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  1. orachel

    orachel New Member

    Anyone interested in starting a general "getting to know you post" since soooo many are new or don't have profile thingie filled out? I always think its nice to kind of know who I'm talking to (not just symptoms, since we're all more than just a compilation of our aches and pains, but what kind of a person they are!). Maybe there's already one of these posts floating around I haven't seen. I'll start and I guess we'll see if anyone else in interested by posts! ;)

    30 yrs old
    Live in Maumee, Ohio (outside Toledo)
    Married (2 years, to my old high school sweetheart!)
    ST Disability (or trying to get it!)
    Formerly in Mortgage Sales
    3 gorgeous stepkids who don't live with us
    1 fluffy 25 lb cat named Beatrix

    ***Currently focusing on trying not to go batty stuck at home all alone (new to me), very interested in real work at home opportunities, love to read (till the fog gets me!), decorate/home improvements, try new crafts, find great deals on fabulous antiques, spend time with my wonderful husband and stepkids (aged 5, 7,8), favorite show is "weeds" (used to be "house"...but we just won't go there)

    Anyone else?
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  2. Christinawensell

    Christinawensell New Member

    married 18 years
    work full time
    mother of two beuatiful daughters (see profile)
    who are 16 and 17
    passion is singing
    love my cat Precious (16 weeks) and my two dogs Cassie (3 years old) and Bear (17 years old)
  3. orachel

    orachel New Member

    Feel kinda silly here, but what is handspinning? I have never ever heard of it, and I'm dying for a new hobby I can do to keep me busy at home!

  4. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    My name is Suzanne
    Married 2nd time for 4 yrs to a wonderful guy
    Have a daughter Kim 31
    Also son Matt 22
    Three granddaughters Skylin 3 and Cali 2
    Hubby's Daughter Just had a little girl
    Her name is Charlotte 4 months
    My birds 4 finches 1 Canary and a cocktail
    One cat Chip 15 yrs old and 30 lbs was my sons took her in when he moved
    Have 4 mini schnauzers Maxie 4 yrs George 3 Duke 2 And Molly 2 Love them to death.
    I was an assistant Manager for Wal-Mart till I became Ill in 2003
    I no longer work Have my hearing on the 19th.
    I love this hope more reply this is fun

  5. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Some of this is in bio, but here goes...

    Live in Eureka, CA
    58 years old.
    2nd marriage...5 years.
    2 sons...35 and 32.
    2 grandchildren...Emily 12, Arthur 10 (athletic, smart, kind loves!)
    Husband's daughter's son...Benjamin, a cute 2 year old.
    Disabled high school English teacher..teacher's disablilty
    Felix, my fat feline...23 lbs. (So glad I found some cats heavier! Everyone gives me a bad time about Felix!)
    Love to travel especially RV
    Retiring to Mt. Shasta, CA in a couple years and building a house.
    I read!

    I like all of you dear people...you are a great support, great fun, and so knowlegeable about FM/CFS. Thank you all so much.

    Thanks for this post, Rachel.

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  6. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    Joy .. 48 going to be 49 next month ( scary .. but no going backwards on that one ) one husband .. 29 years .. married that is, not his AGE !! haha .. one son, still at home at age 26 .. sigh .. he might leave at 40 ? .. 2 crazy cats .. maybe they are crazy because I am ?
    Lived all over Canada and 4 years in the Netherlands .. they KNOW how to party there .. and NO .. it wasn't a 4 year party, people !
    Husband took medical retirement from the army .. Gulf '91 health issues .. so sometimes I miss that "on my own" freedom ? Just found this board the last few days .. relieved to hear other people feel the way I do .. physically and a bit "mental" haha
    My favorite show "Dead Like Me" .. it always makes me laugh .. drives the point home we are only here on a temporary basis .. and a sense of humor is essential to survive it !
    Happy to "see" you all ! Thanks for the information and view points .. and .. yes, I do say, "I'm Canadian EH ?!" haha
    I wish I knew if a new season was coming .. or at least tell us something in any case if it has been cancelled .. that will really make me mad ..then what am i going to do ! ... another beat up the vacuum episode for me ? haha
    And yes !! "Strange Brew" is our national movie !!
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  7. orachel

    orachel New Member

    I currently live in Maumee, OH (outside Toledo), but have lived everywhere from los angeles to alabama to texas, and a whole lot in between.

    Fudge - also absolutely love "Dead Like Me". Are they ever gonna start a new season?

    Fivesue - I was pretty worried my fluffy beast would be the fattest, but I think so far, Suzetal takes the "Puffiest Puss" Award! 30 lbs! That's a big ole' cat!

