OT How do U cut and paste something??

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    You'd think after being on a computer for 6yrs I'd know how. Alot of times I don't take the time to teach myself,takes too long. So how do I do it? Speak it clearly or I won't get it.LOL.. I want to know how to do it from any website and from an email.

    Also I just learned how to print out only certain areas by highlighting them but when doing so on here it doesn't print out like a regular print on paper it prints only on the left side and is narrow and of course uses more sheets of paper. Do you get that also or am I doing something wrong?

    Still learning,Keke
  2. Marta608

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    Keke, I get that also but that doesn't mean we're both not doing something wrong! I'll be looking for an answer too.


  3. angelstapleton

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    Ok frist you highlite what you want to past
    Hightlight . click on your mouse on the left side and hold it down tell you get all that you want highlited. Then let your fingers of the mouse.
    Now click your mouse on the right side. Click on copy or you can cut it out .
    After you do that let up off your mouse and click the mouse to the page were you want to past it.
    Then click your mouse on the right side again and click Past
    It may take a few times but you get it.
    Hope this help Angel
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  4. rockgor

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    There was a recent discussion about this. Sometimes when you copy from this board it works normally and sometimes you get the narrow strip.

    Don't think anybody has figured out why it does one thing sometimes and not all the time.

    "Cut and paste" is an old newspaper term when they really did use scissors and paste.
  5. TerryS

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    and print from there!

  6. kjfms

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    For beginners only...

    Mastering the cut and paste procedure on your computer is a must if you plan on running a do-it-yourself internet marketing campaign.

    Whether you are a Mac user or a Windows user, you can utilize this simple procedure to save countless hours of typing.

    Cut and paste means simply moving text from one place on your computer to another place.

    There are basically two things you would want to “cut and paste”.

    First, obviously would be your written text. Whether it’s a classified ad you are posting or a long sales letter you’re sending to a prospective customer, this skill should be perfected.

    Secondly, you will find this method very handy when emailing a large number of addresses at once.

    The procedure itself is really quite simple. Here’s how I use this procedure to cut and paste my sales letter.

    I use the Windows notepad program to create my sales letter. When I’m completely finished with my letter, I highlight all of the text by holding down the left clicker of my mouse, dragging it over the entire letter then releasing.

    Next, I choose “edit” from my menu bar then choose copy text frame. I prefer the “copy” feature versus the “cut” because it leaves the text in the document I’m currently working on. “Ctrl C” is the Windows shortcut for this action.

    Now I have placed all of this text into temporary memory. You don’t actually see this happen, but trust me, it’s there.

    Next, I go into my email program and start composing a message. Once I have my cursor in the box where I would normally type the text of my message, I simply click on “edit” and then “paste”. (Actually, I use the shortcut keys “Ctrl V”.)

    That’s all there is to it! Try this awesome time saver now!

    Remember, you can paste this text over and over again. It stays stored in memory until you either exit Windows, or replace it with some new text.

    Also keep in mind, you can use this feature from program to program. Let’s say you receive an email message that is in the format of an order form.

    You can “cut and paste” or “copy and paste” the text into your notepad application and then fill in the blanks. Once you master these procedures, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

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    Karen :)

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