OT Game: Where is this location? kholmes won!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TwinMa, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. TwinMa

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    OK, since I "won" the game where I ID'd the icky eyelash mites (Thanks Honora, that was fun), I guess I can post a new game!

    So where is this location? The more specific, the better!
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  2. TwinMa

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    ouch - You have a lovely family photo. They seem a bit stiff, though. From your profile, I can see you must have lots of nuts in your family! LOL!

    Honora - Well, I can tell you it's not Back in the USSR. It's nowhere near Norweigan Wood, and it's a long way from Penny Lane. But the Long & Winding Road could lead to it!
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  3. windblade

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  4. TwinMa

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    windblade - not peru

    honora - you are in the right neck of the woods, but it's not in Red Rocks.
  5. mme_curie68

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    It looks like Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO.

    My Dad lives in CO and we went to hike around there one day. It really is very beautiful - but if the temperature is really hot the rocks just seem to soak it in and you will sweat to death (in addition to being dizzy from the altitude).

    Madame Curie
  6. TwinMa

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    kholmes - You got it! It is in Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs, Colorado.

    honora - The Dakota Ridge trail in Red Rocks isn't in the Dakotas. It's in Red Rocks Park in Colorado. Sorry, no John Lennon channeling going on. But you were on the right path with Rocky Racoon! It's near the Rockies!

    Now for extra credit, can you name the formation?
  7. TwinMa

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    kholmes, you are good! The Siamese Twins it is!

    Funny thing is, when I was looking for an image, I wasn't looking for "twins" things. I just love the Garden of the Gods park. It is truly beautiful. When I saw that formation, I was just drawn to it. I guess I'm just drawn to all things twins!

    mme curie - I am frequently dizzy, but I've lived in Colorado (5280 feet) for almost 30 years, so I can't blame it on the altitute anymore!

    Good job everyone! Love the whole Beatles - John Lennon - John Denver connection! Rocky Racoon, Rocky Mountain High, Come Together!!

    Next game, Next game!!