OT: Fire ant bites, what to use to help pain and itching

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by forfink, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. forfink

    forfink New Member

    Just found an excellent way to treat fire ant bites and thought I would share. Have been bitten many times in Texas and I've suffered for over a week with using cortizone creams or benydryl ointment. Ended up with horrible red bite marks and I would sratch myself horribly from the itching.

    This is great! I used straight Lavendar oil, applied it a couple times a day on the blister and in 3 days, gone..... I was amazed. The pain was so much less. Lavendar is wonderful for aroma therapy in your bath with epsom salt or on your body to help you feel more relaxed for sleep. Hope this helps someone.
  2. forfink

    forfink New Member

  3. phoenixrising2

    phoenixrising2 New Member

    I live in Texas, too, and know how those fire ant bites can hurt. I'll try this next time.

  4. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    A good way to kill a mound is to sprinkle Equal (aspartame) around it and dampen it slightly.
  5. achy

    achy New Member

    works even better!! I was looking for natural insect repellants to use for my Lab and I found a great site for ppl too.

    Mix 2 parts mineral oil to 1 part each of Lav. & Tea Tree
    it works and smells great!
  6. forfink

    forfink New Member

    I've heard that tea tree oil is a good remedy for cuts and can be used on our pets. Seems like less chemicals for our bodies the better.
  7. dialow

    dialow New Member

    Hi, all
    I live in TX. too, and the best remedy I've found is meat tenderizer and a little water mixed into a paste, apply directly to stings--if you can do it quickly enough, sometimes they disappear in a couple of hours--works on almost any insect bites!
  8. wazoo

    wazoo New Member

    Also, Apple Cider vinegar applied directly to the bite.

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