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    Dear everyone, hope you will all have a blast contributing to story 4. :) Just pick up from where the last part left off. Be as creative, brief or lengthy as you like. Have fun!
    ((xx)) Shannon

    STORY 4

    "Go on. Open it."

    "No way. It's like... growing stuff." Amber delicately wrinkled her nose. She poked at the moldy package with a long stick and shuddered. "Ugh. You do it, Melany. You saw it. Besides, isn't there some law against this? It's got an address. Maybe we should tell the police. Or a postman."

    Melany bent down and squinted at the stained print on the box. "Professor... Humphrey Hodgering PhD," she pronounced awkwardly. She straightened up. "Who cares about old Humpy-what's-his-name? This package is three years old. I bet he doesn't even remember it was comming. See the date from when it was sent?"

    "Well, what's it doing in the ravine?" The two girls were silent for a minute.

    Their shady, invitingly cool ravine was a block away from school, making it the perfect place to hang out during lunch hour. Sometimes they'd get there and find trash lying around from other teens. But not stuff like this. Nothing important.

    Finally Melany twitched and said, "Oh, this is stupid!" She dug a small, sharp nail file out of her little plastic purse, got down on her knees in the rotting leaves and gouged away at the tape holding the package together.

    "Melany," Amber breathed, wide-eyed, "you can't - you shouldn't - I mean, what if it's full of old rusty needles or something? Or DNA from some weird experiment?" Melany paused to glare up at her friend. Amber really was a pain sometimes.

    Melany sawed methodically through the last of the tape. Amber slid backward a step.

    Melanay grinned and paused for effect. "Here it is!" She opened the box...
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    "Well, what is it?"

    "This is the kind of box paper comes in. I know cause my mom has 'em at home....and more plastic wrap...oh, it's just a bunch of paper."

    "Well, the paper stayed clean and dry."

    "What is it? A book? School work?"

    "Can't tell. Lots of typing and ...oh, here on the bottom some pictures..."

    "OH, MY gosh, Amber, look here. Doesn't this one look familiar?"

    "I dunno. Why, who do you think it is?"

    "You don't know?...Looks to me a lot, well, looks to me like your mom."

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    "My mom?" Amber replied. "What would she be doing, sending papers and her photo to Professor Hodering?"

    "I don't have any idea."

    The two girls looked more closely at the photo. In it, Amber's mother was standing next to a man with a mustache and a Ben Hogan cap on his head.

    "Who on earth is THAT?" Melanie asked.

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    It was in her mom's handwriting.

    "Dear Humphrey," she read aloud, "here is all our research of the last twenty years. This is the only remaining copy.

    "I could not bring myself to destroy it, after all our work on this. The world is not ready to know what we have uncovered, but I hope, and I know that you hope this too, that one day, it will make all the difference.

    "So I am entrusting this research to you and to your descendants. No one now living must ever know about Project Falcon. If my little girl Amber found out, it would destroy her -" Amber's mouth dried up. Her knees trembled. She dropped the letter.

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