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    I just read your bio. Wow, I love the chief! Is he a real person, or from your imagination? Too bad you didn't get enough for him. Artists aren't appreciated enough.

    Have a great day.

  2. mindbender

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    Thanks for that, and no their not.

    The chief is real, I got him out of an old encyclopedia set I acquired, with loads of black and white photos. However I found out later that color photos actually give more detail. This is also a poor scan job of the original, so I'm surprised it looks as well as it does here.

    I remembered also that I didn't really draw this for my wife like I said, she decided it was hers, for me, after I had almost completed it.

    Thanks again,

    Ok, I lied again, I did draw this one for her. It was another Indian drawing that she decided was hers that I gave to someone else. Then I drew this one to try to appease her. It didn't work. Although she did fall in love with this one also.

    It was either sell it or use it for fire wood.
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  3. mindbender

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    I draw all mine from photos, that's why I call them counterfeited.

    I am trying my hand at wood carving now with a Dremel & exacto knife . Now who can say dangerous?

    Me again

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