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    I posted this over on the worship board, because it has to do with answered prayer, but i realized that there is alot of horse people, and animal lovers who may enjoy it here.

    So i copied and pasted it:

    I had something really neat happen over the weekend.

    It's kinda hard to explain the whole story, but i'll do my best because it was such a blessing to me!!

    If you've read my profile you will know i have horses and love them.

    6 years ago i had bought a three year old Arab stud, He had a very sweet loving personality, but was also very hyper, and super sensitive.

    After realizing he was too wild to remain a stud, i gelded him and started to work with him off and on between having kids, and being unwell.

    We made very slow progress, but we were making progress.
    Meanwhile my family was continally telling me to get rid off him.

    But i bonded with the horse very strongly, he represented so much to me, good and bad. I can't go into all the details because it would be a novel.

    Working on the ground i got to the point that horse trusted me and would do anything for me.

    But I could never carry it over to the saddle, I could ride him in the round pen, and yard, i even took him on a trail ride once away from home. But he was always like an overwound rubberband.

    I would become anxious, and he would feel it, and think he lost his leader.

    Plus, he was still a bit in stud mode, i had some mares, that he "took" care off, and i think he thought i was one of his mares, once he tried to protect me, from a friends gelding.

    But the riding experience became too stressful, and i have my horses to release anxiety, even tho we were still making very small baby steps forward, I finally decided i was never going to change his basic temperment, to suit my riding needs.

    My dad offered to trade with me, for there older Quarter horse they wanted to retire, that is very broke, but still a fun ride (no deadbeat) trustworthy, but not an affectionate people horse.

    So i closed my eyes and let go of the horse i loved sooo much, because i finally admitted we were not well matched, i was never going to have his energy, it would alway be a struggle with us.

    Well, anyways my horse ended up going thur the sales barn.
    And ever since (it's been two years) I have worried about him and wondered where he was.

    I even tried to find him once. I just wanted him to be okay, and find the right person, i always believed in him, and new he had alot of untapped potential.

    And i prayed about it, when ever i started worrying he was in some kill pen, or being abused by someone who wouldn't understand him.

    Well it's been two years, I got a letter in the mail on Friday, it was a lady asking if i had owned this arab, and it was my horse!!

    She has had him for a month, and got him from a place that uses horses for the handicapped, he was to hyper for there program.

    Get this, she's an arabian endurance rider, she rides at the national level!!! She took my horse on his first 25 mile ride this sat. and he won rookie high point, 97 point out of a 100!!!

    She is perfect for him!! I talked to her on the phone, she is a high charged super energized person! Perfect fit!

    His papers are missing that's why she was trying to locate me. She only had a photo copy with my name on it.

    I checked into the arab assoc. to see if his paper had ever been transfered and if someone was using them on another horse (that happens)

    His papers are still in my name, i can request a dupicate copy and sign them over to her!!!

    Wow That's so incredible to me, i just bawled when i found out my horse was safe and with such an incredible individual.

    That was answer to prayer!!!

    I'm floating!

    Oh-get this, I'm in MN and the letter came from MAINE!!

    She will be sending me pictures, and i told her, that now that she owns my horse, she's stuck with me.

  2. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    this is so great, how God takes care of our every need.
    even down to our animals.

    we just decided to sell our older arabian mare the mother of our 2 horses, it made me sad,
    but then the lady that sold her to us bought her back for her stepdaughter, and I knew she"d have a good home.
    we"ve been looking for a small horses or big pony for our Grandson to learn to ride on and we found one this past week.
    We had to drive quit a distant to pick him up,but is just what we where looking for, bombproof.

    Our grandson just loves him.

    so glad you know where your horse went, my cousins rides indurence, so I know how well these people take care of their horses. Happy Day. sixtyslady
  3. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    I have tears in my eyes from your story. How wonderful! I'm so glad he is hapy. Can you give his name so I can watch his career?

    I have an Icelandic mare and a Tennessee Walker Gelding, who is very people oriented, and love them both.

    I haven't been able to ride for over 2.5 yrs now and can't even do groundwork. Even performing basic care for them is tough at times. Sometimes I think I should sale them but I just can't. I'm so afraid that they would end up at a sale barn like your sweetie and not be as lucky as he was.

