OT: FDA Warning Concerning The Internal Use of Hydrogen Peroxide.

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    I may step on some toes but I had to post this because it concerns me that anyone would use 35% Hydrogen Peroxide internally even if it is called "food grade".

    The hydrogen peroxide most everyone has in out homes is 3% WOW -- that is a big (understatement) difference.

    When I work as an environmental lab tech and used 50% hydrogen peroxide in some analyses -- I had to wear glove when using this very corrosive liquid because 1 tiny drop on the skin and it would burn like you would not believe.

    So it isn't much of a stretch to say that 35% is very strong.

    I am assuming that there must be some sort of dilution process that the seller gives the consumer but most consumer are not trained in chemistry...

    Even so -- this just sounds so risky...

    I will admit I have not done very much research on this because:

    1. It just sound too dangerous IMHO

    2. I haven't had time -- yet -- just going on logic and gut instinct here... :)

    I did see a post about this and I am not putting anyone down but it did catch my attention and frankly it did concern me that someone might consider this very harmful treatment -- in my opinion.

    There is an FDA warning against the selling and use of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide [for internal use] I do not think I am being an alarmist actually I think I am being pretty realistic.

    Anyone else have an opinion?


    High-Strength Hydrogen Peroxide Danger

    Miranda Hitti
    WebMD Health News 2006. © 2006 WebMD Inc.

    July 28, 2006 -- The FDA is warning people not to buy or ingest high-strength hydrogen peroxide for medicinal purposes.

    High-strength hydrogen peroxide has been falsely touted to treat AIDS, cancer, and other serious illnesses, but it has no approved medical uses, says the FDA.

    In fact, high-strength hydrogen peroxide may kill or cause serious harm if ingested, even if it is labeled "food-grade," according to the FDA.

    Drinking high-strength hydrogen peroxide can cause gastrointestinal irritation or ulcers.

    Taking it intravenously can inflame the blood vessels at the injection site, cause bubbles in blood vessels (gas embolisms), and prompt potentially life-threatening allergic reactions, the FDA warns.

    The FDA's advice:

    If you're using high-strength hydrogen peroxide for medical reasons, stop immediately and call your doctor.

    Warnings to Sellers

    On July 19, the FDA issued warning letters to two Texas-based online marketers of high-strength hydrogen peroxide: Frad-35, Inc. and DFWX.

    According to the FDA, the two firms' web sites were illegally selling "35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide" to treat AIDS, cancers, emphysema, and other serious and life-threatening diseases.

    "This concentration is not approved by FDA for any purpose," says Steven Galson, MD, MPH, in an FDA news release. Galson directs the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.

    "No one has presented any evidence that hydrogen peroxide taken internally has any medical value," Galson continues.

    "In fact, consuming hydrogen peroxide in the manner touted by these web sites could lead to tragic results."

    High-strength hydrogen peroxide has never been approved by the FDA for internal use.

    It's more than 10 times stronger than the solution used in over-the-counter drugs to disinfect minor cuts.

    Dangerous to Use

    It is also highly corrosive.

    The FDA considers the substance to be dangerous, even if handled according to manufacturers' directions.

    This isn't the FDA's first warning about high-strength hydrogen peroxide.

    In April 1989, the FDA issued a news release about the illegal promotion of industrial-strength hydrogen peroxide to treat AIDS and cancer.

    That warning followed at least one related death in Texas and several injuries requiring hospitalization.


    SOURCES: News release, FDA. Warning letters, FDA. Reuters.


    Karen :)
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    I don't think you are alarmist at all.

    I used to work at a vet clinic and we frequently had trouble with people treating wounds with HP. We had to explain that while it's OK to initially clean the wound with HP,if you continue the tx it only inhibits the growth of new healthy tissue.

    It's also used in vet medicine to cause an animal to vomit if they've eaten something they shouldn't have. Works like a charm.

    I can't imagine how it could be safe for ingestion on a regular basis. It's so caustic.

  3. charlenef

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    that use hp internally for therapy even for fibro i ran across a dr in my area that does this treatment for many of his patients hmo wont pay for it though. charlene
  4. u34rb

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    Calm down everybody!

    Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a safe oxygen therapy to use by IV or by oral route, BUT there are safe limits.

    Oral concentration MUST NOT exceed 0.5% and it must be mixed with water extremely carefully. ALSO nothing must be eaten for three hours before hand, and for one hour afterwards.

