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    I was just about to reply to a post about your favorite all-time Halloween costume, when it disappeared!! First time that's happened to me! Strange!!

    Anyhoo...my all time favorite was a witch costume my Mom so lovingly and painstakingly sewed for me when I was 11. I bought the hat, but she did the rest. It was the best, as she was a great seamstress! Mind you, she did this for all four of us kids each year even though she worked full time.

    Mom died last May. I'll always think of her around Halloween and treasure all the wonderful hours she sewed for her loving family so they could be properly "decked out" for trick-or-treating.
    Love you MOM!!!
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  2. carebelle

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    Special memories of our loved ones mean so much .I'm glad you found one for every Halloween.
    You might put pictures of you out to help decorate for the season. I hope your mom got pictures. If you have kids they would enjoy seeing what Grandma did for you and Pictures of you at a younger age. Special Frames out for the Holiday with pictures are an easy way to bring all the memories back. Adding those of your own children around the same age will add to all those family traditions.

    Have a good Holiday and lots of wonderful memories. Your mom is smiling above I'm sure :)
  3. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm 56, but have no grandkids to sew costumes for. I have an only child, a daughter, 27, whom always had the very best costumes, and guess what, I always sewed them for her. Like MOther, like daughter I guess! I took lots of photos of my daughter's costumes, but have few of mine.
    I still have a few of my daughter's costumes, hoping to hand them down to grandkids one day...sigh...

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