    I'm so happy for you!

  4. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    What a great story to start my day! I've never owned horses, but know several people who could not live without them. Glad you reconnected!

  5. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    good to hear from you, i remember the pretty picture you posted of one of your arabs.

    They are beautiful horses. I've been kinda keeping an eye out for a nice pony for my youngest.
    I still have my first pony she's 30, and just too old to do anything with but kiss and brush.

    Good to hear from another horse person, i've rode about 5 times in the last 2.5 years.

    So i know what you mean, and ground work is tuff, i can no longer use the round pen, or lungeing it makes me very sick, dizzy and tired.

    I'm trying to find simpler quieter ways to do things, like just giving to pressure, staying out of my space unless invited in, wrapping the rope around there bodies, and haveing them do a 360 to the pressure.

    Lowering the head, and just using my hands alot to stroke and massage, i find it is very calming for both them and me, and they became very trusting with very little work.

    Sometimes i only mess around for 5 min., it's all i can tolerate, but they seem to like it, and so do i, lots of times i just sit with them.

    Well, sorry to go on, His name is Legendary Echo (Legend)
    right now he is under grade horse, but we will be getting his paper hopefully, and getting them signed over soon.

    Thanks, hermit lady, horses have always been apart of my life.
  6. calishygirl

    calishygirl New Member

    Your story with us. I come to this board about once a month, or so. I decided to come look today, and what a blessing!

    I am so happy that you have found your beloved Arab, and that he is with the perfect person for him!

    Also, thank you for sharing the weekend ride where it won the Rookie division of that ride.

    I am a horse person... I do not own one anylonger, in fact, it had been awhile since I had owned one.

    But when I went into remission in 1998/99, I started riding again, but was not riding my own horse. It was owned by the woman attorney that I worked for. She took everyone's "no longer wants" animals. (Horses, dogs, cats, etc.) Anyway, I had a horse accident March 1999. The horse got spooked & reared. I stayed on but he reared again immediately, and I fell of. Then he lost his footing, and then his butt went down on my abdomin/pelvis/right hip. I ended up with fractured vertebra L1-L4 and then a compression fracture C5-C7.

    I have had 2 cervical spine & 3 lumar spine surgeries. Only one surgery worked (first cervical spine), I have chronic intractible pain, non-fusion of C3-4 & L3-4, failed back surgery syndrome, FMS, CFS, and Chornic Myofascial Pain. Also, arthritis is pretty bad too.

    Anyway, that is an exciting story, and I hope that you will share more, if you are able. I will check the worship board more often too.

    Love ya, Kristen
  7. shar6710

    shar6710 New Member

    Sounds like you're into natural horsemanship. Am I right?

    Unfortunately I'm too sick right now to do anything except feed mine and maybe scratch their faces. The farrier was here last week, I actually held my TWH while sitting in a chair. I'm still recovering.

    Give yours a scratch for me,
  8. pasogirl

    pasogirl New Member

    Wow - I didn't imagine I may find a place where there are horsepeople - and so it feels like an open barn invitation-I have been recently diagnosed after many years of symptoms and significant TMJ issues - most recently - the MRI's now show the entire joint is gone due to avascular necrosis - so the severe headaches, muscle pain, fatigue,etc is destroying my life that I worked so hard for-and my best coping mechanism for any of life's stressors is my horses -- I have three - My first horse - Solitaire - quarterhorse is about 30 -- my pasofino stallion - Privilegio and my kid's paso gelding - Consul - even looking at the names you can sense the spirit they bring to me -and I only named Solitaire - the others were already named - On top of all this mess with a diagnosis-I am handling the reality that my very first horse - Sol - who is now 30 - had him since he was three and green broke-rode me to many blue ribbons, was my buddy in the pasture, kicked my butt when I needed and nuzzled me when I needed that too - he's gotten me thru college years, marriage,three beautiful children and now I have to say goodbye - he was diagnosed with cancer and I will put him down soon so he doesn't have to go thru a hard winter - SO where am I going with all this - My life seems to be in chaos and the stress is not helping me cope with any of it - and making me feel even worse - as I work thru all the aspects of this diagnosis for myself - and I am about to lose my spirit -the day I lose my best friend - and I have all these issues and today I decided to search out a chatroom -I have never done this before and today - I find this message board - and I feel as if I have found an open barn, with empty chairs waiting for people to sit down , share a drink and share horse stories -- we all have a common thread when it comes to horses - and now I have found somewhere that people now have a common thread with this condition - it's a bit overwhelming - all of it - but maybe I found somewhere to read and share what's all going on and it's horsepeople ! Thanks - I needed this opportunity to share -
  9. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Hey, and this was your first post! Don't go away, i know what it's like to post and wait for a response anxiously.

