(OT)Ebay sellers.Please answer ?? for me.I'm signed up now.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by keke466, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. keke466

    keke466 New Member

    Hi,can't remember who answered my post before about this. I finally got signed up to sell but thought maybe you guys could give me a little advice. I have a paypal buyer credit acct to buy with and I updated it to a premier acct so I can accept all kinds of payments from buyers. When money goes to paypal will I be able to transfer the money into my checking acct so I can use it to pay bills if I need to?

    Paypal says there are fees when someone buys and uses paypal. Are they very much? Why in the world would they chg us when someone uses it to pay with? Then ebay chgs fees. I hope I'm not shooting myself in the foot. I'm hoping I can make some money with this. I've been doing alot of reading and I'd like to do it fulltime by selling merchandise by drop shipping items. Plus I'll sell whatever I can find.

    Did any of you do this? But I'm gonna start off by selling what I don't want anymore. I have quite alot of stuff to sell. I bought a postal scale but I'll still have to go to post office to mail it. I was going to print shipping labels but the USPS site chgs for them. Does ebay chg me to get labels and things from them? Is that easy to do?

    On the fees I chg for shipping should I add a little to it to recupe the lists fees,etc it cost me? I don't want to be someone who chgs outragious shipping prices like I've seen some do. Any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.

  2. TKE

    TKE New Member

    I don't sell on e-bay, but have sold from my own site.

    I have a business license so this is how it works for me:

    If you use USPS & ship "priority" you can print a label on plain paper, cut & tape it to your package. Make sure you click on pay at the post office in person or whatever. DUH...brain fog here, LOL. The label has directions, just don't tape over the bar code area. Also you can add delivery comfirmation for free. This proves your package was delivered & when, in case your buyer has a dispute. Then you take the package to the post office that day(note it must be shipped the day you print the label) & pay the shipping fee. Ask for a reciept at the post office.

    Note if a packaged item weights say 2.4 pounds the post office charges you for 3 pounds. I've read that e-bay doesn't like it when you inflate shipping costs. I have seen many do it tho. Some add a handling fee to cover the cost of packaging, but keep it to a real amount. I've seen many sites that post a handling fee of a few dollars & then state the buyer will pay actual shipping.

    Pay Pal has a e-mail invoice option that's pretty easy to use. Go to the site & read the info & I think they have a mini video of sorts you can check out too that shows it step by step.

    When you go to your pay pal account you'll see how much they took out in fees & how much you have to transfer. Make sure you print out copies off every thing, invoices, transfers, etc so you have a detailed record.

    I hope to get around to doing e-bay selling of some of my unwanted stuff eventually too.

    Good luck :),


  3. hagardreams

    hagardreams New Member

    I bought a postal scales, but the problem with them is making sure you are exact, they will send items back if you dont go to the post office and let them weigh your items, and charge the postage. I mainly use mine so I can get a close est on shipping to list on the item I am selling.

    My shipping fees, I always add just enough to cover the est paypal fees cost. Sometimes you never know how to be exact on that one, your item can sell for more than you thought, and the fees be higher than you originally planned on.

    All the stuff I sell, I dont make that much money on. Mostly cross stitch books. The problem is the listing fees. Most of mine are listed starting at .99 cents so the fee isnt so high. I have got lucky on some and made a good profit. The books I sell arent a good money maker, but it pays the bills, or puts gas in the car towards the end of the month when all the money is gone.

    Paypay fees are another problem you have to make sure you are making enough money on the item to cover ebay and paypal fees, and still come out ahead.

    The biggest thing that I have leared is to go to advanced search, and look under completed listings, and see what is selling, and what isnt. That is how I find out what to buy, and resale.

    Good luck selling, I have done pretty good this week, but I have had some weeks that I have gone in the hole, and been very dissapointed.

    God bless, Julie
  4. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    I have found that it is better to 'recupe' the listing fees etc in the reserve price of the actual product as inflating shipping prices puts potential bidders off.

    I also sell when i am up to it. It's alot of fun and i enjoy it, but can only do it when my health is up to it. Good luck in your business venture, i am sure it will work out for you. :eek:)
  5. KelB

    KelB New Member

    If you plan on selling a lot of things and can get to a mail box or depot easily, my top tip would be to stagger your auctions so that they end on different days.

