OT: Hooray! I got my LIL off on his annual camping Trip...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kjfms, Sep 3, 2006.

  1. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    Well it is that time of year my LIL (live in love) and his mother go on their annual camping trip.

    This is also my little vacation. I still have to go to work but I get to watch scary movies (he hates them) it is my treat to me each year...it doesn't take much to entertain me...LOL

    I used to go on these camping trips but even with a camper my body just hurt too much now and I never really like those bugs anyway...icky

    It is so hard to believe that when we started dating in 1983 and began the camping trips we just used a tent and sleeping bags...no way I could even do that now boy I miss that in a way you know.

    I do have to say I feel a little bad that a woman in her 70s who has a defibrillator and uses a scooter because she can't walk very well puts me to shame when it comes to camping but hey she really, really enjoys it.

    I do not feel that bad about it though...LOL

    I think this is a great time for mother and son to have quality time together and they have so much fishing and everything.

    My mother always told me if you find a man who treats his good keep him because he is a good man. Well my LIL treats his mother like gold and I am glad I kept him...most of the time anyway :)

    I am really looking forward to being Oscar the slob for a week and letting the dishes pile up for a few days...LOL

    I just thought I would share my good news-well good to me anyway :)


    Karen :)
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  2. kjfms

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    yeah I'm awful aren't I but she really does like camping more than I have these past few years. The cold air at night just makes me hurt so much.

    If I had the money I would camp during the day and stay in a motel at night...LOL

    Thanks for reading and I glad you got a kick out of it.

    Take care,

    Karen :)
  3. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    Oh my gosh, you watch SCARY movies!!!!

    I can't watch scary movies...... I physically don't like suspenseful movies....



    Fondly, June
  4. kjfms

    kjfms Member

    Love'em--I watched a really good suspense on Lifetime last night and wouldn't you know I have already forgotten the name. I think it was Not My Life or something like that is was pretty good.

    Not much on tonight but the season finale of The Closer which I do like pretty well is coming on at 9:00 PM so it is just about time for me to sign off for the night.

    I have to work in the morning--sigh

    Have a great night,

    Karen :)
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