OT HAIR/ Perms or not?/ Straight hair gals!

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  1. I have STRAIGHT hair and no body whatsoever, but does anyone perm anymore for body? I hate my straight hair. Anyone perm here? I just want some style in my hair!
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  2. Your hair is nice, but right now mine is short and to grow it out takes forever. I know straight is in, but its hard to keep a style.
  3. My hair is normal thickness and blonde. I'm really not looking forward to a perm but want it longer.It's not quite as short as the ones on that site.
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  4. ilovecats94

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    I just can't stand the smell of perms. Haven't had one since I was a teenager. I always hated them, but my mother wanted me to have them. One time I had an electric perm and that was really scary! lol

    I started losing hair around 1993 and think it had something to do with menopause starting at an early age (39).

    I get my hair colored for extra body, but it's so thin that I can hardly do anything with it.

    I do use an electric curling brush for the ends of it to flip them up.

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  5. ilovepink4

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    color or add high lights...it will damage you hair slightly and add body...i have the same prob and color helps me...

    right now i am fretting over taking out my long extensions and keeping it short...the glue bonds and the ends of the extens. are poking my head and causing itching...it is making me crazy...it didn't bother me the first time i had the extens. but i wasn't laying in bed rubbing my head against a pillow 24/7...it sure helped me grow out my hair though....

    hair...what to do-what to do????
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    i usually perm my hair once a year just to cause enough damage to it to give it some body. that's also the only timew i cut it. i pretty much let it grow until it gets down to my waist and then i cut about 8 inches off and perm it. it's just enough of a curl to keep it from laying totally flat. also by only doing once a year i'm not exposed to that position your in at the sink when they wash your hair at the salon. it give me an awful headache. it works for me. i alsso go to a very understanding hairdresser who tries to have me not holding my head back over the sink to long. she's my aunt so she is very understanding of the health issues and the potential muscle spasms from the odd position. if you want to try it i would say it's worth a shot.
  7. Bruin63

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    fried my hair, and took 2 years, to grow out.
    I have Naturally Wavy hair, but when it gets long it looks goofy.
    So I like a Perm now & then.

    This last one, Burned like crazy too.
    Wasn't dx at the time, so I didn't think to much about it.
    Now I wonder.

    They didn't Burn before, the FSM, set in.

    I Blamed the Hairdresser, (my Sister) lol. She also has FMS, and is super CS, she was disabled before me, and I think it had a lot to do with the Hair Products she worked with.

    I still am able to Color my Hair tho, thank goodness.

  8. after hearing your stories I remembered how I hated the perms, they don't last more than a month or 5 wks. So no perms. Let it grow a bit and see what happens.

    But what is a good mousse or hairproduct that does feel awful heavy and itchy but holds the hair nicely?
  9. victoria

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    as my hair is quite fine - most stuff makes it lie down and die, LOL, rather than adding body... plus my scalp is oily...

    one of my best friends has thin hair and little of it, plus she likes her hair short ( mine is shoulder length in layers similar to fgiht4acure's), so she also has experimented extensively with products...

    she finally got me to try what she does, and it worked great, my hair actually held some curl even to the next day!

    This is what I used/am using when I want to 'look good' and have the energy to do so:

    After washing hair with whatever clarifying shampoo, I spritz it with Rusk 'Thick' Body and Texture Amplifier. Then I use a bit of Marc Anthony 'Instantly THICK' Hair Thickening Cream.

    I know that sounds like a LOT - I was so sure it wasn't gonna work for me!, but it did!

    Anyway, afterI blow dried my hair after using the above, she used a curling iron on my hair...

    but FIRST gave it a light spritz with a light hairspray - Pantene Flexible Hold -before curling it -

    then finger-combed the layers individually...

    then sprayed with a good holding spray (didn't get the name of that, at home I just use the same spray again altho it doesn't hold quite as well as what she used.)

    looked GREAT!!!

    And the BEST part, not only did it look great for the rest of the day/evening, but even when I woke up the next day!

    Usually when I awaken it is very obvious I need to wash it right away, even when I don't use the above products, again cuz I have an oily scalp --And becuz also, most products for me do the opposite of what they promise.

    Hope this helps... wish I had a picture, but maybe one of these days...


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    Don't do a perm. It has been years since i had one.

    i keep my hair fairly short and had always had it highlighted. that seemed to add some body to it.

    Get some stylist to feather cut it. Do out a mousse, gel, ---something on it to give it body. Then just finger comb it. Give yourself a little "tasseled" look. It is "IN". Please make it as easy as possible for yourself.

    I just wash it everyother night in the shower. More days than that it just "droops". Goode luck.

    Gentle Hugs and happy hair