    IV concentration MUST NOT exceed 0.035%.

    Industrial grade H2O2 is contaminated with additives that stabilise it for bulk transport and storage. ‘Food grade’ does not have these additives because it is made, shipped and stored in very small quantities.

    When manufactured, food grade H2O2 is usually 35%. Using it when diluted to very weak solutions DOES NOT MEAN THAT ANYONE IS DRINKING OR INJECTING 35% HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!!! It must be diluted for any medical use, after all at 65% it’s fit for rocket fuel.

    Using H2O2 simply delivers oxygen when in contact with blood and body tissue. How it does this is simple, Hydrogen peroxide has one more oxygen molecules than water, which is H2O1, otherwise known as H2O. When the H2O2 losses this spare molecule of O, (oxygen), all that it is left is H2O, which is water. So drinking or injecting H2O2 ends up delivering molecules of oxygen and converting the rest into harmless water. And it is accepted that oxygen has natural healing powers.

    So I hope that this puts a few minds at rest. Incidentally, I have benefited from two course of oral 2O2 but I never exceeded 0.35%, and I have lived to tell the tale. I am interested to get IV H2O2 when I can afford it. And I’m investigating getting ozone blood treatment which means IV delivery of ozone, which anyone who did chemistry at school will know, is nothing more than O3, (in other words, water with two extra molecules of oxygen), but that’s another story.

    Reporting on the medical use of H2O2, (and ozone as well), should attract more responsible reporting. After all it was in widespread use before antibiotics arrived. Only doctors have conveniently forgotten what tricks were used in the old days.
  5. u34rb

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    lamotta77 and haleycole,

    I do not believe that anyone has said that 35% hydrogen peroxide can be used for medical purposes AT THAT CONCENTRATION, whether or not it's 'food grade'.

    As I have posted above, it is most certainly very dangerous and has absolutely no medical use, not even for external use. BUT when diluted to within safe levels it is clearly no longer 35%.

    The FDA's warning about high-strength hydrogen peroxide, cannot apply to very low concentrations when diluted with water. If it did it would say so. It would say “warning about high and low strength, etc”, or “warning about any form of, etc”.

    Incidentally, paracetamol is safe at 4 grams a day, but a “high strength” dose of 40 mg will probably kill most people. So who is now going to stop taking it at less than 4 grams a day because it can kill, I’m certainly not going to stop?

    By all means, if anyone is unsure about any course of treatment they should probably not embark on it. But please can we all contribute towards an informed decision in as many cases as possible?
  6. kjfms

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    First there is nothing for me to calm down about I am not upset, shouting, or anything of that nature.

    u34rb there is really no need to get so upset. If you read my post you would have noticed that it was basically one of inquiry and surprise.

    The FDA warning is about 35% Hydrogen Peroxide and that is what I was talking about. The warning stated [if you read it] that there were namely two (2) web site that had been illegally selling and basically saying that 35% H2O2 was safe -- ah yeah I guess I have big problem with that.

    Frankly the is no need to yell, which is what you are doing with the sentences in capital letters with exclamation marks -- we are adults and as such I think we can discuss this calmly don't you?

    Obviously H2O2 being sold in this concentration is a recipe for disaster because undoubtedly someone somewhere will use it full strength that is a no brainer...

    Having worked in an environmental as a Laboratory Technician for quite a number of years I am well aware that food grade has no containments.

    Honestly after having mentioned that I used to be a lab tech was the lesson in chemistry a must?

    I just see nothing but disaster for anyone buying 35% and doing their own dilution unless they absolutely know exactly what they are doing and let's be real how many paid attention in chemistry class. That is my opinion.

    The dilution would not be with just water it would have to be with saline for IV and at least distilled with oral I would think.

    u34rb I am certainly glad you have found something that is working for you. But each to their own.

    Actually it's 90% for rocket fuel :)

    Now I did mention that I saw hydrogen peroxide mentioned on this board and that is what sparked my interest and I remembered the FDA warning.

    I think everyone knows that I do a lot and I mean a lot of reading and post some of it here if I think it may help someone.

    As for the "Informed decisions" bit come on enough already. We are adults and every has the right to make up their own mind after doing their own research.

    As I said I am happy you found something that works for you -- but please read my post and the warning again. I think you may be taking it out of context or something...

    Thank you for sharing your opinion.

