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  1. How can you let a short haircut grow out without losing your mind?
    How do you style your hair? Curling iron, curling brush, rollers? I want to grow mine into a sort of loose page boy style.
    Any suggestions? I have fine , straight hair.

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  2. srollins

    srollins New Member

    that would be me although had to retire early.
    anyway my dear it is never easy to grow hair out like that to chage styles. as far as what to use to style with..........what ever works!

    as for growing it out in the meanwhile, about all you can do is practice patients. if you are thinking page boy/bob type style i would advice you to let it grow as long as you can stand it then go and have them cut it on the very bottom as short as you dare. that will give the rest of it a chance to catch up. then every few weeks do it again. if the rest of the hair starts to look bad on the ends the have that just snipped on the tips to help keep it healthy.

    without seeing how short anf/or layered you are at this point it is hard to guess how long this might take.

    if i have a magic bullet for this process i'd send it right over, i know how is.

  3. thanks for the suggestions. I don't know what I'll do. I just need a makeover. Although I hate to go in to a hairdresser and say do what you want. YIKES! I swear they see me coming.
  4. yeah pink or maybe blue! LOL! I could go wild and go red from a blonde to red! WOW!
  5. lil_angel1198

    lil_angel1198 New Member

    I had mine cut short, and now I hate it!! It just makes my face look heavier...like I need any help with that!

    Anyway.... get some cute barretts and se if you can do something with them...I use a round brush and hair dryer to style mine, be sure to use product, it helps a lot!!

    Styling spray is great....and then hair spray..... and as someone else said...if all elese fails....get a hat! LOL
  6. Kimba4318

    Kimba4318 New Member

    on that topic - I need a good smoothing product. My hair is thick and always looks damaged or frizzy. I got it cut off and I just need it to be smoothed out. It looks as unhealthy as ME....Any advice??
  7. webintrig

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    and fall time is coming so red is in...

    Hey prickles my hair color is washing out but check it out...it nows looks like fall colors orange and brown...woohoo... with pink on the bottom...

    I feel better now instead of thinking people are looking at me because of my cane...

    I take it as they are looking at my hair color...lol

    A girl even came up beside me and said she liked my hair color I looked up and she had blue hair that surrounded her face and pink was the next color and then lime green..all in sections though...I said "WoW" I like your hair color too...we just giggled and smiled.

    Even my dr. likes my hair color...lol

    Change is good and for fine hair you can get stuff to pump it up at Sally's. I notice that layering and the shag are back and the page boy look.

    I like my hair long so I was thinking about the layered shag look and lilac icicle hair color for winter.

    LOL...the SSD office has seen my hair already...

    We really need to have a party ladies!!

    Soft hugs,

  8. lil_angel1198

    lil_angel1198 New Member

    my son has really full, thick hair...he uses a product called Devolumizing gel by John Freida.
    It works pretty well for him.

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