    When I started, I used to list 10 items at once, all ending on the same day. As the CFS deepened, I found myself getting confused with having to check payments, plus package and address ten different things at once. Also, most people pay in the 24 hours after an auction end, so it means a trip to the post with a heavy bag and lots of items at once.

    I now have one or two items ending at a time. I can keep track of who has one and paid, and take one or two packages to the post office each day.

    I've never had a problem with the Paypal fees - they don't seem like a major drain. Paypal is a business service like any other and it costs money to run, so I guess that's why they need to charge us (like bank charges - only cheaper). As long as you keep a little back in your Paypal account after you've transferred money out to your checking account, you can cover the fees without feeling the pinch.

    Looking at my sales records for the last couple of years, PayPal fees have amounted to about 6% of my total takings (that's Winning Auction Price + my shipping/packaging charge). eBay's fees (initial listing fee + final price fee) have amounted to 7%. Hope that gives you a guide on how much to set aside for each transaction.
  6. hagardreams

    hagardreams New Member

    Depending on what the price of your items are, and how much profit you are making, is all a factor in your prices.
    Dont forget to factor in the cost of the packaging, tape, anything you might use to pack with the item, into the fees you charge for shipping. It is shipping and handleing!
    I add about 10 to 25 cents on each shipping fee for those reasons, and my shipping is still cheaper than most of the others that sell the same items that I do. You will lose money on shipping if you only charge the actual shipping, and not charge for your envelopes, boxes, tape, ect. That can add up quick.
    Also while you are doing research on the completed items, also do research on others that sell the same thing you do. Go through others items and feedback, look at their items, shipping costs, and also the feedback of the person that might have a bid on one of there items, and what their feedback is.
    Good luck, and dont short change yourself like I have on ebay.
    God bless, Julie
  7. misskoji

    misskoji Member

    I hope you do well with ebay! Yes, you can add or withdraw your paypal funds directly from your savings/checking account. Unfortunatley, the only one who gets charged by paypal is the person recieving the money, who would be you I gather.

    Let me ask a few questions, are you a dropshipper? Are you selling wholesale, personal, or all? USPS will come pick up your parcels for a $1 charge I think it is. You can even go to thier website and set up an account. That way, you put in your addy, buyers addy, weight and dimensions of product, and it prints a label for you to put on your package. To me the $1 pick up charge is so much better than going to the post office! I didn't know they charged you for the labels with USPS as long as you have an account there, you may want to check that.

    Ebay, I don't know if they have labels. You need to cover your costs hun. Just list in the auction there will be a $whatever charge you have, in addition to shipping to cover handling and materials. It can get to be quite alot of work, just don't get yourself out of pocket for shipping, I learned that the hard way. If you don't want to list your shipping that way, add it to the starting price. Of course there is always that way to save you money, list your item for buy it now, or very low starting price with a higher shipping rate. This is going to save you on charges with both ebay and paypal.

    I sold for a while on ebay, wish I had the energy to do it now. There are TONS of antiques on this farm I know I would have no trouble selling! If you have any more questions, let me know. Good luck hun!
  8. opticaltech

    opticaltech New Member

    I sell for my husband on ebay....This is very time consuming. We only sell around 10 things at a time and it still is alot. If you ship to Canada you need to fill out a customs tag at the post office everytime for every item. You can pick up a stack and leave them at home for your use..I find this saves me time. If you receive money orders from Canada the bank charges alot to process them. I dont accept money orders from canada because of that reason. My husband buys on Ebay and will not bid on items that charge outrageous shipping costs...there is a tutorial on ebay how to figure all the reasonable costs. Using paypal for me isnt worth it because of the cost...its ridiculous...But I dont sell high dollar items...I sell sports trading cards.....Its worth a try...I know people who make okay money...L.
  9. LucieO

    LucieO New Member

    If you sell on E-Bay and don't use Paypal, how do you get paid? Do you take persona checks, money order?

    Has anybody done ok that way or have you lost money?

    Thanks for all the info and ideas. Like so many of you, I'm trying to think of ways to make a little money from home.
  10. dinda

    dinda New Member

    I sell a lot of things on ebay. I prefer paypal that way I don't have to wait for a money order in the mail. I never accept personal checks. I just don't want the hassle if it is returned for nsf. You can transfer money from your paypal to your checking or savings account.