    And finally Suzetal...sounds like you've got half a zoo over there! I'd love to be surrounded by animals, but Beatrix the Cat made it very clear she was an "only pet" kind of a girl right off the bat. And how on earth do you do birds with cats? That just sounds stressful! lol
  8. Bailey-smom

    Bailey-smom New Member

    I'm a 33 yr old wife and mother of 2 little girls (ages 6 & 9)
    I work full-time selling insurance - on many community boards & coach many teams
    We have 6 adult labs - 3 yellow & 3 chocolate & 10 yellow puppies!!!
    I love to read, I used to love to play sports now I play them through my girls, I crochet & quilt & spend time with family & pets
  9. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Cats so old and FAT she barley moves LOL.
    Oh I forgot I live on the east coast smallest state.

    My finches just had a clutch .I now have 7 little baby's forgot to put that in.

    This is soo much fun.

  10. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    In the late mid-80's, there was a movie called "Strange Brew." Do you remember it? The actors were Canadian, and my youngest son, who was a teen then, LOVED that movie. I think he saw it 30 times. I never was able to sit through it entirely...so bad. He basically memorized the whole dialogue...a very quick study.

    My son is a natural actor also,and for several years, he used EH? at the end of most sentences. He also had other words but that's the one I remember the most. We had a friend who was Canadian, and he loved to be around her and egg her on. Oh yeah...I was known as Mum for a bit.

    Glad you posted and glad you're here on the board. You idea of the perfect food was right up my alley, also! Of course, you'd have to put some ice cream with it to be perfect...no, not mixed, but along side. (-:

  11. orachel

    orachel New Member

    One of the funniest movies of all time. I have not been able to hear the word Canada without thinking of that movie for decades. I imagine Canadians get a little tired of the whole thing though, eh?
  12. ldbgcoleman

    ldbgcoleman New Member

    Married 41/2 years to David
    2 sons Bryan 19 and Grant 31/2
    little mutt: Buster, Big mutt:Thelma Lou Kittys:Sweetie Pie, Moon Pie and Muffin
    Was a Regional sales manager for a dental manufacturer but quit 11/2 years ago now I'm a wife , Mom, daughter, sister, and friend
    We own a golf practice facility my husband is a golf course superintendent(He grows grass)
    Playing with Grant,Traveling,Decorating, crafting, collecting, Flea markets and antique shows, reading, singing, dancing and hanging out with friends and family
    Love those Ga Bulldogs
    Just started working on house plans we are building on 15 acres. Trying to break ground March 1st
    Thinking about taking some interior design courses.

    Love this board!

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  13. rbecca47

    rbecca47 New Member

    Hi, Rebecca here; I am 49 years young, have 3 kids, boys are 23 and 25, daughter 27. 3 grand childern, girl 10 ( I am raising) grand daughter 7 that also stays with use, and grand son 1 two dogs two cats, one due for kittens soon and several extra kids that are also now adults. i live in toledo, ohio.
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  14. brit_17759

    brit_17759 New Member

    some of this is in my profile.

    I'm 47 (body feels 97)!!, but still a teenager at heart:)
    Been married to my DH for 27 years this Friday.
    3 wonderful childrem, 2 sons 23 & 18 and my daughter 22
    I live in Ontario Canada and have done for nearly 8 years. Am originally from Manchester, England.
    I used to be a teacher, but had to give it up due to this DD.
    Have two cats, Toby is 3 nad Java is 1
    Enjoy reading, listening to music, cooking and baking, just taken up knitting. Passionate ice hockey fan.
  15. Kat_in_Texas

    Kat_in_Texas New Member

    I joined the board 8-10 months ago but haven't posted much recently ... my FM was in remission (or close to it) for a long period of time this summer and was enjoying "normal" life ... flared back up a few weeks ago. Yuck.

    Anyway ....

    I'm Kathy, 48 years old, live in Dallas. I work full-time as an administrative assistant. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 29 years.

    We have an empty nest (I hate it, hubby loves it!) - our son is 25 and our daughter is 23. Both live out of state. Daughter is due to graduate college in December.

    To help fulfill my maternal cravings, hubby recently gave me two kittens ... they are 5 months old, little "twin" brothers, and so adorable! Definitely my babies!

    My "hobby" is computer games for the most part these days. I love to cross-stitch but the hands won't cooperate when the FM is flaring.

    Thanks for starting the thread. It's fun to see what everyone's up to!