    Karen :)

    Hayley, lamotta, and everyone thank you all for reading I really do appreciate it.

    I am so sorry I do not have more time to write.

    I have to go to bed. I have got to work in the morning.

    Hayley it is great to see you on the board :)

    I hope everyone has a great day,

    Karen :)

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  7. zenouchy

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    My dad is a radiologist, and he recently told me not to use hydrogen peroxide on an open wound.

    All the best, Erika
  8. this is *just a fact* a clinic here in Indiana was touting the IV Hydrogen Peroxide, as a miracle type 'cure' or 'near cure' here.....until at least* one death made the news.

    That was enough for me.

    I reckon some of these (most) doctors *aren't chemists*

    I feel very sad for the woman's family who lost her, in her search, hopes, & dreams of getting better.

    I do not know anymore detail than that, and as I said...I did not NEED to on the matter, the clinic, or the doctor.

    Scary stuff.

    RE: wound healing--having had a lot of problems with my port cath site healing, after it was put in, and also when it was taken out, blamed on my immune system, MS, and too many steroids.....I became an "overcleaner" and, did ruin the growth of new healthy tissue. Dried up like dust, & left an ugly 'divot' in my chest. It took some 'cosmetic' work during the surgery to try & close up the gap, and the scar is much bigger than it might have been width wise. Not *totally* due to my doings, some poor home health care, infections, etc had their part as well, but, I did literally watch as I took a bandage off once, as 'new' scabbed' tissue--that had then turned to dust, just "fell out" I'd wayyy dried it out, from using tooo many Hydrogen peroxide wipes, (and *some* alcohol wipes too)...

    Eh, anyways, that's my input. And input only.

  9. victoria

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    As far as I know there's been 2 deaths I believe in the US from it where an MD is being prosecuted...

    But Tylenol causes more deaths, and definitely more ER visits, and it's OTC...

    it's not being taken off the market or consumers told to approach it with extreme caution because some are stupid and don't read labels, thus inadvertently poisoning themselve by taking several products containing it and OD'ing on it...

    it'd be very easy to do when you see the number of products that contain Tylenol; or because it has often been used to try to commit suicide...

    Ketek was just on the news too for causing 4 deaths and many more instances of liver damage including a liver transplant ... other abx can cause 'adverse events' as well or worse... when Ketek was reviewed last summer it was kept on the market because 'its benefits outweighed' its possible negatives. The same is why Tylenol isn't taken off the market.

    I have seen doctors misprescribe RX drugs more often than goof up things with alternative medical protocols, it seems. For instance, my daughter's BF was being given 3 antihistamines at once, none of which were supposed to be used together... it's a wonder he didn't end up in an accident from 'driving under the influence', let alone have a reaction to it all.

    From what I've read hydrogen peroxide is usually safe if used correctly and is used elsewhere in the world with overall a good safety record. It is just not accepted standard medicine here, as many things are not.

    Just my opinion - the safety of all of these things will depend on one's doctor as well as one's self to take care. And even then, some will react unexpectedly. Heck, I even went into anaphylaxsis from a Meyer's cocktail IV...

    all the best,

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  10. kjfms

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    I was a little reluctant to view this post -- thinking it may have turned childish and I so happy that it did not :)

    I will admit that yes my main concern it yes there is going to be someone that will not follow instructions -- isn't there always.

    Hey if anyone uses IV or Oral H2O2 treatment and it works for them -- great but it is not my cup of tea that is all I am saying.

    I do not have to agree with anyone but everyone has the right to do their own thing...

    I do feel very bad for anyone who has died due to these treatments and of course for their families.

    In my opinion if people are dying as a direct result of H2O2 treatment there must be a major flaw...

    As I stand right now I will certainly have to do a lot more reading on the treatment but I really do not see myself changing directions on this subject.

    Maybe I have read the label on the 3% at home for too many years...LOL

    Shar, Charlene, lamotta, hayley, u34rb, zenouchy, Laura, kerrilyn, and Victoria thanks for the great conversation :)

    Hayley you are as bad as me -- I knew you could stay away...LOL just kidding :)

    Thanks all,

    Karen :)
  11. wrthster

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    I think it does sound very risky. If anyone wants to try oxygen therapy, then why not use something that is FDA approved and around for many years. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. It is reported to be safe with few side effects and done by medical doctors. Get's to be very expensive and rarely covered by insurance, but just a thought!

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