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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sues1, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. sues1

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    My husband loves egg salad. He is a truck driver and has a sleeper with much, including a refrigerator.

    The only thing he wants in it (and it is very good) is MAYO,
    MUSTARD and lots of chopped CELERY and off course the EGGS.

    I do not remember this problem years ago, but I had a family in the house who ate things rather fast. It is now the two of us.

    Problem is that it "weeps" as it sets, after it is made up.
    In other words the egg salad gets watery and the longer it sets the more liquid builds up.

    I use good quality products. I dry my celery after washing it. The same with the eggs after I peel and rinse them. If it would keep for three days, without the liquid appearing, I would be thrilled.

    With deviled eggs, rather if going to anothers home or serving them at home.........I mix the yolks with other ingred. and keep it in a separate bowl from the egg whites, until I am ready to stuff them. That works well.

    I like to do a head what I can, only way I can cope with and enjoy company also.

    DOES ANYONE KNOW what to do here? What is the secret?
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    I too love egg salad but no one else in my family does. What I do is keep everything cut up (execept the egg) in little containers & make it as I go. The eggs I just cook ahead and chop as I am making my salad. It does not take but a minute to mix it all and then it is fresh. They have mayo you can squeeze but I still scoop out miricle whip.

    You don't put onion in yours?? Maybe that is just something I picked up from good ol' Grandma - ya know, "onion to taste". hee hee

    Have a great week:)

  3. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I got to thinking more after my post. Writing it down actually helped me.
    I then realized that it is the egg white that "weeps".

    IF.....I mix the yolk with mayo/Mustard and diced celery and kept the white cut up and separate..........hubby could take a little of the yolk mixture and add some egg whites, (and not the liquid) for the amount he wanted right then.

    He is on the road and away from home and loves these little things I fix him. He also cooks a lot in his truck. Says it is better than the truck stops and healthier.

    I agree that a tad of finely minced onion is good and so is sweet pickles. But he really wants it pretty plain. I have added such and then put it with cut up cooked potatoes for a potato salad, that is good. He'd like that now!

    I also like a little Pesto with some mayo mixed together for a great potato salad. A little chopped celery and the Pesto replaces about anything else you would want to add. I love it, hubby does not! But he can be finicky! (Spoiled-lol). THANKS
    Blessings......[This Message was Edited on 10/24/2005]

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