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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mrdad, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    So that's were you are tonite!! Just saw you on the

    Telly. Entertainment Tonight show! Gonna see if they

    repeat it tomorrow. Ya just looked ravishing!!

    Let me know what time your flight from L.A. arrives.

    Pick ya up at the Airport. Taco Bell is open 'til

    10:00 p.m. Be lookin' 4 me!!

  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    ----there are lots of peeps out there that sure hope

    you are right.


    P.S. The "Kids" still having fun in Europa??
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yea, I know it's a real education for themisn't it. My
    Son lived in the Dorms at S.F. State for his first year
    in College and ate in the Dorm Cafe two meals a day.
    Tired all the time and they determined that he had mal-
    nutrition! Got an Apt with a "friend" the next year.
    Grades deminished a bit but at least he was healthy and
    happy again! He loves this City life but admitts that
    whenit's time to "settle down" he will most likely head
    back to the country life style.

    I'm 4th Gen. San Franciscan but have lived in the Sierra
    for years, small towns etc and can be happy any enviro!!
    Hope ya have a good Sunday and hear from "Kids" again

    Have a good Sunday.

  4. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    I almost missed this, too funny!!

    Hmmm. Taco Bell. That might be good after all that rice, ya think?

    But if it's later than that, you'll have to splurge and go to the Steakhouse or something.

    They sure did break the mold when Mr. Dad was made. (Or hatched, or whatever!)

    You guys have a good Sunday, K?


    I loved the post (somewhere!) about OXOXOX and COWCOWCOW. Too funny!!!!
  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Sorry I missed you last nite! Got there in plenty of
    time to watch everyone debark from the Plane but no
    you?? Waited thru two more flights still disappointment!
    I walked out of the airport head down in dejection still
    clinging on tightly to those Taco Bell coupons! Lost my
    appetite at that point so I gave them to a homeless man
    and $2.00 to go and have a good filling meal(s)!

    Gonna sleep off the disappointment. me thinks? Maybe
    you can give me a call when you get home and are not so
    busy with your career.


    P.S. (I'm Irish Catholic--I know how to lay on the guilt
    trip thing)
  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Need ya to read this if you can.

    MRDAD ( Where's my hankie???)
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Didn't that Rice a Roni stick to the Wedding Dress. It's
    hard to get it down without a couple of glasses of T-Bird
    you remember. Figures, dated a girl from Lincoln High
    one time. one time,one time!!

    But you are correct about one thing! Should of wore that
    sign. Guess it wasn't enuff to tell her it would be the best
    looking guy by the gate!

    Ya still settin up that computer in the bed sideways?
    Sister Mary Gregory, under pain of eternal damnation,
    won't let us set up a new Porch Vol. until it gets to
    30 (Thirty). Same principle as not erasing a math no.
    until you know the correct answ. to write in. No shades
    of gray here! Rules are made for a reason. "Ours is not,
    to reason why, ours is but to do and"---

    No more talk of foolishness Wake, OK?

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  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I said that about Lincoln High purposely as I remember
    you told me some time ago that you had gone there! Never
    really dated any girl from there as the Public school
    girls were no where the "fun" that the Catholic School
    girls were! Had so-o-o, much in common!

    The 30--35 rule was something that Sister Mary Gregory
    imposed on us. No debate was allowed on the subject!!
    We just do what we are told under pain of excummunication
    from the site! Ya don't what that to happen, now do ya
    Wake. As long as we all comply with things all will be
    fine. Helps deter the confusion brought about by inde-
    pendent and pragmatic "thinkers".

    We will all be much happier that way.

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  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

  10. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    I can see that now.

    Had to LOL about the hankie!! Maybe I need to buy you a new box of pretty hankies from my favorite store. (Wonder which one that would be!) Colorful ones I could see!

    I've had a weird experience (FOR REAL) in an airport one time, with someone I'd never seen before that was to pick me up. It was crazy. I'll tell you about it sometime. I'd flown back east to visit my sister, and she sent someone to fetch me.

    IOU OX's - - almost missed that one.

    Gotta keep the eyes peeled around here, I can see that!!!

  11. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    I was actually trying to count each post....very unsuccessfully, I might add.

    Then I figured out (finally) that before you click on the thread to come post, it tells you how many posts are in it.

    Now I don't feel so bad!!

    LOL!!!!!! Surely am laffin' with ya and not at ya.
  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Haven't done the Lyme test thing yet but do have all
    the Paper work. Have to go out of town to do the Igenex
    test to their lab as I really can't get my Hospital to
    do the blood draw do to their policy. It's in the works.
    Just waiting for a (2-4-1) offer and maybe get sumptin'
    else tested too!

    The freightening thing is that I may be comin' to Port-
    land to see my # 1 GIRL around Thanksgiving. Maybe a
    lunch at a discreet location for the three of us would
    be nice! She's like me however. Very shy and intervert-
    ed. Ya'd like her! Not easily offended if it doesn't
    work for you.

    Like your new Pic in on the Bio. Pg. Such a tease are U!!
    Saving face,
  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    You are so busy "chatting up the birds" you are missing we already are on a new porch....(7)

    I am convinced I met you once in Newport, Oregon. Met a nice chappy on the beach who sounded so much like you it HAD to be you. We laughed and laughed.

    So when are you going to repicture yourself? I am still waiting for you to tell me how much I DO look like Hayley Mills.

    Love Anne

  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I know about the No. 7 Vol. but don't want to use
    up the "Hit" an waste it on Freddie when I already have
    her in my "hip pocket" here! I'm sure you can read bet-
    ween the lines here (wink-wink!)

