OT..Has anyone heard of Burning Mouth Syndrom???

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  1. SherylD

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    My Dad has been having some burning of his mouth and lips.. He went to the Dr. and they did a little blood work and gave him stuff for thrush..Just in case. Blood work for B-12 came back fine. I think that is the only blood work they did..

    Now today he went to the Dentist.. He says he has burning mouth syndrom..Told him to take B-complex W/B12. But his B-12 was fine.

    I told him to call back to his Dr. and get some more blood work done..WHen I read up on it it said that your iron or zinc or B vitamins could be low.. Or it could be your thyroid.

    Let me know if anyone has delt with this..


  2. SherylD

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    I know.. I feel so sorry for my Dad..I just don't know what to tell him to do..

    He had just recently had dental work done...I will do some more reserch on it.

    But there is nothing that makes it better.. diet? vitamins? Nothing?

  3. SherylD

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    I don't know if he has a bad taste in his mouth.. Maybe. I think he has said that some things taste funny...Like they are bad.

    He is very depressed..I don't know what to say to him to make him feel better..

    I still want him to go to the Dr. and have some more testing done... We have a history of thyroid problems..And he has lost a bunch of weight.. He is horribly skinny as it is. So for him to even loss 8lbs. is bad. I think he said that he weighs 132lbs. He is like 6' tall. We are all skinny.. but he is like bones now.

    It really makes me wonder about the dentist thing.. Cuz he just had a tooth pulled and then all this started happening. And when he was at the dentist today he said the dentist just kept saying sorry over and over.. I don't know if he felt bad or guilty.

    Thanks for talking to me about it..

  4. kch64

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    Dehydration at the cellular level can cause this also.

    Tell him to take B-12 shots even if his blood levels are "fine". He made need more than he actually has, even if its within normal limits.

    Make sure he drinks plenty of water and gator ade type drinks and see if it helps.

    That sounds so terrible. I hope he feels better soon.

  5. SherylD

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    I have been telling him over and over to drink more water..My sister is a nurse and she tells him all the time..

    He is so stubburn.. He says well the more I drink the more I will have to go to the bathroom..

    Thanks for your advice..
  6. SherylD

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    Those are great ideas.. But he does not except change AT ALL!

    I could probably get him to try the toothpaste(maybe for a couple of days).. But I don't think he would do the probiotics.

    He said that he did just have to buy a different toothpaste because they didn't have the one he usually gets... We were wondering if that had anything to do with it.

    I'll give it a whirl..Thanks
  7. rockinrobin

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    I have sjogrens syndrome, which is a degeneration of the glands thst produce moisture. This causes dry mouth, so I am very susceptible to burning mouth & little sores around sides & top of tongue, & thrush. He can get checked for this by a rheumatologist. It can have very bad symptoms w/ other things going on, joint pain, etc, fatigue, dry eyes, sinuses, GI tract, bladder, etc. There is no cure & is a progressive disease. There are blood work tests they can do, lip biopsy, saliva tests, etc. Have him try Biotene toothpaste, & the Biotene mouthwash is very gentle. It does not have any alcohol in it, which can make mouth pain much worse. Tom's of Maine also makes a great toothpaste that is gentle. You can research Sjogrens @ Sjogrens Syndrome Foundation on the internet, & they also have a book out. I hope this is not what he has, but lots of people do not know about this condition, so I wanted to let you know it can cause mouth problems. Also dental caries. I hope this helps till you find something out. Also have him avoid spices, etc. He can also find that food doesn't taste right due to no saliva, or he may have a metallic taste in his mouth. Good luck!
  8. SherylD

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    Thanks.. I will do some research on that..

    I am going to pick him up some toothpaste. I just started using Tom of Maine..

    Thanks again.

  9. kch64

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    Just get tough with him and tell him that if he wants to get well, he's got to do a few things for himself, or you can't help him and you don't want to hear him complaining.


  10. SherylD

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    When I can not get through to either on of my parents.. I send my Sister..

    They seem to listen to her more than me cuz she is a nurse.. She said he is going to call his Dr. and go back there to talk to him more about it.

    I told of the things that everyone on here were saying.. So I'll let her tell him of the changes he needs to make..

    My Dad..It goes in one ear and out the other.. He's a talker not a listener..

    Hopefully some of these things will give him a little relief. Thanks for all your suggestions.

  11. SherylD

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    Thank you so much for everything..I will do some more searching on that other word you used for it. And I will make sure he doesn't try any of the nasty things you have. That sounds gross.

    I feel so sorry for you (and my Dad) that you have this..I just can't even imagine. It must drive you nuts.

    My Sister had some nerve damage done by a dentist when she was younger.. Part of her face is numb..I hope she doesn't end up with this.. I think it would've happened by now though..
  12. SherylD

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    OMG!! He smokes so much.. I think he has smoked probably since he was 15. I think that is when he said that he started. He is 59 now... So he has smoked for a long time.