  16. SingFMAway

    SingFMAway New Member

    My name is Christianne (My parents decided to give me a French name that no one knows how to pronounce at first, so here's a hint: think Christie-on ;) )

    I'm 28
    Live in New Jersey
    Married to a wonderful husband for 3 years
    No children yet, but I desparately want one
    For now we have 2 cats: Clara (2) 11 lbs and Minnie (3) 10 lbs We adopted Minnie about a year after Clara found us. They are putting up with each other finally, but still not friends!

    I work full time as an administrative assistant to insure regular income and health insurance, which is astronomical in this state.

    Hubby and I are both musicians. (I have had a persistant stomach ache for the past week that I think is anxiety about all of my musical activities starting up again with the school year. I hope I can find the energy to do all of them!)

    I love just about anything creative that invovles music or color. I used to design cross stitch projects, and when I was younger I made and designed clothes for my American Girl doll, but haven't been able to do that. I have started a knitting project that may take me all year at the rate I'm going. But it's my prayer for all of us: a prayer shawl representing strength, courage and peace.

    Thanks for reading! It's nice to get to know all of you!

  17. jaltair

    jaltair New Member

    My name is Jeannette.

    I live in Central CA near a little town called "Porterville" in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

    I'm 58 (nearly 59) years old with three grown children (38, 36, and 33), and happily married to a wonderful man who is very supportive.

    Have had FMS for over three years now (diagnosed that is - have probably had since mid or earlier twenties), and have a supportive PMD. I'm on Ultracet for pain, Neurontin to help with pain and sleep, and Celexa (antidepressant) to help me sleep well.

    I enjoy creative activity as well, also am family oriented, have one special dog named "Bear", and am a Christian.

    PS - I need to add that I'm a RN / public health nurse. Still working, but looking forward to retiring in 2007! Then, who knows!!!
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  18. fificat

    fificat New Member

    Just joined a few days ago so here goes..

    My name is Sharlie
    Don't ask my mom swore she named me after her friend from college but I never met this women so who knows...LOL

    I'm a proud mother of a beautiful 18 month old little girl named Brena ( named after my mom Brenda, who past away 3 yrs ago to suicide) I'm also married to a man who swept me off my feet. I was raised in North Carolina but currently live in Delaware. But I travel there often to see my family. My tiny little British Nana would kill me if I didn't. I also have a 14yr old siamese cat who is the most spoiled cat Ever. I'm currently in my final semester of school to become a paramedic. Besides the fact that family and faith mean really thing to me... and I'm my Nana's favorite grandchild =) Thats all there is to me...

    this was fun

    i'm 23 yrs old[This Message was Edited on 09/13/2005]
  19. granny1353

    granny1353 New Member

    married to a great man and a great supporter of me
    2 daughters married (1 is 31 yrs. other is 25 yrs)
    2 grandchildren boy 3, girl 5 on Oct 5
    hobby is cermaics
    work 3 to 6 hrs a week as secretary
    live in the Chicago area
    have had fm for 20 yrs.

  20. JLH

    JLH New Member

    I'm an oldie, but goodie!!! The oldie reference is not reflective of my age, but of how long that I've been around on the board!! LOL

    I'm Janet
    54 years old
    Live in Northeastern Kentucky, USA
    Married, close to 35 years to same hubby
    3 adult children, ages 33, 28, 25
    *older daughter an RN, EMT & mother to my 2 grandsons
    *younger daughter a doctor (family practice physician)
    *son is a Loss Prevention Manager for large home improvement store
    2 grandsons: Matthew, 4th grade; Brandon, 2nd grade
    1 furry cat, 9 mos. old, a beautiful Himalayan, who is MEAN & BITES!
    Worked 30 years
    Now Retired
    I was an Adm. Professional (US Govt Procurement & Contracts)
    1 year after retirement, awarded SSDI
    Have numerous serious health problems (see bio!)
    Live on a farm and own 2 other farms
    Husband works his day job & farms all evenings and weekends
    I also retired from summer farm jobs (see bio) but still do books/taxes.
    Love to read, watch TV, spend time on computer.
    Watch soaps: Days of our Lives, Passions, General Hospital
    Used to love to cook and entertain; still collect cookbooks.
    Can not stand up more than 10 min. at a time
    Can only walk a short distance due to severe back problems.
    Older daughter normally drives me around & takes me to Super Wal-Mart for groceries!
    Grandson (9 yrs old) helps me clean house.
    Older daughter helps cook a big Sunday dinner so we can have leftovers to eat on.
    I love to talk! Never met a stranger! Love to talk on telephone!!
    That's about it for me!

    I have completed my bio. No picture yet because I can't figure out how to do it!


    I, too, like "knowing more" about everyone! This is interesting.


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