OT Do you feel that your past life has helped create this dd?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jane_Canuck, May 9, 2006.

  1. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    I read your posts on the deja vu issue and thought of this one for a while now.

    I have just started learning about channeling and past lives and this sort of thing.

    I was in denial about it for many years as I was a born again spirit filled christan, and now well lol I am more what I call ecclectic. I still believe in God but there is way more out there to be so limited.

    ANYHOW how many of you think that your past lives have affected this current one esp when living with this dd?

    My immediate past life I have been dealing with lately I was a singer in a rock band in the 60s ish, and was horrid to my body thru drug and alcohol abuse also doing crazy stunts.

    By pushing it so hard back then I wonder if when I came thru to this life if I brought that broken worn out life with me that still needed this life to rest my spirit in.

    Also when I have gone back further there was a real pattern to my past lives. I have always died young. I have so far in tis current life have out lived many of the previous lives. I haven't accomplished as much as I would like according to my own standard but I have friends waiting for meto write about what I have experianced to date already. I think they are nuts lol!

    Too much life left and things to do that I know in my past lives that if I were to have grown old they would want me right where I am now, slowed down enough to enjoy planting my garden, that hasn't grown yet, doind art work and showing it and now writing poetry thanks to my most immediate past life.

    I get to see sylvia browne in concert, whatever you would call it and see what she would pick up on. I am hoping I get something out of her talk when I se her the week after my b-day in june! wahooooooo I have never liked her but I feel there is something there for me and I shall get a message and so will hubby.

    Anyhow sorry for the long post but was curious on this for a while!

    HAGN Brenda
  2. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

  3. meditationlotus

    meditationlotus New Member

    certainly play a part, but this is the life that counts. I have heard many, uncaring, uncompassionte people blame those who are suffering by saying that "they must be getting what they deserve because of something bad they did in a past life".

    I have had blame all my life, and want nothing more to do with blame.

    I think this illness has a purpose that is deeply spiritual and is meant to draw us closer to the Divine.

    Also, maybe we are learning to let get of control.

    We may never know the reason, because spiritual development is so multi-faceted.

    Peace and Love.
  4. sharon5650

    sharon5650 New Member

    yes for sure it does. I am a recovering alcoholic for 10yrs now...and had a rip roaring life in the past. Not the same person today for sure. The research says we do not process pain and stress like everyone else, we can not deal with it. We eventually just crash and cry out in pain, and extreme disabilitaing fatigue, much worse than the average person. sharon5650
    What a dam thing eh?

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