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    Honora we are missing you. I hope you have are able to "peep" at the board on occasion. I just wanted a place for you to find out what is happening.

    The other thread was getting a little long. We are trying to entice you "out of hiding". Your friends miss you and you know we are here for you.

    OK, I will be selfish and just admit we need you if at all possible.

    Anne's brother is very sick and Danny is being bullied at school. With you away from the board there is no one to keep mrdad in line. I need your help. LOL He is all over the board and totally out of control.
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    I've enjoyed getting to know everyone on the board. It's nice to have friends again. The more the merrier as I've always been told.

    Glad that the other picture is off the board. What face creams do you use? I beginning to need to purchase the products that you use...mine are allowing a few wrinkles to show now. Smile lines are OK I guess.

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    To my knowledge, I have not had a reaction to a vaccination. After listening to my friend, who did so much research for me when I finally crashed, it is his belief and the belief of many that a filler in the product that was used because of cost was introduced into our bodies causing not only the CFS/FM but Autism and other diseases that are becoming more rampant.

    At the time he was trying to explain all of this to me, I was having severe cognitive issues and his words and concepts were bouncing away from my brain.

    As an adult I did have the flu vaccine several times, a Rubella vaccine after my son was born, and in 2001 when the doctors told me I had lymphoma they gave me a pneumonia vaccine that is suppose to last for 10 (?) yrs.

    I have not been well for a long time but I always kept pushing. I always attributed everything to "just not being a healthy person", stress, and the tremendous amount of surgeries and the amount of time that I was under anesthesia.

    I thought the surgeries made me sick, now I know that they just triggered whatever that is in me or that is my understanding from my attempt to read about the possible causes of CFS/FM. The only thing that I have ever known in my life is to fight for what you want and to not ever give up. I was a woman in a man's field and I had to work twice as hard to prove myself and to get where I wanted to be career wise. The problem I have found with that concept is that I should have not continued to force my body to keep going when it was begging to rest. I have been doing push and crash for a long time. I am not where I had planned to be.

    I am concerned about Honora as I know everyone else is also. I am hoping to keep a thread going with her name in it. I so hope that she is OK. Everyone has so many problems. I wish I was wealthy for awhile. There are so many people I would like to help. I'm grateful that for the moment I have the abiltiy to have my needs met and more although I know that it could disappear quickly.

    I HATE to be dependent on my DH. I never was before. I always took care of myself and everyone else. This role reversal thing has not been easy. If you knew my personal story you would understand. I just don't trust anyone to take care of me and with good reason. Oh, I'm bringing me bad and negative thoughts which is not good. Everything now is just for the moment anyway.

    How are you and Fredericka? I'm trying to get her to tell me where she found the fountain of youth.

    How is your family? Congratulations on the baby boy! A new baby brings so much joy.


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    It was a good idea on your part to start this new Post
    for Honora. We can keepit "Bumped" and on page ONE as
    necessary. Thanks for your input on the Vac theory. I
    remember the Sugar Cube Polio at about the same time as
    the "duck and cover' era. There was a Theory floating
    around about that "Vac" and a poss. link to the subsequent
    Aids outbreaks. I forget where that theory went?

    Thanks for your friendship and ALL the postive and sup-
    potive contributions to this Board!

  6. Fredericka

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    I also hope everybody knows they're welcome, and that any kidding around or horsing around I do is just that & nothing else.

    I'm just a regular old lady. Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

    I just rememberd this was a post to help Honora....so will shut up now.

    Must shut down computer, it is raining and I heard some thunder. YOWSA!!!! This is quite a change from using A/C, raining and cold here!!!

    Take good care, everyone!
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    Thanks Sweetie! I'm so glad that Honora checked into the
    Post! It is a relief! Hope she will have the strenght
    and energy to come back on Board in a regular fashion
    very soon!

    Glad you know we are concerned and thinking of you Honora!

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    Good Afternoon!

    I'm very happy that you decided to join us and even happier that Honora checked in with us. What a great night! A new friend and contact with one that I've been very worried about.

    I'm worried about our other friend Anne. She has had so many "trials and tribulations" lately and she needs a break. I have not heard anything about her brother today. Has anyone?

    If you have been "lurking" you know to watch out for mrdad. It's been lonely without Honora to help me with him. I guess you've seen his picture on ckball's bio. I know it's mrdad and not Matt or maybe Matt is mrdad. We will have to ask Fredericka to clarify this.

    It was nice meeting you. I will talk with you later. Time to call it an evening. Welcome and have some fun with us.

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    I just tried to post and the D#+* Google spell checker just sucked up another post.

    I will post tomorrow.
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    It was so good to "hear your voice". It's good to know that you have been able to to improve your diet and hopefully your body will be able to heal.

    The offer still stands...please let us know and we will learn to "chat" together. We want you to be better...for our own selfish reasons. I have lots of extra supplements here. It looks like a small stock pile. I bet I could get some up your way if you need them.

    Please remember when you recover to stay out of the woods with small children, dogs, and bears. What a relapse those weekends caused!

    TAKE CARE and we hope you can be back in touch soon.

  11. rockgor

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    Glad to hear from you. You sound your usual chipper self.

    Hi, Melissa. Join the party.

    Quote for the day:

    You can observe a lot by just standing around watching.
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    Whew.....I am sorry you are in such a flare. What did we do in another life I wonder????? Get better fast. Chicken soup is very good for you. Geoff is slightly improved yeh!!!

    Melissa so nice to have you and anyone else aboard. Great to have you join in the chatter too. I always bless SE teachers they are the salt of the earth.

    I find that when all these trials of life get us down, it is so nice to just "enjoy a coffee" together, just be a bit laid back.

    Have to dash over to the other post. Hey, anyone here like me, gets nothing but address labels and credit card offers and bills in the real post? Usually.

    Love Anne
  13. Marta608

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    Not often but I wandered over and laughed myself into a choking fit at Rocky's quote for the day.

    You guys all rock. Thanks for the relief. "How do you spell relief?"

    And remember Dinah?


  14. rockgor

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    Sure, Marta, I remember Dinah. She was so perky and animated. I was always disappointed that she never recorded "Stranger on the Shore".

    The funny quote is one I read somewhere. I belong to a 12 step program and practice rigorous honesty. Therefore I want to give credit to the author.

    It was a young lady name Miss Ann Onymous.

    The turkey legs and potatoes I was roasting y-day came out of the oven just right. As my neighbor says, "They were da-voon."

    The drumsticks were smmmmmmmmmoked. Very tasty. I remember reading in some medical source like the Readers' Digest, you should never eat 3 things:

    smoked foods, pickled foods or mayonnaise.

    I think someone posted here recently that pickles were good for us. Maybe it was because they contained enzymes.

    The next (and last) thing I want to say is:

    This post contains all the letters of the alphabet.