    I had to go grocery shopping today, (we have to go 50 miles, and shop for two weeks, family of 5)
    so anyways it really wipes me out.

    I want to respond to you and Shar, and all others, but it will have to wait until tommorrow morning after kids get on the bus.

    I'm going to veg-out for now until bedtime.

    But, "I'll be back"
  10. pasogirl

    pasogirl New Member

    Posting for the first time has actually brought me some type of peace tonight - I usually end up "screaming" into my journals all my frustrations and whatever -- sadness too! But to write it hear and actually have others to share with - it was an overwhelming feeling tonight -
    I understand families of five - I have myself and getting all bathed and down for night is a chore and a half -
    Will look for tomorrow - Thanks again !!!! PasoGirl !
  11. tobelct

    tobelct Guest

    I am so glad that you posted, and you preys were answered.

    I have felt so alone all these years, and believe me the tears flow now as I realize there is someone who finally understands the life we lost when our DDs took away the only for of coping for us.

    My beloved friends sit in my pasture to have me come and stroke ther faces and kiss there noses, to have me walk away with our a ride.
    My first mare is the only one I can ride now for she is so pastient and calm waiting for me to get on. And when the pain starts raging through me she bares up as im hanging on or slipping off.

    I too have a Arabian gelding who is just to spirited anymore for my febal attemts at riding, and ache over the thought of putting him up for sale, and the thought of some one hurting him. I know he has to go for I see the pain on his face when its not him i put the bridel on.

    I picked a yearling this year just hoping I can take it slowly with her but still she out steps me on my left side. She reminded me so much of my beloved little gem I had to have her. I call her my redheaded step child cuase she is a sassy red head. But she loves to be handled and would follow you to the end of the world. All ready she is halter broke, started driving and has had a cinched up saddle on her back and ponied by the kids off my gem down the road so she is pretty solid.

    I am so glad this post was here for me today, I needed you all. lets keep it going.

  12. sorekitty

    sorekitty New Member

    I'm allergic to horses! But I take my son to theraputic horseback riding to help him with his special needs. I love the program and the horses are so beautiful. My son started riding last year when he was 3.

    So happy you found out about your special fur baby!

  13. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I've never rode a gaited horse but have always been interested, i like the Rocky mtn. horses.

    The spanish mustangs (barbs) have gaited individuals, and every once in a while i catch my girl moving different and i wonder if she has the potiential to be gaited.

    I'm sorry about your solitare, but just remember all the good days, your horse has lived a long nice life, being taken care of, and loved.

    My pony was an orphaned foal from my first horse, i begged my dad to keep her and raise her.

    So i've always owned her, she's a "been there done that" kinda pony, i think i use to live on her. She is getting so slow, and i really suspect cancer in her too. She has a odd lump on her side, that's been there for quit a while, and whitish skin, and odd little growths under her tail, and yes i'm worried about this winter for her.

    So i know what your feeling, when you get ready, let me know and i'll try to be here for you.

    I'm glad you found this post when you needed it, there are alot of great people here, and lots of information to absorb.

    Hugs, to you and your horses, They really are our best friends!


  14. 1horse

    1horse New Member

    What a beautiful story.. I think that is wonderful..This is the best thing I have read in awhile..thanks for sharing... hugs, peg
  15. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member


    Oh-Wow, that's a real tough thing to have happened to you!

    I'm glad you can still enjoy my story. I know as much as we love them, they are potentially dangerous.

    I hope you find ways to get more relief, and healing soon.

