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    I read on another thread about some who have at home jobs. I have been searching for the last month for a position that is at home that is NOT a scam! lol.
    Can anyone give me advice on how to get a at home job? I do have my own web designing business. But that is going slow, made some money with it, but I'm in need of regular pay. I work full time now for a Wireless company selling cell phones. Its a love/hate relationship. :) Its also an hour away........
    By the time I get home at night, I can barely get to the front door. My husband gives me the parking space next to the front door. (He's the best!)
    Sorry to write so much! I just love the boards here!!!

  2. HI Teresa.
    I don't have a home job yet,But the only thing I would ba able to do is day care or babysit.I am a server at a restaurant. I am always thinking of the day,when I can't get upanymore.I feel it comming on all the time.

    MY hubby is also dissabled has fybro for 7 years So we are always trying to stay afloat.

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    A few years back I started a home based business making simple dolls for the art/craft stores and this blossomed into my becoming a very successful doll designer(even though I cannot stand dolls personally).

    I used to design for a couple of the shopping networks. I had to pack it in due to imitations and also personal pain and burn out.

    You can sell ideas to craft magazines and get paid.

    However, I recently went into our local large chain craft store and asked about doing classes there.

    Here is the deal:

    You use their premises for free and they put up flyers for sign ups. You can charge anything per person per class and the classes are usually about 10 to 15 people. They collect the money and give it all to you, but the rule is your craft ideas are so the attendees will buy all the materials they need for the class at the store.

    So, if you do a class at $20 per person(for a 2 hr class)and you have ten people, then you get the $200.

    You have to take in a worksheet, materials list and sample of the project.

    This may help you or others, as one class a week may bring in $800 or more a month.

    Love Anne C
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    But they both require training. I do medical transcription...if I had to do it over, I would have went with the coding. I THINK it may be easier to break into that field with no experience and only training, but I'm not sure. Took me a decade after my med trans training to finally land a job...BUT the stress is very, very high!


    P.S. - What does "OT" mean????
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    OT = Off Topic

    I have taken a few tests, one is for customer service and the other was MT. I'm waiting for results. I am hoping they will hire me and do paid training. I have NO money to pay a college!!!!!! lol.

  6. TerryS

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    Good luck with the tests. Hope you get both trained and hired!!!!