OT: Does Anyone Have Pets With Skin Allergies?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ksp56, Nov 4, 2006.

  1. ksp56

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    We rescued a young Springer Spaniel, several days ago. I took her to our vet yesterday, and asked why 'Gracie' is always scrathing herself and she had more of 'dog smell' than our other springer had.

    She doesn't have fleas. I am treating her ears with several med. They gave me a capsule for her hoping it would help relieve some of the 'itching'.. Hasn't slowed her down much.

    Do any of you have some ideas to share? Know of any more natural ways of dealing with her skin?

    I would love to hear from you!

    Thank you!

  2. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    There are a couple of questions I have about this:

    Is she just scratching just her ears?

    What is the "capsule" you got from the vet?

    What did the vet say about her itching?
  3. elliespad

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    Most allergies are caused by diet. The biggest offenders are WHEAT and SOY. Check your dogs' food for these. Also remember to check any TREATS you may be giving. Bread crusts, pizza crusts, table scraps are loaded with wheat.

    Try cutting them out completely for a week. Lamb is generally a well tolerated protein source. I use Sensible Choice Lamb & Rice. Have to get it at better feed stores.

    You might also consider switching him over to a BARF diet (bones and raw food) but many people consider it too extreme. Prepackaged BARF food is available to some of the better feed stores. I think just switching off WHEAT and SOY will make a difference.

    Flax is good for dogs, for their coat and skin, BUT, it must be DOGGY flax or people flax WITHOUT HEXANE. Dogs cannot process HEXANE.

    Hope something here helps.

  4. ksp56

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    The capsule she takes is to, hopefully, not make her 'itch' as much. It does seem to work, for the most part! The vet believes she has skin allergies, which they will test for if this continues. She scratches all over, and does have an ear infection, which we are treating her for. No fleas present,etc.

    I am going to be very careful with her food and appreciate your suggestion regarding no soy, table scraps, etc. We are going to look for the food you suggest. The flaxseed is very interestig and I will also try it. It can't hurt!

    Thanks to you both, for answering and sharing your wisdom. Gracie has such a wonderful spirit and soul...

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  5. lenasvn

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    Poor puppy! Whatever the cause, in the meantime to ease her troubles, maybe try the same remedies we use, hydrocortisone cream 1%, or other itch relief creams on the worst spots. Imagine having itches like this- no fun!

    Have it checked out to find the cause, then the vet can prescribe medication and/ or creams for her!

    I had a rat buddie that was allergic to his own fur (poor guy!), he lost most of the fur, and had to get a cream regimen every 12 hours with massage and warm towel. He was very patient, and very greatful. He often fell asleep on the pillow! Believe it or not, rats are very affectionate towards their owners!


  6. lptopcat

    lptopcat New Member

    My beloved Sadie had skin allergies all her life. She was 13 when I had to put her down in Aug, 2005.

    I agree with the others that her food can be an issue. For my Sadie, she was allergic to just about everything, including dust. Our Vet prescribed Benedryl, 25mg, 2x day. Eventually, she had to go on steroids, Prednilsone, and was on that for nearly 11 years.

    If I ever went more than 2-3 days w/o the benedryl and/or steriod, she was scratching herself to the point of sores.

    Of course, you should check with your Vet before using any meds.

    Good luck to you and your new doggie!!


  7. forfink

    forfink New Member

    We tried the diet route, special shampoos, etc.
    Some dogs who have a severe body odor from these allergies are helped by a very small dose of oral cortizone. Our dog seems to be fine. When he is off it his ears smell like yeast, and his skin just reeks. So glad we can help him. I do wash him with regular people dandruff shampoo, the vet said that was fine. It's rather low mantemance once you get it in check.
  8. Abbycat

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    Was itching so bad that she was pulling her fur out. She had a bald patch on her tummy that was about 6 inches square. We took her to the vet and she didn't have fleas either, but he said that maybe she was allergic to fleas.

