OT-Has your child taken Straterra??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kaiasmom, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. kaiasmom

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    My step-son's new Phsychiatrist wants to switch his ADHD medication from Concerta (he's been on for 3 years) to Straterra. He has gone through some rough patches with tics, so they want to get him off of the stimulant. The problem is that it works differently, so it takes 4-6 weeks to take effect.

    We will be waiting until the summer to make this change, because the one day Cody went to school without his Concerta was a complete disaster. We don't want the experience to be THAT hard on all of us. Also, our day care provider is very experienced with kids like him, so she will be able to handle the change better than his teacher, or probably even us!!

    So, I just wanted to see if anyone has experience with Straterra, I know it is a pretty knew drug. Has it worked to control you child's ADHD symptoms? Cody is extremly active & has a very hard time staying focused, or still, even with the Concerta. Please, tell me your stories, good or bad........I want some kind of information from some people - not clinical studies.


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    John has had it since he was in the 4th grade. He had to repeat that grade and really didn't do well until he was put on Ritalin. He is 26 and still takes 20 mg of Ritalin.

    He was a nightmare to live with in the summer when the doctor wouldn't give him any Ritalin when he was in elementary school and middle school.

    As an adult he has been in so many accidents and had speeding tickets for forgetting to take his meds, that if he is involved in one more, he will lose his license. He is an HVAC technician and driving is extremely important in being able to work and make a living.

    Hope things work out for your son.

  3. dunnlb

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    I take Strattera for ADD also. At the beginning, it made me feel a little odd brainwise. But that didn't last too long. For 2 to 3 weeks I completely lost my appetite, which was good for me. That is common with Strattera but doesn't last.

    Because of Tourette syndrome (tics), I cannot take amphetamine-like medicines also.

    It is easier to focus while on Strattera but antidepressants seem to do the same thing. I can remember the first time I took an antidepressant and it kicked in. My mind suddenly stopped racing and I didn't have the eyeblinking tics. It was wonderful. I don't have hyperactivity. It is more common in boys.
  4. russiankids3

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    My oldest son is on it for ADHD and it's really helped him to focus in school and made him easier to live with. He is a much happier boy.

    My youngest son who is 10 was on it too. He has ADHD PLUS so many other psych dxs. It did absolutely nothing for him unfortunately because it has very few side effects. But he is an extreme case.

    Good luck with what you decide.


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