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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kjfms, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. kjfms

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    I posted this in the egg thread but after thinking about did know if you would see it or not so thought I would just give you a shout out :)

    You mention you dog not moving to well.

    Have you tried giving you dog Hartz Joint Maintenance it has really help our 12-year-old Norwegian Elk Hound.

    She was getting where she could hardly move because of arthritis in her hip joints. She has been on it for a few months and we have seen a big improvement.

    I was really getting afraid we would have to put her down soon that is how bad she was getting.

    I do not sell this stuff and friend of out used it on his dog and told us and just tell anyone who will listen.

    It have Glucosamine HCL, Manganese, and Vitamin E in it I highly recommend it for older dogs. It just amazes me she is getting her bounce back.


    Karen :)
  2. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Thanks, Karen.

    I did see your info over on the egg post. Strange that we were talking about dogs on the egg post!! Oh, well, I will discuss dogs anywhere!!

    Aster was 9 in May and has had hip problems most of her life. She gets a supplement from the vet that has about the same ingredients as the Hartz one I think, a few other things added.

    She also gets Zuke's HiPAcTioN (just looked it in my King Wholesale catalog, couldn't remember the name earlier!!) twice a day. Also has all the joint stuff in it. She gets those because she says they are really yummy and she has been a very very good girl!

    I feed both dogs (I call it the "old dog" food) Flint River Senior Plus which also has the some of the same ingredients.

    I'll check and compare with the Hartz one.

    Aster is good now, but if she over works it really flares up. I still throw the ball for her, but not overly long. She won't stop until she can't move so I have to limit her time!

    She gets so excited when my DH gets the shotgun out that she just goes nuts! Rey, my golden, goes nuts, too, but only because Aster does. He only went hunting once so I don't really think he knows what the gun is all about! Aster gets so bad DH had to put his pellet gun in the garage so she wouldn't get crazy everytime he shot a sage rat!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
  3. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    Sounds like you take very good care of your puppy dogs. I had a feeling you did but thought I would mention the joint supplement anyway.

    Sorry your dog has had hip problems for so long. It is painful to watch them hurt isn't it?

    My dog Rascal the Norwegian Elk Hound is my baby don't know what I would do without her.

    She loves to play fetch on her own terms though it is more like keep away I throw the stick and she brings it back a few time and then she will make me chase her all around the yard she is a very smart dog...LOL

    Take care,

    Karen :)

  4. alaska3355

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    Sorry to butt in, but what's a sage rat? We are not that far away from you, and I've never heard of a sage rat. But we have lots of gophers, moles and marmots. Drives my husband crazy! Terri
  5. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Hey again, Karen!

    My DH says I take better care and spend more money on my dogs than I ever did on the kids!

    I try to give them the best because they give me their best. Unconditional love and constant companionship.

    My sister and I took our dogs up to a lake on Saturday. We had a picnic and then took the kids down to the water. My sis has two yellow labs. Aster didn't get to go because she is my alpha dog and doesn't get along with my sister's alpha dog. If they saw each other more often it might help, but I can only handle one of my kids on a leash at one time.

    My golden, Rey, was in the water almost before I was close enough to let him get to the end of his 30 foot Flexi-Lead! He loves it and went out after the tennis ball time after time.

    My sister's labs, if you can believe it, are afraid of the water! One went in far enough to get her chest wet to get the ball, but the other barely got her front feet wet.

    We are taking one of my sister's dogs and Rey to the pool on the 27th. It is the last day the pool is open and they have "Paws in the Pool". I'd like to take both of my kids, but we'll see how I feel that day. Rey was on the news last year when we went because he was the only one bailing off the side into the water. It was a lot of fun.

    Alaska - Our sage rats are a small rodent that burrows in all the tilled fields around here. They are a real pain in the patootie because if our tractor, for instance, goes over a large colony's tunnels it can drop a wheel right into them.

    I've heard them called gophers, but they aren't really. I believe they are what some places call prairie dogs, but not nearly so large as the ones I saw in Colorado.

    Since they are such a pain here we refer to them as sage rats, prairie dogs just sounds too friendly!

    The colonies can be huge with tunnels covering acres and acres.


    Stop and smell the puppies, but not the sage rats!
  6. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    Sounds like you had a great time.

    Well I can't say anything about your sister's dog not liking water Rascal hates it for some reason. It is our fault for not taking her around it more when she was little.

    She is also afraid of thunderstorms and any loud noises...LOL

    Norwegians are known to be good hunting dogs well not Rascal. She is terrified of gun shots poor thing we do not know what happened.

    We both have always worked and she has been home in the yard alone all day while growing up so it is really hard to tell.

    I agree with you on the unconditional love you can't beat that can you?

    We do not have sage rats in WV but we do have gophers and they are a pain...LOL


  7. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Funny how some of them are afraid of stuff and others aren't.

    Aster loves to go hunting, the gun noise doesn't bother her. But, if I am rummaging for a pan in the cupboard she tucks her tail and heads for the bedroom!

    Aster is terrified of the vacuum, always has been. Rey follows me around and if I have the shop vac out to do corners and stuff (dog hair, duh!) he keeps pushing at me until I vacuum him. He just loves it.

    Rey isn't too sure about the storms. He was standing in the dining room window and saw some lightening. He started to bark and then the thunder hit! He came running to me and tried to get behind my legs between me and my chair! Silly dogger!

    My dogs are indoor dogs, raised in the house and live in the house. They aren't allowed on the furniture, well, unless Rey and I are home alone and then I will go lay on the little twin bed in our spare room and he gets up there with me. But we're not telling Dad!

    Rey slept in the crate until he was about 18 months old. He likes to sleep flat out on his side and stretched out as far as he can. He couldn't do that in the extra-large crate. Aster never had one so she has always been loose in the house. I was home with Aster until she was about 7 months old, then I went to work part time so she wasn't alone much.

    Rey went to work with me for the first 6 months and when I started having to leave him home my DH had retired so he was there to supervise. Both dogs are loose in the house now and we have left them up to twelve hours without an accident. Good doggie!

    I suppose I should work now, but I have really enjoyed talking to you!

    Stop and smell the puppies!

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