a month for it to process...

    you can report them on the same website that you sign up for the do not call list. My caller ID gives all the info needed to fill out the form needed on the site.

    I've had to do this a few times...and it did stop all together. Except no prohit orgs. They can still call.
  7. ilovecats94

    ilovecats94 New Member

    What do you do when you get the "out of area" calls that give no phone number or any info? You can't report that? I've tried the #69 and it doesn't work for those type of calls.

    That is why I just let them all go to the answering machine. If it is important they will leave a message. That way, I don't waste my time.

  8. victoria

    victoria New Member

    when they first started the 'no call' list... it immediately stopped 99% of the telemarketing calls.

    The only people we hear from now are the 'legal ones' - charities or businesses that we already do business with.

    I wish I could say there was a successful strategy for charities - we already give to certain ones, and that's what I usually tell them, don't usually get anymore calls from that one then... my husband cusses them out, that works remarkably well but I don't feel good doing that myself...

    but the 'do not call' list does help a lot!!!

  9. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I started letting my 12 year old answer the calls, he tries out different voices on them and just keeps saying Hello, Hello.
    They finally hang up on him, and he thinks it's great !
    P.S. We have caller I.D. so we no who's calling.
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  10. elsa

    elsa New Member

    We have a combination of things in place through our phone company. First, unlisted number that we change about once a year if needed. We also have "privacy director" which acts like a secretary, and lastly we have ring master that gives us different ring tones for three different numbers.

    One is the fax number ... if that one rings we just have to laugh ... no one we KNOW is trying to "call" us on the fax line number.

    We have not had a telemarketer calls us in forever. One or two will try diligently before some computer program they are using recognizes it is a worthless number and deletes it from the data bank.

    I'll do just about anything to avoid them .... accept put my name on a national list. I am sure it is fine, but I figure I'm on enough "lists" ... don't see the need to add to it ....

    Take care,

  11. saphire27

    saphire27 New Member

    that info you all share is very helpful, i will try more ways to stop them.

  12. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    We only get calls from charities now and I just ask them to take us off their call list. They have all been very nice about it.

    The only problem we've had is Direct TV calling to tell me that I am such a wonderful valued customer that they would like to make me a special offer!

    I told them if I was such a wonderful valued customer they should take $10 off my bill! That stopped the calls!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  13. halo52208

    halo52208 New Member

    It works 100% here in Iowa. We don't get any tele mark calls. I just need to remember when my five years are up to resign with it.

    I dind't have no problems getting through and that was when a lot of people were signing up for it.

    My bank also gave me a 1-800 number to call to stop all preapproved credit card offers. The only ones I get now are ones I signed up for.

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    to get on the list? I'm sure I've written it down a couple times, but you know how that goes.
  15. ckzim

    ckzim New Member

    is if you just changed your telephone number, from moving or to unlisted, that rotates, sort of speak your new number into evey single solicater again....listed or unlisted.

    Unfortunely, when I changed my number to unlisted, I got an old business number, and my calls were non ending, day or night.

    Also, anything you buy, I do mean anything...that company will get your number, that first month that your waiting for "do not call" to take effect,

    ilovecats94...that's all you can do, let the machine pick it up... all numbers that come up 'unknown" or "no info" at all, or even "call incomplete" are either soliciaters or a public phone. Sometimes it can be a area that doesn't have caller Id yet, but that is highly unlikely now days.

    I use to be a telephone operator..that's the only reason I know this stuff.

    Hope this helps.
    The number is 1-888-382-1222
  16. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    We registered on the National Do not call list when it first came out. We also have an unlisted number.
    We occasionally get a solicitation call and I just tell them we are on the Do not call list and if they call again I will report them. They always stop calling.
    However, even if you do sign up for the Do not call list you can still be solicited by companies you currently do business with. But with many of those if you ask them to take you off the list they will and if you stop doing business with them then they can no longer call you.

    I love the suggestion about having kids answer the phone...sounds like a great way to frustrate the solicitors!!

    BTW my mom is not on the do not call list and gets bombarded with 10-15 calls a day. the companies that use telemarketers now have a smaller population to call so they bombard those people with the calls instead[This Message was Edited on 03/22/2006]
  17. cats3

    cats3 New Member

    I am on the do not call list for both Federal and State.

    When the Federal one for my area first came out I got on it.
    Been a few years now.

    Then when he state of Missouri decided to have their own do not call list I got on that one too.

    Hardly any calls now and when I do get calls I let the answering machine take care of it.

    Check your state to see if they also have a state do not call list and if so get on that one also.
  18. Tmprincess

    Tmprincess New Member

    too and haven't had one telemarketer call it either!!!


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