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    This is just a little game to fend off that nearly-winter cabin fever! Write whatever comes to mind to keep the story going, and, most of all, HAVE FUN doing it! Be as wacky as you like, short, long, whatever. Everyone is warmly invited. ;)
    ((love)) Shannon

    Jaimee eased herself into the floating smoothness of the red silk dress. It was the right size. The hidden zipper slipped upwards unprotestingly over every curve. Jaimee gazed at her reflection. She'd been transformed.

    It was true after all, she thought, expensive didn't have to mean uncomfortable. It felt as if she was wearing nothing but a bed sheet! She giggled. She looked sooo different. Her crumpled up jeans and sweaty tank top were lying in a heap on the changing room floor. Her street clothes looked like some kind of musty cocoon that this lovely young lady had just stepped out of. So this is what it feels like to be... older? Somehow that didn't feel like the right word, but Jaimee couldn't find a better one.

    She tried out a clumsy twirl on her tippy toes, grinning at herself with flawless white teeth as she watched the spin of the fabric in the full length mirror. Then she gathered her hair up in a messy twist over her head and pretended she'd just come from the hairdresser. She tried to immagine how a real diamond necklace would look, blazing like white fire on her colar bone, but it was too much to picture all at once. And, to make it even better -

    There was a knock on the door. Jaimee jumped and shrieked as she jerked out of her fantasy. Oh yeah. Change room. Suddenly she was just a little teenager again, trying on a beautiful dress she could never afford. That knock had felt like a punch in the stomach; she was nervous enough already by just BEING in an up-scale store like this, let alone trying on this fabulous evening dress. "Y-yes?" she stammered. She could hear the lady breathing on the other side of the door. She probably has a moustache, Jaimee thought.

    "You've been in there an awfully long time, Miss," the sales lady said - rudely. What is it with salespeople and teenagers? "Do you need any assistance?" With what, Jaimee wondered? Think fast, she thought.

    "Uh... I was just..."

    Your turn, message board buddies! Have fun. :)
    ((xx)) Shannon
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    trying to decide if this dress was the look I wanted for the governor's ball... I'm really not quite sure it's quite good enough tho..."

    Her voice trailed off as she flung open the dressing room door and stepped out into the hallway, brushing past the saleslady without so much as a look, to admire herself in front of the 3 panel mirror, sweat streaks and all.

    Suddenly the saleslady's voice turned sweet and sugary, and said...
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    Well, dear! Let me help you with that!" She started tugging little things on the gown here and there.

    A small, bird-like frown formed on her lips. "No, you're right, Miss Sulivan, this won't do at all." She turned on her heel and bustled off to another corner of the store.

    Jaimee's stomach stopped doing flips. Miss Sullivan?? That's what the lady had called her. She couldn't possibly think that Jaimee was the Govener Sullivan's kid, could she? Oh gosh! Blood rushed to Jaimee's head in excitement.

    She barely had time to steady herself before the saleslady returned with a virtual rainbow of gauzy silk dresses draped over her arm. All ball gowns. All even better than the red one. "Here, let me help you with these."

    Jaimee could see it was the saleslady who was sweating now! She had turned pink right to the roots of her over-bleached hair.
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    Well, Jamie, thought, no harm just trying these lovey dresses on. It felt wonderful pretending to be a "princess" even for a hour or so. Was it her fault this snooty sales lady had mistaken her for the Gov's daughter?

    Jamie wondered, should she ask for a small tiara to try with the ball gowns?

    Why not???
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    Henry was trying to work at the computer, but there were just too many distractions. Where the heck was Jaimee? How long could "a little window shopping" take, even for a high school girl who sometimes took after her ditzy mother.?

    Henry glanced at the alarm clock. His cake should be done in 8 minutes. The "garage sailing" had been a surprising success. It was often hard to figure out what to do when Jaimee visited, but the latest excursion had been something new for her.

    Jaimee had found a picture frame and a sweater and couple other odds and ends. He had been inspired by the sight of a bundt pan.

    After consultation w/ a co-worker he had made a box cake and added nuts and chocolate chips to give it a homemade touch. And he had bought an old fashioned cake plate for
    next to nothing. When Martha came to pick up Jaimee she would

    find a beautiful home-made cake on display. And when she asked about it, he would mumble something about a gift from a new friend. She would be put out for days thinking about some new girlfiend.

    The phone rang. It was Jaimee. And she was whispering. "Dad, can you do me a favor. Call this number and tell them your the governor's secretary looking for his daughter."
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    Because he knew his daughter well. He knew that later he would get to hear the whole story, and he knew that it would be good.
  7. Shannonsparkles

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    Henry jotted it down.

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