    One bite from a flea sets off this reaction. He gave her a cortizone shot and the itching stopped. We did rub anti-itch cream on her and that seemed to help a lot.

    We were hesitant to treat all three of our cats with monthly flea meds because it's so messy and expensive and neither of the other two ever had a problem.

    The next spring, it happened again. You think we would have noticed but she didn't seem to be scratching or pulling out hair, she just seemed much more crabby than usual and she slept a lot.

    One day I noticed that the hair at the base of her tail was kind of short. When I parted her hair I saw how raw her skin was, I went straight for the hydrocortizone and made an appt for another cortizone shot.

    Now we are faithful about the flea meds for all the cats and a weird transformation has occured in our allergic cat. She has become the snuggliest cat in the world. She's still a little crabby to the other cats at times, but she's almost like a different cat.

    It makes me wonder how long she was suffering. I don't know if this is what your dog has, but it is worth a try. Once you get into the whole food allergy thing you may drive yourself crazy trying to sort it out, not to mention all the different foods you'd have to buy.

    Also, the cost of doing allergy testing on a pet is in the hundreds. If we didn't have such a good response so fast with my cat, I would have spent the money to find out, just to avoid all the trial and error of it all. Plus, trying to give her medication was a nightmare.

    Finding out the cause seems to be the best thing to do and then eliminate the cause instead of trying to treat the symptoms.

    I hope you find out what's wrong with your furbaby soon!

  9. razorqueen

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    probiotics. It might be yeast(candida) What are you feeding the dog?
  10. maedaze

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    My sisters dog has a wheat allergy and my dog is allergic to.... you are never going to believe this.... beef!! Yep, beef. As long as i keep him on chicken dog roll he is fine. But if he has a slight bit of beef,, he is itching and scratching like mad.!! Steriods have been the only thing that will stop him itching. Luckily we found out it was beef and keep him away from it.

    Good luck and i hope you find out the problem.. Its awfull watching them itch like mad and you don't know what is causing it.
  11. shar6710

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    I agree about food allergies. Dogs often have them and it can involve their ears as well as their skin. Even if she has an ear infection it could have started as a food reaction.

    You could start her on a food trial where you get an hypoallergenic food (fish, lamb, or venison with rice or potato)and make sure it's all she eats and see if that helps.

    Number one thing I would do is to get her on omega 3's. You can get them at your vet (probably most expensive)at a larger pet store or online. To be safe I would use those made for dogs.

    I'm still curious about what your vet gave her. The most common I can think of are steroids, antihistimines, omega 3's or an antibiotic for secondary skin infection caused by scratching.

    Good luck,
  12. ksp56

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    There are so many great suggestions. I will be using many to help 'Gracie'.

    She needs to be on a different dog food. I am going to research that. Her ears seem to be bettr. I've been using a antibiotic cream and ear wash to help with the wax in her ears.

    Shar, she is on Hydroxyine HCL. It is used for allergies, and other ills. I believe it is generic for Vistrol (sp). They don't want to keep her on this forever, she needed some relief, asap.

    Gracie needs a hair cut, and has a lot of hair in her ears, making it hard to get medicine in. I believe the extra hair 'bugs' her too. It sure would me! LOL

    I am writing down your ideas and plan on putting trying many!

    Thank you! I appreciate everyone's response!


  13. shar6710

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    Glad to hear her ears are doing better. Many breeds have a lot of hair in their ears that needs to be periodically plucked. If you aren't familiar with this a groomer or vet tech might be able to show you how. This might keep her from getting frequent ear infections.

    Sorry she is still itchy. Well, you can't give her an antihistimine since she's on one and changing food can take awhile to work... If she's miserable they have oatmeal and other soothing doggy shampoos. They're expensive but I'd check with your vet.

    Also I would get her on Omega 3s ASAP, they're just as good for dogs as for us.

    Good luck,

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