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    Myth #3: The Privacy Rule does not give patients new rights.

    FACT: The Privacy Rule affords Americans important new rights, including the right to access, amend, and request stronger protections for their health information.

    Under the Privacy Rule, patients are granted the right to see and copy their own medical records.

    The law requires health care providers to respond to patient requests within 30 days and mandates that only a reasonable fee be charged.

    Furthermore, patients have the right to request that a provider amend personal health information in their record.

    If the provider denies that request, the patient may append a statement of disagreement to their medical record.

    The Privacy Rule also requires providers to have safeguards in place to protect health information and prohibits many disclosures for purposes other than treating patients and paying for health care.

    In addition, patients have a right to request stronger privacy protections for their health information. Health care providers and plans must notify patients about their rights through a “notice of privacy practices,” which must also include information about how patients' health information will be used and disclosed.

    In addition, the notice must inform patients of their right to file a complaint with HHS if they believe there has been a violation of the law.
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    ...you are very welcome. We can never know too much about HIPAA Privacy Rules.

    Take care,

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    ...first of thank you...but I am not that smart. I just had an excellent mentor in Medical Coding while I was in school. She was the best teacher I have ever had in my life.

    She taught me how to best track down information in the medical field. Unfortunately she was killed in an automobile accident right after my class graduated about 4 years ago...sorry she is always on my mind this time of year.

    She gave me a lot of encouragement...I was always unsure of myself because I was the oldest one in class...LOL

    Anyway...Let me take a look around and see if I can find anything that might help you or point you in some sort of direction.

    Off the top of my head....something isn't right...

    Is this Psychiatrist your choice or were you assigned by HMO?

    Second another just off the top of my head ask him to put the questions in hard copy format so you husband can take a look and get back to him....see what kind of reaction that gets...just be very, very nice and calm about it.

    Have you spoken with anyone at Medicare...they are usually a nice and helpful bunch. I am on the phone quite often concerning my mother.

    Well I will go look at a few things. I am not promising anything maybe just a few links if I am lucky.

    Third...please do not let this man upset you...he puts on his pants one leg at time like the rest of us...LOL

    Sorry not making light of your situation...it's just that I have had to "deal" with Psychiatrists for years on behalf of my mother and know how lovely they can be.

    I will get back to you,

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    ...thank you (I really mean that).

    Medical Coding is the most interesting thing I have ever done. It never gets boring...if a coder is bored they are in the wrong profession. My goal is to do it from home when I get certified...hopefully within the next few months...keep your fingers crossed for me please :)

    Thank you for the nice words about my mentor...I really miss her....I still want to pick up the phone and ask her questions. She was the type of person who did mind helping anyone and everyone. She was on her way to church when she was hit by another car....life is odd isn't it?

    Gigi I can't blame you for being concerned about Medicare. I have heard bits and pieces of the investigation things as well. I am sure you will be fine try not to borrow trouble...ok?

    I do not think those who have it legitimatly have anything to worry about. I think it is the one who are trying to get something for nothing...you know.

    You have not bored me a bit...actually you have helped me. I have been dragging my butt as far as researching and studying. I have been losing my confidence in my abilities. I think this was really good for me...

    ..so thank you for asking me to take a look see.

    Please take care of yourself,


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