    When i receive a picture of him i'll try to post it for everyone.

    Sending prayers, and love to you,

  16. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Yes, i try to learn and read about the natural methods. I pick and choose from different teachers to suit my needs, and style.

    I have to stay low key, and i'm not an agressive leader, so i have to find non-confrontation ways to "win".

    I like a man by the name of Frank Bell- no round pen, and quiter than some, and i'm trying some of Linda tellington-jones, ground work- no round pen.

    I no longer have the energy for the round pen, and think it can easily be over used, or used wrongly. I also built mine extra large, 60'feet, so i could also easily ride in it.

    I hope you continue to recover- i know it's really tough for me to be out there enough, to really train a young horse.
    My older Quater horse gelding is always the same, no matter how long in between rides.

    Will scratch for you, Say hi to yours for me.

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  17. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I hope that's everyone? I'm wearing myself out with the individual post, but want to respond to all of you.

    I see 2 things here, a real love and passion for our horses, and the joy they bring us, and a deep sorrow and grief, over what we've had to give up or no longer do.

    For us that still have our horses we are very, very, luck, even if we can no longer do all that we could.

    Laura, i was amazed he made it so far! I know he will be much happier now, with a job.

    Tobelct, i know the face your talking about with your arab, i got that look too. I too lost my secure ability to ride like i use too.
    I will always wonder if i could have made it work if i had not been ill.
    I can be a unbalanced insecure rider on my quarter horse, and he don't care and just goes were you tell him.
    It relaxes me, and i feel my muscle begin to respond more naturally again.
    I ride him bareback, when i do ride. He is just not a lover boy like my arab was.
    His attitude is, use me and put me back in the pasture.

    Sorekitty, good for you for taking your son to riding, he will benefit lifelong.

    And, 1horse, thank you for enjoying my story peg!

    Horsey love to all,

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  18. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    For Pasogirl, Shar, uhmmm, and all others to read!

    Can't remember much!LOL
  19. marsupialmama

    marsupialmama New Member

    What a wonderful story! I'm so glad you posted it over here too :)

    I'm a late blossoming horse-lover since my girls went horse-crazy. They take riding lessons and love it. Part of me would like to have a go too but I am a bit of a wimp and I am very very very afraid of falling off and getting even more pain to add to my collection...

    So I admire them from the ground and go and pet them and give them treats, and watch my girls have all the fun and get the occasional ribbon. And hanging out with other moms of horsey kids is fun too.

    They ride at a barn where the owner "rescues" horses - she gets them from the auction where a lot of them go for dogmeat :-( She has a knack for seeing potential in them and bringing them to her place and training them into schooling horses. Some of them have been abused and it is wonderful to see this lady give them a fresh chance.

    I wish I could live in the country and have some critters of my own. <sigh> Well that's my daughters' dreams too so I hope that maybe one day they can live it and I can visit. :)

  20. pasogirl

    pasogirl New Member

    Horses are beautiful, intelligent and warm animals -- and there is beautiful book you can find -- Horses and Women - it's written by Gua Na Ni Pony Boy - He has written about natural training , etc -- I had the pleasure of meeting him at an expo and he signed my copy-- we were trying to bring him to our farm for a clinic but timing was off - The book is full of inspiration - and beautiful stories, short verses, etc - It's a must for those who love horses -owners or not !
    Today was a good day- in all aspects ! Weather perfect and feeling good ! What more should I want -- I am happy with this --
    The Paso Fino are a cross of spanish barb/arabian and have an incredible four beat lateral gait - versus the diagonal-it is called the Champagne Ride - you can balance your glass on an open hand and ride without spilling a drop -very sturdy smaller breed with an incredible, natural and locomotive gait - They are perfect for those with "disabilities" if you get the chance -- Even Shania Twain used one of the farm's stallions in her advertisement in Las vegas for her new perfume launch !
    I can share horse stories all day -- it's great !!
    I am so happy to just see others with same issues sharing here and being there for others - it's amazing to me !
    Just received alot of labwork back - all normal - which is good however I have another set to go -- too consuming- let me hang at the barn ! I'm running on -blah -blah -blah ! just enjoying knowing somebody else is "listening" and sharing the same -

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