OT Eye infection but Eye Dr said it is a skin issue anyone else

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ckball, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. ckball

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    HI all- I am only back for today, I am at work using her computer.

    I went to the eye Dr to get new glasses and I have an infection but it is caused by a skin condition that causes oil to seep from the eyelashes and produces an oily film in the eye.

    I forgot the name and called back today but he was out. It causes my vision to blurring and then I blink and it's back.

    I probably will not be back on line until Tue or so. I miss my computer and my board. Can someone keep this bumped for me over the weekend.

    I hope everyone is well and enjoying this goegeous weather we are having- Thanks Carla
  2. Marta608

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  3. and they sound so similar...

    One eye doctor here, tells people to just use Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo (tearless) to wash the eyelids, each day in the shower, or twice or so, a day. It seems effective...the time I got Pink Eye(s) (OOUCH!!) I was in the military, & could not even hold my eyes open at all! and they teared constantly, it hit hard & quick, so I had to get medical treatment with ointment, etc & warm compress immediately. Couldn't go buy shampoo, lay around with the compress etc... I had to fix it QUICK....

    But, the baby shampoo, no more tears I've heard many times, works...

  4. lptopcat

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    Bumping for Carla
  5. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Yes it is blepartitis. It is very common and he gave me abx called Vigamox. I haven't had it filled yet.

    It is a skin condition not an eye condition. I asked him about my scalp psororsis and they are probably related.

    The human body is so strange. Thank you all for bumping and the info. I got my computer back but they didn't ship my power cord so I am on battery power for now.

    Hope everyone is having a good week-Carla

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