    I try to be reasonable on shipping. I did overcharge some shipping on some toys and I refunded the difference on the shipping to the buyer. It was like $30 and I didn't feel right about keeping the money.

    If I ship international I always ship first class. Most people don't want to pay the priority rate for international. Most of the items I sell only cost around 2.00 4.00 to ship first class in U.S and international.

    I use padded envelopes when possible for shipping. I buy them at the dollar tree. Do some research on ebay about shipping I think you can order some flat rate boxes from the usps at no cost. I saw something about this the other day.

    If you are a paypal member you can sign up for a ups account and get a discount on shipping. If you pay for you post office shipping online through usps.com you can also get a discount on shipping. Hope some of these suggestions help you.
  11. Cinderbug

    Cinderbug New Member

    Hi Keke,

    I have an ebay store. It costs around $16.00 a month and it made such a difference in my sales that even though I am very slow, I have made power seller.

    The new feedback stars allow buyers to rate your shipping charges among other things. I offset this by offering some auction style items with free shipping. The items in my store and fixed price items have normal priority shipping chages which just went up a month or two ago.

    I enjoy my store, but it requires frequent attention.
    Answer questions quickly, never steal other ebayers photos or listings, be very specific about the items condition in your listing and try to get more than one of the same item so it can be frequently relisted.

    I mail 3 times a week at least . I never mastered the self postage that paypal and ebay offer. It just was too much, so my hubby takes it to the post office for me.

    Good Luck and fun!

  12. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    If you post this on the Chit Chat board, Elaine's a whiz over there!

    Good luck.

  13. keke466

    keke466 New Member

    I sold there in 2006 and did ok for a couple of months which helped me because I was on unemployment at the time. Haven't sold for awhile cause I didn't have any luck with the last several things I posted. I have several things I'd like to sell but still don't know if I should go with a store or not. I don't know which would be cheaper for me,pay all the fees to post all the items or pay 16.00 and pay fees. I'm surprised someone found this post since I posted it in 06.LOL.. I'm not on here much anymore either but just happened to check in tonight.
  14. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    Is it better to have your own Ebay store rather then just list on Ebay?

    Also, what kinds of items sell best?

    I have seen a couple places on there where people list that they only make shipments once a week or every two weeks. That way you don't have to be running to post office every time you turn around.
  15. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    There really are some good helpful, easy to read books.

    Check them out from the library rather than buy them.

  16. ricospetunia

    ricospetunia New Member

    I sell on ebay. I didn't have an ebay store when I first started, and hesitated to spend the $16 per month to start one. I'm very glad I did though. It has made a big difference. Now, if something doesn't sell on auction, I can just put it in the store for 3 cents a month listing fee and just wait for a buyer to come along. I sell alot of things out of the store.
  17. basketmom

    basketmom New Member

    I sell about $35000 per month on Ebay. I had to quit my full time job when I got sick & I also hired employees to do most of the physical work involved with Ebay.

    The question of to list at auction, fixed price or in a store depends on the item. If it is an item that is in demand, you will want to sell at auction or fixed price as the Ebay fees are much less. Items that do not sell very quickly are best put into a store as the listing fees are low.

  18. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    Do you mean $35,000 a month or $350.00 a month.

    I would be happy with $350.00 a month but if you can make $35,000 a month, I'm in.

    Trying not to get excited.

    I tried ebay and make about $400 a month but I couldn't keep up the pace. I was making custom jewelry but it was so hard to keep it going.

  19. basketmom

    basketmom New Member

    I am selling $35,000 per month.

    I know some sellers have good luck going to garage sales & Goodwill shops to find items to sell. It is easiest to find a product that is in demand that you can keep relisting. That way you don't need to take new pictures & write a new ad, you just copy the previous listing.
  20. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    I am so pleased for you (and a little envious).

    I am not going to ask you what you are selling as I know you need to protect your market.

    I am very pleased to hear this. I have an ebay store - currently empty but still paying on it.

    It was a lot of work to handle the custom orders so perhaps I will change my focus to less custom work.

    I just haven't found my niche but I will keep looking.
    Thank you for the encouragement.


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