    Hope your getting that extra room ready for "MY BOY" he
    loves that English boiled chicken and fill-its! Chips
    too! Those French have nothing on that British Q-Scene!
    Those Gourmet restaurants are all over here---somewhere??

    Oh, boy, HUH!
    Thanks 4 settin' up # 7, I'm in the clear this time!
  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Just spoke w/my Son across Town!! Don't pluck or drop
    that chicken in the Boiling water yet. Must be my "brane
    frog" thing. Trip to your place won't be 'til Nov. 6th
    not Oct. at all! Don't know how I could have "screwedup"
    that info. So Arnold sends the Chicken a "Kaliphonia"
    reprieve, for now! (Is it legally binding in N.Y.)??

    Anywho, at least the young ladies in the State are safe
    for another month! So the excuse you were going to give
    about being out of Town this weekend shall do you not!!
    You'll have to try that again next month.

    I did ask "Guido" the time the other day and he was wear-
    ing that Rolex you said was missing from your safe! Told
    him that I had to take it from him, as he looked down at
    me with that 6ft. 4ins, 240 lb. frame and said, "Yea,
    MRDAD, YOU and how many others!! Oops! I'll try to get
    it back when he falls asleep in his chair while watching
    Wrestling Sat. nite! He also had a sack of your family
    silverware but no knives. Guess they confiscated them at
    Airport security!? Send ya the forks and spoons back and
    the Melmac. Did ya know he took that too??

    Don't think I'm gonna send him to "protect" Carla in the
    NL as I don't think we can depend on his reliability.
    However, I do feel that with all the steroids "Guido"
    takes she would be perfectly safe in an other way.

    Enuff already, MRDAD!

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  16. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Well, if you can get the Rolex off him I sure would appreciate it. It is an antique one, went through two world wars.

    Thanks for clueing me in about the boy not coming till November. I already had the fowl boiling up and stinking house out. Every dog in the neighborhood is howling for the fowlin!

    I also made him a jam roly poly and custard.

    But I have to tell you, I make the BEST chips anywhere. I mean you cannot actually beat home made chips. Lotsa vinegar and some salt and make butties by buttering two pieces of bread and layering the hot chips between them. YUMMMIEEEE!

    When I was really poor, I used to make bread and jam (jam buttie) fritters by dipping them in batter and deep frying. Also potato fritters are nice as are my banana fritters I already told you about, apple fritters, dried apricots make great fritters too. The list is endless. I bet they are all really helathy too.

    Hey I feel OK today. Woke up with a bad headache at 1.00am till 7.30am or so. Bad hands, bad knees(but I was laying pavers yesterday) but things cleared up and I feel pretty good for me. The finger pull WORKED, thanks! PTL for simethicone though!!!

    Gotta see if Dan will post my pic on Volume seven.

    Love Anne (and jah I get the hidden meanink "K".)

  17. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    That brain fog is getting really bad. Or was I in SF and it was just the fog there?

    When are you comin to Portland? YOU? SHY????

    I can see that. It's easy to be brave on a keyboard sending a message. I am terribly shy and nervous until that proverbial ol' ice is broken.

    Now if I were to meet up with you and your lovely daughter....well, now I'll have to start posting more, well, um, er, ah, REALISTIC looking pics of myself. So brace yourself!!! Darn!!

    I'm going away in 2 wks. First 'vacation' in YEARS. I'm going ALONE. NO family. Nothing personal, I'll just have more fun without them. LOLOLOL!!!!! I am going to spend a week at the beach on the S. OR. coast. One sister lives there, and the other lives in CA. and is coming up. So us 3 girls are going to paint the town and see how many places we can get kicked out of.

    LOL. You know I'm really full of .... it.

    Fun to laugh a bit this afternoon.

    LOVE reading everybody's posts, too!!

  18. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Good for you! A vacation sounds just the thing this time
    of year just before the Holidays! Think my Daughter has
    been a bit diasppointed that I didn't get up to Portland
    this past Summer as I had hoped. She had come down in
    June so I did see her for a wonderful few days at that
    time. She did have a balanced time with friends that
    met her here and have relatives as well. My daughter
    has Lyme so she understands some of my autoimmune limit-
    ations. Thankfully she is doing well.

    Thanks for becoming one of these wonderful people that
    grace this Board and Post! That Telly "exposure" was
    on Friday night I believe they erred in mistakenly stat-
    ing that you were 39yo!! Twenty-nine, maybe!!

    Still sleep with your Pic under my pillow! Good thing I
    printed off so many of them as they wrinkle easily!
    Hope ya had a GOOD day!


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  19. Fredericka

    Fredericka New Member

    Maybe my picture wrinkles so easily because I myself wrinkle easily, ROTFL!!!!

    Or it is all the ROTFL from your posts causing it!!

    Tacky Bell, c'mon now.... Don't they have Sizzlers in SF? Check your newspaper, sometimes you can get a two-fer there.

    Here's lookin' at me, kid!! LOLOL!!

    Have a nice night!!

  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Good you fealt well enough to "Hit" the Board for a
    while today. This illness is so fustrating as it sounds
    as if you are so accustom to be active and productive!
    We do cherish the moments of lift don't we? I know that
    most People on this Board are more ill than I and admire
    the courage they seem to exhibit dailey. Meeting here I
    know is instrumental for the support and sense of commun-
    ity that is difficult to experience anywhere else.

    Anyway, glad you are doing better today than you have
    been lately! Do you check your Bio. from time to time
    to see who is looking for you? I find that helpful.

    "Talk" later. "K"?

    MRDAD Do they have a "Hooter's"
    in Portland!!??

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