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  1. kimfibro

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    i left a post on this topic this a.m. but can't find it so am doing it again.

    WHAT ARE YOUR WAYS AND IDEAS ON SAVING $$ WHILE AT THE GROCERY STORE OR CLOTHES SHOPPING?? With the price of gas and everything seeming to rise, we need to be smart!

    a gallon of milk runs between $2.99-$3.99 here in western mass. at the grocery stores. i always buy mine at the convenience store because (today for example) it was $1.99/gal!!

    eggs have gone up: about $1.99/doz. i was at a pharmacy yesterday and saw them at $.99/dozen, grabbed em!

    sometimes i go to the thrift store in town and poke around. have found unbelieve labels in there with prices that are under $5!! this is a fairly new experience w/me.

    let me know of your good ideas! :)
  2. Marta608

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    Well, one thing CFS has done for me is cut down on my shopping because I rarely have energy except for the necessities.

    Basically, I realized that while I wasn't a shopaholic, I did sometimes "use" shopping to cheer myself up. Now I ask myself if I really need whatever it is. Amazing how often the answer is no.

    By the way, I don't deny myself things I want occasionally but I no longer spend mindlessly.

    Good idea for a post. Has anyone else read Not Buying That by Judith Levine?

  3. UnicornK

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    I always make a list, and TRY to stick to it! LOL

    Cut coupons. You can even get some online. Google coupons.

    Look for deals...ie: right now Safeway has a deal where if you buy so many boxes of cereal, you get a gallon of milk free. (I don't drink milk so I gave it to a friend, but the deal is still there.)

    For some things if you call the 800 number on the package, they will send you samples or more coupons.

    For gas, hubby goes online and checks prices before he goes to the station. Whoever has the cheapest gas gets his business. I also try to consolidate my errands so I drive less. Helps with saving gas, and my CFS/FM by allowing me more days without driving.

    Great post! I look forward to learning more ways to save.

    God Bless.

  4. kimfibro

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    the library has videos, dvds, books on tape, cd's all for either very low rental fees (far cheaper than elsewhere) or for no charge at all.

    oh, i find that if you grocery shop early in the morning lots of meats are marked down or marked 'manager special' cuz they have a "purchase by" about to expire. found lots and lots of chicken, hamburg, etc. that was still perfect and toss them in the freezer right away.

    any more ideas? oh, i've been slipping away from using coupons at the grocery stores and have to get back into it! it helps much more than one would think; especially if they get doubled.
  5. UnicornK

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    What about going late at night? Doesn't the meat and all get marked down then also?

    Besides, with these DDs, I don't do mornings. LOL

    God Bless.
  6. kimfibro

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    can't tell you if they get marked down in the eves or not cuz i'm usually dozing or couch-potato-ing!!!! :)
  7. findmind

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    I raised 2 daughters and shopped at upscale "nearly new" shops for their best things; and at less upscale resale shops for most others. Only shoes were bought new, to fit well.

    My SO takes all coupons to Wal-Marts: they "match" them if same brand or unbranded products.

    I too "bunch" errands...but I only make lists and get what I am looking for on the way to dr. or back. I don't do shopping, can't even sit in cart and look up or down because of neck problems.

    Unload your car, make sure tires are properly inflated, change air filter regularly, oil every 3 mos or 3,000 miles...it'll save you gas.

    Carpool!!! Not enough people do it! Use mass transit as often as can: teach kids to do it, too, when they're old enough.

    Soy milk is cheaper than whole milk. The vanilla flavor is wonderful! Not so good for mashed potatoes, tho' LOL.

    A small freezer, so when good stuff is on great sale,stock up...boneless chicken breasts at $.99 lb. is a real delight to me.

    A postage scale, or food scale. We buy ground beef in bulk and make patties by putting 4 oz in a sandwich bag, smash it flat and freeze in lot of freezer bags.

    Buy store's brand, not name brand, unless have coupons that can make branded product cheaper.

    Know everyone has their own ways to save...hope you get some good ideas that work for you!


  8. Shannonsparkles

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    Bulk bins can be good for bargains. Check them out and see what appeals to you.

    Banana chips cost practically nothing and are a good snack to have on hand.

    Other cheap foods (that are better for you than expensive foods!) are vegetables, like cabbage, potatoes, onions... Oatmeal's cheap. Dried beans are cheap too.

    Produce is least expensive when it's in season. On some things it's all in the timing, like buying pumpkins after Halloween for pennies, or buying candy after Easter.

    If you like pizza, it's cheaper to buy frozen and bake it at home. Handier and faster too!

    That's all I can think of! Good thread. :)
    ((yum)) Shannon
  9. Adl123

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    Well, these DD's have cut down on my shopping, too. I frequently have to come home without purchasing what I need, because my energy has run out.

    Once a month a friend and I go to Winco,(which is in the next town) for paper products and basics, etc.., Trader Joe's for things like coffee and tea, and then the health food store, for special supplements. The only way I can hit all three is if she goes with me, to help.I use the scooters and she very generously lifts thngs for me and reaches for things that are on high shelves. She also packs and unpacks the car. She's an angel!

    This month we still haven't gone, because I'm too weak. We are running out, and I'm going to the corner store today, to get TP and water to drink. We plan to go real shoping on Monday. Neither of us can afford to shop anywhere but Winco, even though we have to drive about 15 miles to get there. We live in the mountains, and things cost more, because we pay to have them hauled up the hill.

  10. lilaclover30

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    In the Sunday papers, I look at all "inserts" for groceries and make a list of what is on sale, cut out coupons, and buy store brands. Most are good.

    I just don't buy clothes. our kids give us clothes for gifts - love to get them

    Shop aroune for gas. Dont go on "rides"sf like we used to. Just do the essentials.

    gentle Hugs,

  11. libra55

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    There is a huge discount grocery store AND a cheap gas station next to it. It's about half an hour from me but I only go once a week. I make my list, cut my coupons and stick to basics. On my way home I stop for the gas. It's the cheapest prices around AND it's full service at all the pumps too.

    My husband also makes a weekly trip to the warehouse club store so we get a lot in bulk.

    I always group errands.

    I buy store brands and stock up. My husband built me a pantry with shelves. I don't have a freezer. I wish I did.

    Clothes are a big problem. I have two teenage girls and they want all the name brands. Some stores have them at a discount; we make a real effort to get there. I don't work so I just wear jeans and sweats I can get at Wal-Mart. My husband wears uniforms to work. although his clothing allowance is pitiful. He has to pay a lot out of pocket. He takes his lunch to work. Does not buy.

    My oven broke so I cant make homemade pizza right now. A real pain. Take out pizza is expensive. I use the crock pot a lot, and the grill.

    Milk prices are through the roof. I look for sales. Sometimes the convenience store is cheaper. I have heard you can cut it half and half with powdered milk but I have never tried it.

    Good thread