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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ksp56, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. ksp56

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    Ellen, I am thinking about you today. While four years gives time to 'heal', I think we will always miss our parents, no matter our age or theirs..

    You mom sounded like she was a wonderful person. You must have inherited many of her good and kind qualities! You are still young, and have the resonsiblity of your brother's well being, etc. I know your mom is looking down on you with so much pride and love.

    My dad died three years ago, and I miss him very much. It's always 'bittersweet', especially on his death date, and holiday time. I was a 'daddy's girl.' I cannot fathom the death of my mom. Bless you.

    I will keep you close in my prayers and thoughts.

    Gentle hugs,

  2. ksp56

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    please help keeping this bumped! Thanx!
  3. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    Hi, Kim:

    Thanks so much for your kind note. It brought tears to my eyes. I was close to both of my parents, but I was always more like my dad. He and I both loved to swim, sail (my parents had a cottage most of my life), garden and were artistic. We both, unfortunately, also had FMS. He was never diagnosed, but I believe he had a milder form of it.

    It's a strange feeling when the people who brought you into the world are both gone. You kind of feel like an orphan. I am so fortunate to have a good husband who has helped me through these losses.

    Is Christmas hard for you? It's getting better, but my mother always made Christmas so fun and it's been hard not having her during the holidays. Plus, I do not have a relationship with my siblings anymore. Both of my brothers are mentally ill and my sister and I broke up due to her stealing my mother's money and other reasons. I am so grateful that we have my husband's family living nearby. We often play cards when we get together for the holidays. I know it's important to start new traditions when the old ones are gone.

    Having faith that I will see my parents and other loved ones again some day really helps me. Thanks so much for thinking of me and for your kind words.

  4. Marta608

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    What did I miss?? Ellen, did you lose your mom? Bless you. That's a very hard time, I know.

    Gentle hugs,
  5. alaska3355

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    I'm so sorry to hear of your Mom's passing....I will pray for you and your family. Love, Terri
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    I have lost both my parents also.It is very hard this time of the year .The holidays and both had birthdays this time of the year. I also felt close to my Dad I was the only girl with three brothers.

    What has made it a little better for me is I now have two grandsons. So life goes on. Our Full Circle of Love. AS we turn into our parents generation and our children ours.

    I lost my mom and dad and several of my Aunts and uncles around the same time.That was so hard specially at Thanksgiving and Christmas because we use to have large family get togethers .Our family's have slowly grown apart.

    This is the 3rd year after my Dads death and we are starting to try and pull back together as family.Planning a big Reunion for next summer with all the cousins and All the wonderful new grandbabies. It just really helps to see my Dads eyes in my grandson or my moms smile in my niece's daughter.
    If you are not old enough for Grandchildren that day will come. Make the scrapbooks and write funny stories and be prepared ,you have a wonderful assignment to Educate the future Generations on, just how lucky they are to have been born in a long line of Good people.Take it seriously you are their bridge to the pass.Family History is a great way to keep their memories alive.
    ((((((((((Big HUGS)))))))))
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    Christmas has been very difficult for me since my younger brother died in 1977. Kevin was 19, I was turning 21. Now that my dad has died, it is even harder. They both added so much to the holidays. I still cry hearing some of the Christmas songs..

    I too, have faith I will once again be with all of my loved ones. It is comforting, but I still feel the void left in my heart.

    In many ways I was closer to my dad. I will miss my mom so very much. She has always been a rock, and knows me better than anyone else!

    Looking back, I believe dad had fibro. He had polio when he was seven, so I think that played a part, also. The fibro profile did fit Dad.

    I am very sorry you and your sister parted ways. Not only would it be nice for you to have the connection, but also, someone else who could help with your brothers. Sometimes, relationships with loved ones just don't work out.

    How wonderful to have your husband's family close! I am happy you them and a wonderful husband. It does make life more enjoyable and not as lonely.

    Take perfect care...

  8. EllenComstock

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    Thanks for the responses. No, I didn't just lose my mother-it was four years ago yesterday. I mentioned it in another post and Kim decided to post a special message to me. Today is another bittersweet day as it would have been my parents' 54th wedding anniversary. I was always so glad that mom didn't die on their anniversary. My father died in 1998. We buried him on Valentine's Day.

    For me it has gotten easier as the years pass, but the holidays and these other special days that make me think of my loved ones can make me feel sad. I also just lost a special aunt in August who had alzheimers for years. The last time I saw her she didn't know me, but she still had her same sweet personality.

    Kim - I am so sad you lost your brother and at such a young age. Losing loved ones makes us appreciate all the more the ones we still have. Yes, it is sad that my sister and I are not close, but we never have been. I tried for so many years, but for some reason she always had this jealousy problem. She invites my two brothers at her house for the holidays, but my husband and I are excluded. But she is one of those toxic people, so it's for the best. My life is a lot less stressful since I no longer see her. Enjoy your time at the lake with your mom.

    Thanks again.


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