OT How do U clean your hard drive and transfer info to new comp?

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    I finally got a new and better computer. So how do I put all the saved info on the old one into the new one? How do I clean my hard drive or whatever I need to do so that my personal info on the old one doesn't end up in the wrong hands when I sell it? When it comes to that kind of stuff I'm useless. When you tell me please be very specific. I'll have to print it out or I'll forget. If you can, go step by step and in detail so I can understand what I'm doing.

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    computer is to copy it onto disks or CDs. If you click the "start" button, select "programs", select "accessories", select "windows explorer", you will see a complete list of everything on your computer. You're going to be interested in only copying actual files that you created, not programs.

    To put your programs onto your new computer, you'll have to pull out the CDs and install them.

    As far as erasing your personal information - did your computer come with a "restore" CD? If so, you can simple run the restore program and it will put your old computer back just like it was when it was brand new. All of your personal files will be gone (as well as any programs you added on your own). Also, check "start, programs, accessories, system restore". Or go in an erase your documents one by one.

    Otherwise, the only way I know is to go into the MS DOS function..."start, programs, accessories, command prompt" and type "format c:" which should erase EVERYTHING on the hard drive...DON'T YOU DARE DO THIS UNTIL YOU ARE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING OFF. ONCE DONE, the computer will be NO GOOD to anyone. THERE WILL BE NOTHING ON IT AT ALL. I don't think you really want to do this!!!

    Anyhow, hope this helps!

  3. TerryS

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    Good thing you answered this post!!!


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